The TI’s Handlers And Their Flunkies Are Finished – As In OZ, You Had The Power All Along

This whole targeted individual program is nothing but a psyop, a fraud and a pack of bullies.  The people who are running this program know it is all a psyop are they know the people in this program as TI’s are standing up to them and being loud about it.
 This is a wonderful thing to see. Sure they could kill me or any one or two of us, but they wont because they have no authority.  In other words, they can’t kill us because people are watching.  Holding death over our heads is their big psyop.  They rely on the fact that we will see overwhelming force and walk like cattle towards our slow death.  What if we don’t go for that?  What if we all just said “We take our lives back”.  You handlers and your toady followers are morons and we no longer recognize your coercive authority over us.  Basically, for this to work, you must be resigned to the fact that they might kill you.  They can and always could kill you at any time.  The threat of killing us has been the source of their ultimate godlike power.  But knowing all of what I said, I believe we can take our power back with minimal risk.  We are justified in defying them, because we are right and they are wrong.

The only power they hold is their ability to threaten torture us to death and that is no kind of life anyway.  They are morons and they have nothing to back them up but smoke and mirrors.  The NSA and other agencies are reeling from the NSA spying scandal.  It is time to hit them hard when they are vulnerable and weak. They have no authorization to use death as an ultimate punishment.  We are standing up to them.  I say go ahead and kill me because I refuse to be bullied anymore.  When TI’s start telling the handlers this on a large scale, the program will fall apart.  Realize that you have power over others and for whatever reason others may be influenced by what you do or say.  You may never realize it or hear about it.  Also, showing the cowardly jackals that we are standing up to them will make them fearful and make them run like rats for the exits.  Remember that these IDIOTS are more like a mob than an army.  They have power in numbers but they have a loose structure and weak leaders.  If you keep your fear in check, they will loose respect for the handler and the structure will fall apart fast.  They expect easy money, and a retreating and fearful TI.  Make it as hard as you can.  Turn the tables and psyops them.  Engage them in conversation, because it will ruin their day.  They are more afraid of you then you are of them.  They come prepared for a one act play (gas-lighting or psyops) and you talk to them and bring it into a second act to through them off and ruin their day.

  You must resolve yourself and be defiant.  The people up the line do not have the authority to say to these handlers, go ahead and kill the TI if he/she won’t do what they are supposed to.  The handlers have no authority over us but their threat of torture and we are already getting that.  I say we don’t recognize their coercive authority.  We are calling your bluff.  Go ahead and kill me now if you have the guts.  The truth is they won’t kill you.  They may step up the torture for a few days but they will not kill.  These flunkies would not be allowed to kill.
If they were going to kill you they would call an assassin in to do the job.  They would have done that already.  Even if they wanted to do that they could only do it for one or two, but not thousands.  They are sucking wind and they know it.  THEY ARE DONE.

It is a hard thing for TI’s to do because it is stepping out onto trust in yourself and your beliefs.  But notice that they haven’t killed you yet.  For all the times you thought they would it turned out to be psyops.  Some of us have died and some of us couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide.  But the only thing these people have is the fact that they are bullies and their threats of violence.  It is only a matter of how much time you want to give them.

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