James F Lico asks Who is really behind the Lockdowns and destruction of America? Also, How Is The Intelligence Community Involved?

The Intelligence community knows that Directed Energy Weapons are Coming Out into the public sphere and they want to head off the BLOWBACK (CIA term for anger and outrage of a people who have been duped and made fools of so a few greedy people could benefit from steeling their stuff).  The Intelligence Community has been Torturing and Killing people with Directed Energy Weapons since the 70’s at least and then calling their victims crazy to further subjugate them. In short, the CIA does not want the nation to erupt with rage against them, so the CIA wants to pull their safety valve and let out some steam so they can safely end one of their most controversial projects in history, before the people involved get so incensed with rage and angry for justice  they do something the CIA will absolutely hate and may be sorry for..

Dont you think the CIA made this video to show the people that the CIA is being hurt by DEW also.  The problem is that the CIA and the rest of the IC is involved in GENOCIDE.  Yes, they would like you to believe it was all harmless frat boy fun, but it is in fact Genocide, Eugenics which they call Population control and they try to have population reduction to fix it.  The IC does not work for the people of America, they work for the corporations and they always have.. This Corona virus pandemic was done for the corporations because they dont need people anymore now that they have robots.  The pandemic was a way to clear the deck of people so they can begin the world anew with a fresh new start of 500 million people.  You might also think that the only reason they are doing this is because they are not winning by as much as they thought they would be.


Catherine Austin Fitts is a guest on the David Knight Show and she will talk about
the Take Over and Destruction of the world by the Globalists

Who’s behind the global lockdown? What’s the plan? How do we fight back?
Catherine Austin Fitts, solari.com joins The David Knight Show to explain.
Have the FBI contractors who are controlling Donna and me as SLAVES been duped into supporting the murder for hire scheme? OR Are they willing participants who are so greedy and devoid of moral character and empathy that they are willing participants in this experimentation and murder scheme? All of the players have names and addresses… I am also noticing the quizzical looks from people who work in the Criminal JUSTICE SYSTEM.  They look at this corruption as something that they are just blind to it like the color of ones skin.  But this is the take down and destruction of their lives and their futures. This is the end game, it is the end of humanity.  They just want to ignore everything about it.  They are willing to destroy people and throw them under the bus to get rid of them SO THEY CAN KEEP ON PRETENDING!  This is happening to me right now and I am a witness to it.  But I am helping Americans and so the IC is trying to kill me as a dissident AND SO ARE THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE PEOPLE.  The intelligence community (FBI CIA DHS etc.) are proxies for the Globalists.  They are facilitating the destruction of America in advance of the Globalists agenda to form a one world government.  The IC are enemies of the people.  They have taken a place along with the fake government against the people.  Notice that all 80million Trump Supporters are ENEMIES OF THE STATE now.  In other words Trump supporters are TERRORISTS! The IC are the PSYCHOPATHS and they have now dropped their mask, ending their pretense of the good guys.  The IC are not good guys at all.  The IC are the bad and evil guys helping the evil globalists to take over the world. IT IS TIME TO TAKE SIDES.  LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND DESIDE WHICH SIDE YOU ARE ON!