The TI’s PMC Handler Can Perform Malicious Cauterization Surgery

Doctor P Path is going to perform cauterization therapy on you. Don’t worry because it is just like a vasectomy and you won’t feel a thing (literally).

yes, it is true that the handler can operate on you just like mad doctor. These weapons are like the cauterization instruments that a skilled surgion might use. However they are in the hands of knuckle dragging psychopaths and sociopaths who torture for a living.  The mad doctor will take almost any form of payment, including, sex, sexual favors and of course – the HIGH FIVE.  After being tortured for 4 years on a 24/7 basis with energy weapons, you realize your mortality and also realize that nothing matters but my integrity.  The modesty I used to have is a social extravagance I can no longer afford.  So I decided to discard it in favor of telling the truth about my trafficking.  I am not saying anything to be crude, only to be accurate.  If we hold back, and we are socially correct then we must hint about what happened and hope the point will get across.  But I need to tell what really happened so I know my point comes across and so here goes:   I was going to masturbate and started to but had to give up and stop because there was no longer any sexual urge.   My handler has the  capability to remove all sexual urge.  I have experienced this before and I do not make claims like this unless they are true.  I can sometimes feel the handler using a resonance weapon to irradiate something in my lower abdomen, but don’t know exactly what that structure is.  Well to make a long story shorter, I discovered that the handler,  did this and then after a while they were doing it all the time.   I think that currently, many men and women will be surprised and shocked, because it might happen to them in their own homes.  Technology has taken experimentation out of the lab and moved it into the home.   In my opinion, the handler does not want to be reminded of sex by watching the TI masturbate as a show of contempt for the TI.  In other words, normal human functions are eliminated or prohibited from the TI, if they are inconvenient or disliked by the handler.   I just know that the handler I have right now and some other ones have been shown a procedure to squelch a TI’s (or anyones for that matter) sexual libido or desire so that you don’t feel anything anymore.  I know because it happens to me.  Does it last a long time, I don’t know. It seems to come back somewhat but weaker then before, so that it is GOING AWAY. But I think the main thing is and this is also my opinion that the Private Military Psyops handlers don’t want to be reminded of sex because they took the torture job because they are psychopathic sadists who are in denial that they took the job because it is sexually fulfilling.. This would not look good to others, especially normal people with normal empathy, so they present a facade of a person who is doing functional torture for a specific purpose even though the reasoning behind this is flawed. They don’t want to be reminded that they took the job because they like to control people and torture people and then get sexual gratification from it.  As psychopaths and sociopaths, they are very much into acting and putting on a false front for others to see, in order to hide their real motivation for taking the torture job.  They are of course ok with any paraphilia they choose and think they are entitled.  It is the self entitlement and immediate need for gratification without empathy, remorse, or guilt that permits the psychopaths to classify anything he wants as good and any thing or anyone who stands in his way as bad.

As a matter of fact, I think that many of the handlers are sexually aroused by hurting and controlling others. Why else but a sexual perversion and probably other paraphilic desires, would someone take a job torture/Killing people.  Obviously if they are going to take such ajob, they you would necessarily need to like doing it.  How pathetic is it anyway to keep a torture victim from having doing simple things that he/she might enjoy if the goal wasn’t to break the spirit of the torture victim, for personality compartmentalization in trauma  based mind control.  Also, in order for mind control to work, I understand that shame and embarrassment must be induced.  I gave those up and will talk about anything I do and will not do anything I would be ashamed of or embarrassed by.  These handlers think it is a high five moment to strip each and every vestige of any enjoyment that the TI wants to engage in. It is as if the handler is saying HEY, no fun for you… I dont approve. I will just have to burn your brain where it lights up or maybe your sexual structures a little..  These are psychopaths after all and to them, I am an object to be used with no more care than if I were a 2 dimensional picture of a man.

After all, these handlers were given enough human anatomy instruction to injure and maim people
Contractor handlers were given enough human anatomy instruction to injure and maim people as instructed by their employers.  Also, Psychopaths get bored and will want to try things on their own, if only to see what happens.

Well, it is true, they did do this to me. The fact is they can do it to anyone and quickly too. This is just like an in office procedure by your doctor… it only takes a minute…snip snip… The only thing is that this is by your psychopath or handler. and is done remotely with an energy weapon.   As an example of psychopathic mobbing  in this example, There is no supervision so the handlers join together and vow to sterilize every pedophile they discover.  But that would mean they would have to sterilize many of their work mates but lets use this for sake of a working example.. This goes ok for a while and then the psychopaths get bored. They decide that this would be a good way to get back at some other men in the neighborhood or shopkeepers who may have slighted them in some way and make some money at the same time, by making them sexually dysfunctional without their knowledge.  Then it will come as a big surprise the next time they try.  So that they would not be able to have sex.  This is obviously a cause for great hilarity. The thing about it is that it is painless and the target would not know or realize this immediately.. Psychopaths know that men are disturbed about loss of libido and they will eventually make deals with old girlfriends and slighted neighbors to take payments for making men libido free in only a minute. Yes, that is all it takes and they could probably clear a profit with only a small payment of say $100.00. Its like vasectomies but instead of fixing the plumbing the psychopath is burning the plumbing and he doesn’t have to even be careful about how he does it because its like horseshoes and hand grenades. in other words, close is good enough. The thing about the psychopathic handlers, they are a curious lot and they get bored easy. To give them a medical cauterization surgical procedure to do on innocent American Citizens. is to give them a new toy with which they can try being a big boy doctor on the throw away TI’s because there is no supervision and HEY… did I say Psychopaths Get Bored easily.!

