Just today on Sept. 19, 2013,  the Bioethics Committee, headed by Dr. Amy Guttman, announced the existence of their new Twitter account (@BIOETHICS) and made it public on their website: http://blog.bioethics.gov/2013/09/19/bioethics-commission-joins-twitter/
Their original website was: http://BIOETHICS.GOV and is put here only for reference.
Is the committee again taking testimony or are they just trying to mollify the public?  President Obama’s Bioethics Committee, commissioned in 2008 when he took office has heard testimony from Targeted Individuals at various times since 2008, but stopped taking testimony from Targeted Individuals in 2012.  Their testimony is archived on youtube… http://youtu.be/Cawl5rNd620.  I put the link here to pre-emptively head off sabotage by military contractor psychopaths perpetuating these MKULTRA like atrocities. 
You can hear several key issues associated with Targeted Individuals come up in assessing the navy yard shooter, Aaron Alexis.  In addition it is noticeable that testing seems more like Directed Energy Weapon research, but definitely has multiple associated reasons for it not only one.
  In my opinion the president abdicated his responsibility to the American people.  For the past three years after Targeted Individuals (TI’s) gave testimony before the Commission, their cries for help to the Obama administration fell on deaf ears.  It is as though the president changed his mind about wanting to know about bioethics issues.  He went from wanting to follow his campaign promise to correct gross human rights violations that have occurred, including those at Abugraib and Guantanamo to the attitude of a disinterested third party.  
If that were not enough, there was the utter aloneness I know all TI’s felt, knowing that we had a functioning democracy and now had apparently adopted a totalitarian form of government where only corporate interests and the bottom line mattered.   Here, there was now only the shell and appearance of a BIOETHICS Commission in place for appearances only.  Testimony given was politely endured as an inconvenience and then that too was removed from the Bioethics.ORG website attesting to the cover-up in progress.  The actual video testimony was preserved on youtube, but was officially ignored, further attesting to the new apparent complicity in crime by our leaders.  Imagine the gall of ignoring official testimony given by victims of the most sadistic psychological and physical torture.
We were now as expendable as cattle or lab animals, useful only for what data the psychopaths torturing us could attain.  During the process for gaining increasingly more efficient method of torture, improving kill ratios and high power Directed Energy (DE) test data, somewhere along the way we were expected to meet our deaths by suicide or heart attack, or stroke.  Long term health afflictions due to focused tissue damage, at the hands of our psychopathic handlers was desired as long as the TI, upon seeing a medical professional would present as one who had an apparently pre-existing affliction mimicking one that a doctor would diagnose as naturally occurring. Mental illness or internment to a hospital changed nothing but the place torture until death would occur.  Medical type, experimentation went from the lab into the victims living room.  
We were now as expendable as lab animals only we were cheaper to use because we provided our own food, living expenses and what health care we could afford.  If all of that were not bad enough, apparently keeping us in a state of perpetual fear, anxiety and dis-ease was sought after to keep us driven, hastening our physical death was sought after and encouraged by military style psyops as though we were enemy combatants.  The training for which could only have come from military training manuals and trainers.
The people in charge, just stopped working for us and told us not to come back.  It is outrageous, but that is what happened.  The more serious aspect is that during their hiatus from helping us to ignoring our existence, we are being tortured to death, dealing with the physical and psychological pain as well as the additional burden of realizing that we are alone to face this on our own.  The people will know that we are true victims of the most horrific torture place upon human beings.  I have heard a Guantanamo detainee say that he preferred the pain of beatings over no touch torture and wanted to be put out of his misery.  one on one torture by our psychopathic handlers.  
 Now however, the administration has apparently changed its mind and will again accept testimony from Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  You can now miraculously, also give testimony via their main web site:
Announcing the existence of twitter account @BIOETHICS, gives off a surreal sense convenient coincidence and seems to be a preemptive move by the administration. This is because it comes on the heels of news announced about the navy yard shooting, in which a man who was an apparent targeted individual, was driven to commit this act of terrorism.  Now the mass shooting was directly attributable to induce psychosis from torture inflicted to force someone towards an inevitable psychotic break with reality.  It is so blatant, I will not even call it a coincidence, it was the desired result.  
Yet, they still do not want me to report what I know to be true, which is apparent in my handlers zeal to stop me, using tactics like deleting my work on my website and reverting back to a very early version.  All the while I am being tortured, in a blatant attempt to stifle my actions.  
Has the administration finally committed to facing the truth?  Only time will tell.  In the mean time, do not get too hyped about a change, because we have see things like this before fizzle.
Lets see how far we can take this gesture from the current administration.  The MKULTRA like program may see the light of day, if major news outlets will do what they have thus far been reluctant to do, that is: REPORT THE NEWS.  The fact that the Navy Yard shooter is a TI proves that No Touch Torture has created a “shooter on the shelf”, namely Aaron Alexis.  Now people may find out what Targeted Individuals are and how they are tortured and especially how they can explode into VIOLENT RAGE and do violent things, seemingly out of character for them, at any time, based on their handlers torture regimen.
It is encouraging news that the Government has acknowledged that President Obama’s Bioethics Committee is again taking testimony?  This issue has been slow to be reported to the people due to the major media blackout/cover-up.  Could it be that now there is a chance news of this MKULTRA like program may see the light of day?  The fact that the Navy Yard shooter is a TI proves that No Touch Torture has created a “shooter on the shelf”, namely Aaron Alexis.  Now people may find out what Targeted Individuals are and how they are tortured and especially how they can explode into RAGE and do violent things, seemingly out of character for them, at any time, based on their handlers torture regimen.  Now maybe we can end the torture of American Citizens on American Soil and around the world, because this is a global problem.
It may not be apparent at this point that psychopaths at all levels of government are responsible for the situations we are now in.  Psychopaths are “WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? “I AM FISHEAD” IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW.” Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.  This is a short movie, the time it takes, is a little over an hour and is insignificant to its relative importance that you understand and prepare for your understanding of the worlds problems.  Only through understanding the true nature of psychopathic personality disorder can give you this.  Thank you in advance for watching.  This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.