Things I Have Noticed About The People Who Are My Torturers &Handlers

James F Lico is a virtual prisoner who has been enrolled against his will, in a covert CIA Trauma Based Mind Control program. He has Identical symptoms and complaints as many thousands of other TI’s. The program is secret to prevent people from finding out they are torturing American Citizens in their own homes.

 I am Myron May or in other words, what happened to Myron May is also happening to me and thousands of other Targeted Individuals TI’s.  We were enrolled against our will and surreptitiously into a CIA trauma based mind control program which is geared towards making victims into “shooters on a shelf”.  Did Myron May become a “Shooter On A Shelf”,  who was used to do the shooting at Florida State University. Is he dead now after a mass shooting at FSU because they took him off the shelf to use to scare the public.  Or was the shooting his idea as a means of ending an unfair and unjust programmed oppression of innocent people used by the corporate state.

I am redoing the article because of things that have come to light.  Its my opinion now that the reason Targeted Individuals find it so difficult to get people to listen to what they say about targeting is because many people are in on the deception.  There is an army of insiders and they live in every town and every walk of life.    They are your friends and neighbors.  They interact with the normal people to interfere in and spy on their lives and they are your neighbors.  It is a career and they either do it full time or in conjunction with another job.  This is transgenerational in nature and covert.  This is why some TI’s say their family is involved. They are able to see that because closeness of the family makes it apparent. I can’t prove anything but I first realized I was being interfered with after I graduated High School in 1970. I abruptly began getting a severe sinus headache almost every day. Before that I never had headaches. My mother also had severe headaches and then the headaches stopped for her after I began getting them. I now know that the psychotronic weapons to track TI’s has been in existence since the early 1970’s and possibly before. That means that people could be tracked anywhere and the people doing the tracking could see what they see and hear what they hear. In case you have not realized it yet, this gave them a distinct and significant advantage which could be used for their financial gain. They want to continue going to the bank and they use people like pawns. I traded stock and stock index futures like the s&p 500 for my own account, for 4 years. People doing that type of work are under major surveillance and control do to the large gains and losses which were typical. In my case the Powers that be (be) did not want me getting rich and were doing things in my computer and behind the scenes to make that happen in real time. I realized then that I was never alone and free of influence and manipulation. I realize now that these people move in around me and were here all the time. Now they have directed energy weapons and they can be pointed out with a directional meter. I wrote this article on how to use your android cell phone as a meter with free software available on . What i tell you about the meter is true and I am sure about the meter. What do you all think about what I say if you follow the procedure i laid out. I will be interested to hear what you think.

Admitted Targeted Individual. Myron May was a successful assistant prosecuting attorney who quit to go to Florida and shoot a bunch of people at the library in Florida State University. “Shooter on a Shelf” ? Trauma Based Mind Control Victim

I guess you can believe that James Lico dumped his home on the Cape Coral market for half what he paid for it and then gave all his belongings estimated at 50k plus a 10k coin collection to a person in northern Florida before going on an assault rampage before ending up in jail for aggravated assault and has become a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.  I guess you could believe that if you are a busy sheep glossing over the big picture and disregarding facts comes easy to you.  I guess also that you could believe that Myron May was insane and his insanity drove him from his 150k job as an assistant prosecuting attorney to seek out Florida State University where he graduated because maybe he hated the Strozer library when he was a student.  It comes down to a matter of curiosity->> Do You Have Any  (Curiosity that is).  Your country is crashing and turning into a totalitarian state.  What I am telling you is true and all you have to do is look at what is going on right before your eyes.  The alternative title of this blog post is: “What Will We Do In Our Virtual Prison While We Are Waiting our turn to be used”.   Is It Worth Fighting For Our Country Or Should We Just Sit Here Mesmerized By Our TV’s.  It is a fact that there are estimated to be a million private contractors who are all supported by millions of DO AS YOUR’E TOLD gangstalkers.  Continuing on, this is a post of my thoughts of my jailers or handlers or torturers.  I plan to add to this from time to time in the future.


Things I have noticed about the people who are my torturer/handlers.  These people watch  closely, EVERYTHING I do every minute of every day.  Making this bulletized list is an idea I had where I  could start this and then add to it from time to time.  These thought are not in any particular order.