This is the type of thing however that when it becomes known that this torture is going on because we found out Myron May was a mass shooter and a TI. Now the men of areas all across the country are going to start to get antsy and start wondering what about this TI thing they are worried about. The thing is, long before they worry about being targeted, they are subconsciously going to think that the psychopath is going to beam his sexual parts and render him impotent or non functional. The men of the country are going to think about, worry and belabor that point to death. They know that once they start thinking about not having sex, the mere thought of it is enough to put the Whammy on it, let alone getting beamed covertly with a ray gun. Also, he can think of several women who would pay to have their Ex’s balls baked. I predict that the men who launched the Viagra generation will take up arms against the psychopaths when they wake up and begin wondering out loud that this could happen or has happened to them.

As a theoretically example, the ex spouse of a TI or anyone for that matter can go to someone in the psychopaths network and make a deal to get back at the ex spouse says “you mean you know someone who for $100. can make my ex-husband sexually dysfunctional and all you have to do is slap a radar beam on his libido for a minute and he will never have sex again”. To which the psychopaths says, why yes that is the way it works. The woman then says “well what are you waiting for, get on with it”. Of course this was a theoretical example, but these handlers have access to the resonance weapons that go through and can see through walls. These handlers are on their own and not supervised. What is to prevent them from making deals like this. They are all about torturing and killing TI’s for money, so why would they not make side deals if they know they will not be caught.  Listen, they can kill and permanently injure with these weapons but they won’t anything on purpose that would look suspicious to a doctor.   Please comment and let me know what you think and how you feel.

I am coming to realize that stopping this program is one of, if not the most important thing for America right now.  The reason is that it is using egregious torture on American Citizens despite the fact that the use of torture is now repudiated.  We are still doing it behind the scenes and everyone in power knows it.  they are just paying lip service to doing the right thing and don’t really mean it.  How can we return to a moral and democratic society if we are willing to allow corruption behind the scenes while repudiating it openly.  This has ruined several generations of young americans and has resulted in blatant corruptions throughout the country.  Pete Santilly has come out to openly denounce mind control and I also respect Alex Jones for coming close to accepting the real explanation of this technology.  It is slowly coming out, but still needs major media exposure.  Does there really have to be another Myron May or Aaron Alexis to get the powers that shouldn’t be to recognize what is going on with TI’s.  We don’t really need another mass shooting do we.  Because the previous two have shown the way and there will be another and another if necessary.  Honestly, the law makers know all about the truth of this torture program and are making a conscious choice to cover it up.  Where is their honor and integrity.  The fact that it is missing, then disqualifies them from doing the peoples business.  They should all be fired and replaced with people who will do the peoples business.  Also, the torturers should not be allowed to go free but should be prosecuted for their crimes.  Letting them go would be a travesty of justice since these people were greedy and took torture/kill jobs for money.  Also they did not have the sense or decency to refrain from hurting and killing people.


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3 thoughts on “The TI’s PMC Handler Can Perform Malicious Cauterization Surgery”

  1. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you know, or have an idea about which type of RDIF tags different groups are typically using? (such as which frequency, or size {micro square one, or like a positive ID type RDIF tag/ is an Aceco FC6001MK2 (range of 1 MHz-6GHz) or an EMF tool more usefull?
    2. I have read that BZ (3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate) is a typical drug for certain groups of people, but LCD (LSD?-Lysergic acid diethylamide) is also a drug like it. Do you have any research about them?
    3. What types of following have you noticed? Has there been verbal or non-verbal signals between the people following you? Is it done when the team is following on foot, or in vehicle?
    4. There has been several blogs about different procedures that people have been experiencing. Several of them mention having seizures, and others, (and sometimes the same) say that they have found things in them that have been shocking them. Have you researched anything about microtechnology, such as MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) look like a piece of hair or very thin wire, and are injected into people perhaps by a needle, could possibly connect to the periosteum, and could possibly connect to specific frequencies?

  2. In regards to the medical cautherization article, would that explain why I have 4 teeth on the right side of face that have been breaking off and need to be extracted. Just so happens patterned burn marks appear on right side of face. In addition, have experienced nerve damage leaving very little sensation in my lips to chin area. I have experienced excessive teeth, jaw, and cheek pain with a pulsating effect to the teethespecially over the last 2 1/2 months. Never had any teeth problems before all this began and 5 teeth have already been extracted.

    • sorry, I didnt see your comment till now. I cant explain that Susan. These weapons are powerful and I think they could be doing that to you. have you tried magnets to shield yourself. Its no 100% but it does work to some extent. where do you live, if i can ask that.

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