You Have To Take Your Opportunities Where You Find Them (Bioethics Committee Ignores Bioethics Violations) Shush!

You have to take your opportunities where they show up. The president has taken hits in the polls, his popularity is in the 20’s now isn’t it. He still cares about his legacy. being the first black president, it is important to cultural heritage and to HIM.
Is that why we are giving him a pass on covering up the results of his Bioethics Committee?
Don’t let The Presidents Commission on Bioethics get away with COVERING UP GENOCIDE/Torture was the title of my article on the subject, but what the heck.  If you say something, HE WILL HAVE TO FIX IT.  So whatever you do, don’t embarrass him by mentioning that over 300 TI’s and several doctors gave testimony, outlining gross human rights abuses, all with identical symptoms and identical complaints, that he is bound by law to look into and investigate (yes…it is true.. bound by law).  What ever you do, don’t even hint about it, because it may go viral and then his legacy would be ruined.  After all he would not be able to hide behind a wall of plausible deniability because the witness testimony is tangible and the witness testimony was compelling and believable.  Corporate media may even be so embarrassed they would be compelled to cover the story (it is a story too and a big story.  I can see it now….

President Obama covers up testimony of gross ethical violations brought forth by witnesses in his own Bioethics Committee.

  Don’t take the easy way, do a 180 and give 300 person FORGETTABLE demonstration complete with picket signs.  That will be a whole lot better than a slam dunk and ruining the presidents legacy in the process.  Yea… that’s the ticket.

The Presidents commission on bioethics opened themselves up to public scrutiny by listening to over 300 testimonies from TI’s.  They also opened themselves up to public ridicule for going back on their duty to the public by having the nerve to commission a bioethics committee that is supposed to find bioethics violations and report them and then to correct them.  After all, what is the sense in having a committee if it is not to correct problems.  If I had to pick the worst crime the people in charge of a Bioethics Committes could commit would be to ignore credible testimony on information about BIOLOGICAL ETHICS VIOLATIONS.

It seems the Obama administration did everything right.  Except for the doing something to repair the broken lives of people who spent their precious time and some spent money they didn’t have to come and give testimony at a committee who’s CHARGE is to find out if Human test subjects in biological experiments are treated with respect and dignity and given full protection under the current laws and then FIX THOSE VIOLATIONS AS REQUIRED BY LAW.  The ball was dropped on the last point.  Worse, it is like the President wants everyone to forget they testified at HIS bioethics committee.  Somewhere along the way Barak Obama must have found out how utterly important it is to hide gross moral and ethical violations uncovered by TI testimony under the cover of SECRET Classification.  He did this knowing that it is against the law to hide violations of the law under the shroud of classification.  Plain and simple… You can’t break the law and then classify it as a secret just to hide it from public scrutiny.  Doing so is itself a crime.  But this is what has been done.  See all these negative things will just serve to embarrass the president into doing something about them.

The president is vulnerable, his legacy depends on a smooth outcome to this, and dammit… he is going to get away with it.  All the press has to do is call him out on the lies, yet they remain silent and so do the people involved.  It is like they don’t care if they remain TI’s in perpetuity. All we have to do is ask him and ask the media and the President and members of the legislature.  But no one cares to say a thing. 

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