  •  This torture program is a psychopaths wet dream and they get paid for it too.  In case you don’t know, psychopaths love to control and have power over others.  It gives them that supreme power and control over life and death.  Control of and Torturing others is a job only a psychopath who desires this level of control over others would take.  In other words, they like it a whole lot.  Underneath it all they think torture is fun.
  •  They judge me and punish me by my personal actions which I do in the privacy of my own home. If they don’t like what I do then why are they watching me they beat me up until they feel better.
  • The Government uses these torturers to turn people into the Lone Wolf Terrorists, who are driven to lose their credibility and look crazy, but who were normal to begin with and if left alone would continue to be normal.  Ted Kaczynski was one of those people.  Anyone can be taken into this program, subjected to this torture and ruined and they to would look crazy.
  • The torturers are very confident that the totalitarian state will never end and their wont be any consequences for their crimes against humanity plus murder.  I think Hitler and his moron helpers were very confident of that too.
  • I found out that I am a Cast Iron Target from listening to Gordon Duff on Veterans Today Radio.  Cast Iron Targets are targets who are under an extreme form of surveillance necessitating being watched by a live person.  Find out how I went from quiet computer engineer to crazed tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I am under close 24 hour surveillance by private military contractors doing their own personal reality show featuring my life or what is left of it.  This   can   happen   to   you   too.  They don’t need a reason but saying anything negative about the surveillance state is now a reason.  You haven’t said anything negative about the Government have you?  Don’t even think it!  Just think nice, pleasant thoughts about the government and go shopping.
  • There are torturer/handlers in every city.  Maybe your neighbor is one.  They are either sociopathic or psychopathic.  The difference is that sociopaths are aware of right and wrong inherently but choose to not go along with the program.  Psychopaths do not have any sense of right and wrong but they can learn about each case, but there is no feeling they get   They are veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan conflict and after with signals intelligence security clearances.  HAM RADIO operators are a top source of recruits for torturers also since they like to experiment with electronic circuits.   They are very much technical types who are great at setting up and working on computer and communication gear!  The sociopathic personality disordered people have ADHD which is a trait of sociopathy.  They also as a group may have a morbid and or weird sense of humor.  They used the Armies “Continuous Tagging Tracking And Locating” (CTTL) plus CIA signals intelligence to track, locate and kill insurgents.  Don’t worry because they were never in danger.  Other people did the killing.  They are cowards who enjoy torturing people in the privacy of their homes.  They enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s expense (a lot).  As a group they are practical jokers who enjoy setting up scenarios for slap shtick comedy where the victim makes a fool of
  • These are people who will take money for hurting others and are not someone to be friends with let alone marry or trust your life to or be stranded somewhere with or hang out with.   If you have something they want or are friends with them, you would be surprised how dangerous it is to even know or talk to or be near these people.  The reason is because they are psychopaths with large networks of sociopaths and psychopaths.  Their large networks of sociopathic friends all enjoy the thunder dome process of destroying someones life, sponsored by your government (CIA), as long as they can prey on others and take their stuff.  The people who help them are stalkers who secretly want to take their jobs and would kill (them) or do anything to make that happen.  The stalkers are sociopathic do as your told people who believe that whats yours is theirs.  They will do anything the torturer asks them to do to targets.  They are quick to poison a room or pound on a wall if their superior HANDLER says to.  The handlers are like the Gestapo and the stalkers can’t make any money without the handlers.  All told there are millions of these stalkers and yet no one has ever heard of gangstalking?  really?  Sure you have.
  • It is the job of a handler to keep me under control while running their experiments on me.
  •  This is like a virtual prison where no matter where I go or what I do these torturers are there like bounty hunters.  If I move, I will get a different handler, but the torture is standardized and you can never get away from it.
  •  Torturers think it is a legitimate job to watch me and torture me every minute of the day in the privacy of my own home
  •  torturers think they are secret agents. Yet I know where and who they are. I can direct one or more people right to their door.
  •  They are in fact cowards hiding behind secret rules in the comfort of their dwellings, while they torture people to death.
  •  I find that these people will move into apartments above and below and apartments or houses adjacent to that of their target. I see that the torture signals emanate from these places because I use a directional meter.  It is my opinion that the torturers get their jobs to torture based on close proximity to the victim.  In other words the closest one gets the job.
  • I have heard and believe they work with a researcher who orchestrates the torture regimen.  The researcher may be anywhere on the internet but probably is physically located at the company headquarters.  The researcher is probably an assistant to the one of the doctors in charge.  Their hierarchical structure may be more complicated, but you get the idea.
  •  It is my opinion that neighbors will believe some story that they are a secret agent and that they should participate by doing something against me or hosting an electronic torture machine in their home which can be accessed remotely. The Stanley Milgrim Experiment proved that 66% of the people are stupid and gullible enough to actually cause someones death based on the say so of a credible (to them) authority figure. This authority may have phony credentials via mail order.
