Torture I Receive Is More Believable If Attributed To DE Weapon Testing

 The torture I receive is explained by what I perceive, but misleading as to the purpose of the pain.  It may feel like torture and maybe it is meant to, but I believe it is Directed Energy Weapon biological effects as stated in the Air Force documents describing a 7 year 50mil contract that was awarded in April of 2013 for directed energy (DE) weapon testing on human beings and animals.  I have just written an article on how a psychopath doing this may perceive or describe what he/she is doing to human beings with these weapons.
 There are probably 400,000 TI’s and many of them are receiving irradiation with high power DE as described in these Air Force contract documents.  The IDIQ statement of objective is a good place to start (first link).  IDIQ means Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity and is a type of contract where either the quantity or delivery amount or date may vary and cannot be stated clearly up front.  This is the case with testing on human beings and animals for biological effects of being exposed to DE.  It may last longer than the 7 year contract duration and the results cannot be quantified clearly so guidance along the way may be necessary for instance.

I stated in a previous writing that this human experimentation would be done on targeted individuals (TI’s) remotely because that is the most efficient way and that is how we are subjugated.  We are like animals in cages.  Everyone of the TI’s has a handler.  So this is another of the the “WHY THEM” explanations.  I say “WHY THEM” because this is what Gen. Keith Alexander commented of TI’s and said that meaning (I think) what makes TI’s so important that someone would watch them 24/7.  Money is the short answer to his question “WHY THEM”.  The Air Force contract alone is worth $50,000,000 which will pay a lot of psychopathic handlers salaries.  The TI’s feed and clothe themselves as well as provide their own medical care.  Actually TI’s cost less than animals in cages housed in a facility.  The handler is necessary to provide directed energy as outlined within instructions given to handlers who in turn provide feedback on data they obtain as instructed.  I have always said that human experimentation is more understandable and makes more sense to most people.  This is further aided by the recent contract providing a smoking gun.  There are others but this one where money is given by the Air Force in exchange for deliverable actions performed at the lowest level by private contractor handlers.  
Handlers continually irradiate TI humans, according to researcher specifications with high power DE.   They also keep the TI subjugated with torture using the same DE weapons.  This is often called No Touch Torture (NTT).  It is the pain from NTT that I have in previous articles referred to as torture.  It is the handlers job to keep the TI’s compliant and also to keep them from causing any problems to the psychopaths in charge.  This is done with NTT which keeps the TI’s off balance and to busy fighting for life to effectively call out for help.  There also is the Human Brain Research Project and others which the handlers are instructed to gather data for.  There is always a psychological experiment the handler is gathering data for.  My handler pounds on the floor of her apartment (my ceiling) putting me in a virtual Skinner box experiment with negative reinforcement in the form of painful radiation if I don’t be quiet and take it.  The pounding and negative feedback I believe are supposed to condition me to associate pounding noise with pain.  My life is  dedicated to serving only the handlers experiments.  From my viewpoint, there is only painful negative reinforcement. In addition the torture I receive and psychological experiments are geared toward gathering data on enhancing the NTT in an ongoing real time basis.
I would have thought this would come to light earlier, but it didn’t because of the negligence of the major media.  We had the Presidents Bioethics Commission looking into if and how human experimentees are treated in human experimentation situations.  She stated that if there is human experimentation, the commission was tasked with making sure it was done in an ethical manner in accordance with established guidelines.  Hundreds of TI’s gave direct testimony about very egregious and horrendous human rights abuses by perpetrators on TI’s.  Experts also gave testimony attesting to abuses.  However the testimony was all ignored by the media and sadly by the bioethics commission headed by Amy Gutmann.  The negligence is overwhelming and blatant.  She should be put on trial for fraud in perpetrating the cover up.  I know that others see this corruption and are probably as outraged as I am.  Many are afraid to do anything because they are afraid of the consequences.  The entire country is corrupt and psychopathic occurrences like this are being done in the open now.  The person in charge just ignores the unwanted and undesired outcomes.  The commission is nothing but a sham window dressing to mislead the public.  The public is so mind controlled that it not much of a cover up is needed, especially with no press coverage.  Even the handlers are mind controlled into thinking they are saving the country from the bad TI terrorists.  Psychopaths have everything under control.  

The country is indeed run by psychopaths, just look at the corruption everywhere.  All is given TO, BY and FOR Corporations.  You see that a COUP has been pulled off by the NSA in behalf of the corporations.  Obama has not kept the promise to reign in the NSA because he is working for them I believe.  Actually he has not kept some very important campaign promises and his backers are not speaking up.  Republicans are yelling loudly but this is perceived as disgruntled voters who didn’t get their way.  I think it didn’t matter whether Romney or Obama won, because the result is the same.  It seems as if there is almost nothing we can do to avoid a socialist police state.  Socialism is anathema to Americans so it is still called democracy and any lie can be inserted as needed.
I put these links openly instead of embedding them because links all too frequently disappear or change.  At least here they can be copied and used as well. 

Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR)
Solicitation Number: BAA-HPW-RHDR-2013-0002

US Air Force Research Laboratory DEBR 1989

IDIQ basic statement of objective
More Air Force contract documentation and my article explaining it.

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