Unethical CIA Non-Consensual Human Experimentation On Innocent Americans Covered-UP

This is documented testimony given at the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation, Washington D.C., March 15, 1995… President Clinton was president at that time. There were an estimated 400,000 victims of MKULTRA from the 1950’s through the 1970’s when it was supposedly stopped. President Clinton apologized for this.  Isnt there a warranty on Clinton’s apology, because it has been forgotten and  MKULTRA Human Trafficking is back with a vengence? How come there is no media coverage for President Clinton’s apology for torture crimes against humanity?  No media coverage is why most people have not heard of CIA’s Human Trafficking exploits.  Here we have the President of the United States taking time out to make an official apology for non consensual human experimentation and trafficking, some of which exceeds the criteria for crimes against humanity and the mainstream media is silent.Does the CIA get to walk away from war crimes, including human experimentation, trafficking and torture?  I suppose they think we are a bunch of sheep and wouldn’t notice.   Are we as a civilized society going to stand for these spy agencies traffick our people like cattle,  to use like lab animals. Animal rights activists look out for animals being experimented on.  It seems that lab animals have more rights than people do.  Aren’t people animals too!?  Listen people.. try waking the hell up!  There has been a Coup in the United States and our country has been taken over by the corporatist/fascists and the intelligence agencies.  If you have access to anything the CIA or any agency wants to know about, then you better watch out because they will have a private contractor follow you around with psychotronic weapons (mind control).

I have college degrees in each of biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology with years of field experience.  This qualifies me to make observations about my situation and that of Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  These TI’s are all voicing the same symptoms and complaints, which is what Human Experimentation looks like.  If you watch the video above on testimony of MKULTRA survivors, you will see that The CIA has done this before.  Don’t say you are awake if you think that the CIA has learned its lesson and wouldn’t do it again.  Edward Snowden risked his life to present you with proof of NSA spying.  I am presenting you with proof of a cover up of human experimentation if you watch the video play list video on President Obamas Bioethics Committee.  Up to 1000 Targeted Individuals testified before Obama’s Bioethics Committee and yet, no response, no investigation and the human trafficking keeps on going as usual.

Its no longer business as usual, so get out of your comfort zones. You do realize I am an activist don’t you?  Do you know that Martin Luther King was under 24/7 surveillance and the CIA tried to talk him into committing suicide?  It’s our history which you never hear of. The CIA was found guilty in private court of Kings murder and you will never hear of that either. http://www.thekingcenter.org/assassination-conspiracy-trial.  You know who Martin Luther King is and can look it up.  You do not know about the CIA and FBI being found guilty of human trafficking, radiation experiments, forced drugging, torture which went under the name MKULTRA and COINTELPRO.  Therefore you don’t know that this is history and is a fact.  The other fact you don’t know is that these programs never ended.  MKULTRA continues today in plain sight.  The human trafficking victims are controlled remotely by syops Private Military/Government Contractors.  These contractors are paid with tax dollars to keep the whole human experimentation business going.  There is brain research, directed energy weapon effectiveness research (DEBR) by the Air Force, CIA mind control experimentation continued, to name a few. No one and no company has been brought to justice for these crimes against humanity.  The reason is the same as the financial industry crimes which went unpunished.

justicenotservedThe ‘bounty hunter like’ Private Government Contractors who are keeping us subjugated and force experimentation on us, want us to know, yet if we say anything, they call us delusional.  There are probably 10 times more who are unaware they are being accessed.  You will be very surprised to find out how many activists are being spied on in this way.  The lab has been taken out of the laboratory and into the home.  After they roll out the directed energy weapons, it is too late to do anything yourself, because no one will listen to you.   There are as many as 400,000 people in this program, with more coming on line everyday.

A mere 6 years after 9/11/2001, all promises were broken and the Patriot act swept away the protections against human experimentation.  The intelligence agencies interpretation of existing laws, now grants them the right to do anything they want under their loose interpretation of those laws.

