Torture log for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Torture log for Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Today I am being radiated on the left side of my face.  This is the only numbered picture I could find.  It shows the right side of a woman’s face.  The spot where I am being injured with radiation from a beam weapon is at NUMBER 5, only on the corresponding location on the left side.
I am not sure what the object of the radiation is, but my impression is that it seems much like human testing with directed energy weapon radiation.  The beam is focused on that one spot and the operator wants to return to that spot over and over again, over a period of about 3 hours.  The operator seemed to need to focus a particular amount of radiation on that one spot.

The following link show anatomical diagrams of human anatomy.

As I write this, the operator must be reading along with me, because he is irradiating the left side my head which i can feel as a numbness in my brain and facial muscles.  I know this type of feed back to be a negative Pavlovian stimulus response attempt to discourage me or cause me to make an error in my documentation of this.  
As I sit on the couch in my living-room, I am being irradiated from two directions as located with the directional meter in my smartphone.  One is a satellite located East North East, approximately 20 degrees from vertical and the other is to the north west at about 30 degrees up from horizontal..  The trajectory of this would be a land based location.

I am located at 817 Fir Lane.  It seems that the number of sociopathic/psychopathic is higher in this section of Big Bear City, than the population as a whole.  The occupants of 821, 809 and 823(transient people) Fir lane and the house directly across from mine on the adjacent street as well as one that I can’t be sure of the exact house are in collusion to operate weapons directed at me.  Normally there would not be this many sociopathic people in one area like this.