Governments Are Prosecuting A War On Dissent And On The Very People Themselves

There is a war on dissent and it is important to know that there are government contractor spies dispatched to track dissident’s as TERRORIST such as members of the Canadian and American freedom truckers movement.   Also each and every person who donated funds to help the truckers to finance their journey is also designated as a TERRORIST by the Government.  in Canada, this means that all of their private bank accounts have been frozen by the TRUDEAU government after invoking an emergency act relegated to acts of war and not acts protected by Canadian rights and freedoms.  The government can identify each of the people put on a TERRORIST list by getting a tracking microchip implanted into their body, preferably into the head or one of their teeth.  This is not subject to legal redress and the person is not told so  they cannot disagree with it nor can they contest it.  Now they can be tracked around anywhere they go. The government pays spies  such as FBI Contractors and also contact tracers to ascertain the location of each terrorist at any given moment. Then what they say and do as well as who they talk to can be monitored by the Government using Directed Energy.  Here is another of the multiple uses of the directed energy besides weapons and that is Surveillance used in this case to surveille the target inside and outside of buildings. So we can see that buildings or trees for instance do not block the signal as long the signal is locked onto a trackable microchip. It is noteworthy that the covaids contact tracers are also used to track terrorists.

This is all due to the governments working in concert with each other and they are all on board with the NEW WORLD ORDER.  The intelligence Community designed the whole thing and they are facilitating the destabilization, destruction and deterioration of your country.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are leading the way regarding the Great Reset which he claims can be guided

I call it the Great Poisoning of 2021.  I have heard it called the Great Culling because the there will be a culling of humanity by 95% less people.  GIVE IT A THINK.  ALSO WHERE DO YOU FIT IN?