People Are Animals Too
People Are Animals Too

The illegal non-consensual human experimentation that went on from the 1950’s through 1977, never stopped, is still going on today. I know, because I am a victim of this horrific experimentation.  I am tracked and irradiated with directed energy weapons every day by bounty hunter like Private Military Contractors (PMC’s).  These are the same Syops Private Military Contractor’s PMC’s who drove Aaron Alexis and Myron May to the breaking point when they went on their shootings spree.  As I have said before, driving TI’s to the point of psychotic break is not a mistake but done on purpose and is considered a successful outcome by the PMC’s.

There are many thousands of Targeted Individuals being used as radiation test subjects in trauma based mind control experimentation. Mkultra and COINTELPRO went dark and then surfaced again in the form it is today. It is strange that no one will listen to us now, since the testimony was from 1995 and the CIA was guilty then. Do they think the CIA said they were sorry and therefor would not do it again.

Hundreds testified at President Obamas Bioethics Committee hearings in 2010 and 2011 about ongoing non consensual human experimentation. They did nothing and told us not to come back. This is an obvious cover-up from high levels of government. This cover-up extends to torture of not only military detainees but to tens of thousands of innocent American Citizens on American soil. The CIA torture report is also part of it because it was held up for years now and is still not released. Whether it alludes to torture of American Citizens or not I don’t know but why is the CIA so worried if everything is above board. I know for myself that I requested NSA and CIA documentation under FOIA and was denied. I am telling you that I am being tortured daily with electromagnetic weapons and tens of thousands of others are too and the Government needs to come clean about these atrocities. Do they really think they can give a half baked apology for horrendous abuses and then start the same programs up again where they left off. That is the question we are faced with as a society and we need to have the right answers if we intend to dig our way out from the Totalitarian State in which we now exist.

Please be sure to watch other videos in the PlayList including the 30Min video of President Obama’s Bioethics Committee testimony by Targeted individuals and you will see that the appropriate people were informed and they ignored or covered-up the facts (its the 3rd video in the play list).  The second video in the playlist is testimony of MKULTRA  mind control victims before “President Clinton’s Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation”, Washington D.C., March 15, 1995.

Dr. Colin Ross has researched the illegal experimentation by the CIA and others.  He has written books on the subject of CIA Mind Control non-consensual experimentation.   I have included links to some articles he has written in “The Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (CCHR) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog.  Its mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. CCHR has helped to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive mental health practices.
Colin A Ross MD Psychiatrist, 1701 Gateway, Suite 349 Richardson TX 75080
rossinst@rossinst.com, www.rossinst.com, Ph#972-918-9588 , fax 972-918-906


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  5. I recently learned I’m targeted. Nobody believes me. I’ve been taking license plates and by some investigating, I think I’m being abused by a private contractor called G4S Wackenhut. I’ve been slandered, stalked, surveilled, and tracked by cell phone. These bastards even call places I go to and tell lies and distortions about me. I won’t even get into the mind reading. I have a background in math and science and am rational. Even saying such things automatically make people skeptical so I have to be circumspect. It’s a really distressing situation.

    • Is this targeting new for you Steve? I am sorry to hear that you are targeted. We are trying to educate the public to get some awareness but its a hard road. The Myron May issue is going to help us, unlike what most people think. Pete Santilli’s show on May made it into a safety issue where TI’s have no voice and no where to go inorder to get help when TI’s get desperate and have a psychotic break so they don’t hurt anyone. Maybe people will start thinking in terms of fear of TI’s because they sure havent been thinking about helping them. The fear aspect has worked to take away peoples rights, so maybe it will work to get TI’s some attention. TI’s need to be noticed and so bad publicity about getting TI’s help for psychotic breakouts is better than no publicity at all. It may work you know.

    • Joining into conference calls with FreedomFCHS.com on saturday and or TisUnited.com on Sundays helped me and still helps me cope with this. You will have people to talk to, meet new friends and hear new ideas on the subject.

      • Thanks for the info. I did join FFCHS and plan to call. I’ve been targeted since at least early 2010 when the slander campaign began. My health failed in 2012 but I’ve recovered. The overt surveillance and harassment really began a year ago. Now they extract thoughts and memories and post embarrassing ones of a sexual nature to libraries and doctors offices where I go. It’s so immoral.

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