  •  They injure me with a surgical type of resonance weapons to cause deep inflammation and damage to muscles, tendons and organs in my body.
  • my handler is trying to read my Medicare enrollment guide along with me but the pressure and discomfort of the radar on my head makes it difficult if not impossible for me to concentrate on what I am doing.
  •  Many of the handlers are older men and women who wish to make extra money to supplement their incomes. I suppose have come out of retirement because torturing people covertly is easy work which they can do well into their retirement years.
  •  There is another group who will come to Gold Beach Oregon, a beautiful resort area because they can see the sights and make some money torturing a resident at the same time.
  •  Another group of handlers are young thugs who have an entourage of wide eyed voyeuristic narcissist magnets following them to eagerly watch this old man succumb to their torture.
  •  another group is the family members of a malignant psychopathic narcissist who do this for fear of retaliation by the narcissist.
  •  only sociopathic and psychopathic people are able or willing to actually torture someone.
  •  A new group of torturers I have become aware of are mobile and have installed DC to AC converters in their vehicles.
  •  Torturers tend to take things I say due to pain and anger of being tortured, personally and will dish out extra torture based on paying me back for what I say.
  •  Torturers do not wonder or care that I am innocent of any crime. This begs the question that if innocent people are targets, then why not their family or friends can be targets. either they don’t care or cannot think to that level of complexity.
  •  I believe the torturers can hear what I hear and see what I see. This technology is two way and is very far ahead of what is familiar.
  •  Most torturers will let me take a shower alone but the torturers I have now will follow me into the bath to torture me there too. There are no personal and private moments.
  •  sociopaths and psychopaths are easily able to identify and connect with others like them. This ensures that the people doing this torture is made up of sociopaths and psychopaths. It is these people who are responsible for all of the predation crimes.
  •  In the absence of supervision and oversight is when and where the most egregious torture and human rights abuses occur. This is a well known fact, understood by lawmakers and perpetrators of this crime alike.
  •  I have come to the realization that many or most of the torturers are veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for profit. They probably have security clearance for this signals intelligence technology. They had never been in any physical danger from combat and why I believe they are cowards.
  •  I believe the torturers are responsible for driving people out of their property. Many will take advantage of the resulting distressed property sale. Our government allows this to happen.
  •  Stealth Injuries or purposeful torture injuries?  I receive repetitive injuries to back, hands, fingers, thumbs, feet, legs and joints. These are given while I am in motion or moving so they are engineered to seem like motion injuries. The torturer will cause this pain with a resonance beam to make it seem like the pain is occurring naturally from the movement I am doing.   These injuries are given stealthily by the handler.   Their employers on the other hand want TI victims to be fearful and frantic so we will suffer from physical and mental traumas which are induced for the sole purpose of induced personality alters which can then be used to program those of us who respond to it, into what they call “shooters on a shelf” for use when they have a need.  It turns out that Trauma makes a person more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion and can be used by unscrupulous people to program a person to carry out suggestions which work towards the agenda of those in charge. Many people however,  will not be able to go on at some point and will be driven to suicide which is an expected result and considered a success.
  • So why then do the handlers use stealth when they apparently want the TI to know the traumas are induced by the handler.   It does seem that stealth injuries don’t make sense so why would they do it?   What if the handlers anticipate having torture victims other than TI’s, who don’t know of this torture and whom the handlers do not want to alert to the torture and so they take their time to turn up the power slowly and then down slowly while it is timed to coincide with some bodily motion and subsequent injury suffered during the motion.
  • ????????
  • Don’t forget the CIA was responsible and found guilty of doing the horrific human experimentation from MKULTRA which was supposed to have stopped in the 1970’s.  The project went dark and many think it surfaced again in the form where the experimentation and trauma based mind control are now done remotely.  What do you think?  Do you believe they worked on trauma based mind control to make Manchurian candidates only to stop in deference to a senate investigation and forget the whole thing.  They lied before the investigation, during the investigation and now do you think they have seen the light and are sorry they hurt people and won’t do it anymore.  No, it is going on full tilt.
  • The way to beat these torturers is not to succumb to human natures call for anxious fear, but to overcome those fears and rise above it. once you recognize and are comfortable with your mortality you can overcome your fears.
  • These torturers have no shame or remorse. When you look at them they present a blank moronic stare. An example would be if you caught somebody in the act of vandalizing your garden at which point the stopped what they are doing and just stared at you.
  • The torturers can and will remote into and control your wifi enabled appliances. They do this with my cellphones and camera and will change settings and disrupt me. In the case of the camera, they used the default password to gain access. Make it harder by changing the default passwords of routers and other password protected devices. Even so, NSA has back doors to most encrypted applications and devices.
  • These torturers are paid with our tax dollars and neither provide nor offer any redeeming value for the money they are paid. Actually it is quite the opposite because they tear people and their families apart.