The Targeted Individual Takedown Program aka SLAVERY AND THE WAR ON CIVIL SOCIETY

The author  of this is  @XKeyscore1 on Twitter aka Dr. X on Youtube
I copied the text here because I think it is accurate and well thought out.

(1) #DHS #FBI #JTTF force an individual to fight for their life once they have been watch-listed. Death-threat e-mails, vandalism, break-ins, slander, hacked accounts, stolen mail, stalking, harassment, assaults & battery

They unleash a panoply of criminal acts on the “target.”
(2) They approach all family members, friends, neighbors and fellow church-goers, flash their “License-to-Kill” National Security Letters and then begin to take down the target who is usually oblivious to the onset of this federally-funded, criminal tsunami.
(3) Recently-arrived immigrants are assisted with vehicle leases, immigration/naturalization issues and compensated via home/vehicle repairs and gift cards (not traceable) if they agree to “assist” #DHS #FBI #JTTF #InfraGard with “maintaining public safety.”
(4) The whole #FISA and use of #NSL’s is the biggest #Racketeering operation in the history of the United States. I refer to it as “Parasitic Crony Capitalism” and the “National Security Racketeering Network.

This parasitic, underground, economic ecosystem ….
(5) is sadistic, diabolic and constitutes domestic #terrorism (per #DoD definition) and crimes against humanity. The United States in serious need for its own Nuremberg-style trials.

The crimes committed thru #ThreatFusionCenters, like those run by #BrianMoran .@VaPSHS ….
(6) will defy the logic of the population, once this domestic #terrorism has been revealed to the public. And one day #BrianMoran it will.

Retired #FBI #DHS #DEA #NSA own what are referred to as “Private Intel Agencies.” Not only do they receive a federal pension, but they ….
(7) enrich themselves at the cost of thousands of innocent American lives per year.

This is a “Soft Kill” Program. Strip a watch-listed individual of all of their assets, destroy their reputation, flash #NSLs to friends, family, fellow gym members and at church.
(8) The goal is to clandestinely destroy the “target.” Ruin his/her health & drive them out onto the street.

#FBI’s #InfraGard will enter the target’s workplace, flash an #NSL, label the individual as a “Potential Terrorist,” or “Threat to Public Safety” and proceed to even …
(9) sever the individual’s ability to generate an income.

And the disgusting thing is that these thugs are sadistic.

They enjoy hurting people. Street-level harassment is often followed by gloating and threatening e-mails & text messages which recount specific acts of ….
(10) violence, vandalism or other public attacks.

.@SecNielsen whom I have addressed several times, but have never received an answer from, experienced one of these terrifying attacks herself.

Kirstjen, some of us deal with these types of assaults several times a day ….
(11) on the taxpayer dime.

#DHS refers to their citizen “minders” as “Surveillance Role Players.” or #SRPs. (Google It).

These individuals are engaged what the #FBI calls “Managed Aggression.”

Now once again “Managed Aggression” when done repetitively, constitutes ….
(12) domestic #terrorism as per #DoD definition.

These groups constitute aggressive civilian militias and are “overseen” by the aforementioned “Private Intel Agencies” who are in turn, relayed “Target (watch-listed American) Location” through #ThreatFusionCenters.
(13) After #InfraGard #FBI or Local LE rolls in to warn an entire neighborhood, store, gym or church that you are a “Danger to the Public” or a “Threat to Public Safety,” they send in the Surveillance Role Players to #BirdDog (2016 Election-type Aggression) the “target” in ….
(14) public places, in order to an elicit a response.

Imagine being a watch-listed individual and having a total stranger walk up and reference your personal information; a medical issue, a private family matter or anything else

#ThreatFusionCenters …
(15) provide the Private Intel Agencies and Local LE (Attn; @fairfaxcounty) with access to all of the “target’s” communications, so that they may be used against him/her in a provocative fashion.

This system is being abused to destroy the lives of many innocents en masse ….
(16) under “color of law.”

Attempting to resolve this through any type of legal channels, only results in more violence against the whistle-blower.

Attorneys are often compromised and threatened, should one attempt to retain counsel, usually after a retainer has been paid.

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  1. To whom it may concern :

    I already have a private investigator and lawyer working on my behalf. I am just following up on my electronic harassment and trying my best to make sure my neighbor don’t get in trouble by giving hints. I am a positive asset to my community and trying to remain in good faith . Please feel free to reach out as I have officers actively securing my location. I can be reached at+18572879101

    • I suggest you start a website and name your perpetrators and that means the police too. Look on my website how I name the county sheriff and the district attorney. The attacks on TI’s is orchestrated from the Fusion Center in your state who tells the contractors what to do and gives lucrative dr. Mengele like Nazi death camp experiments on people. This is Treason and you should use that word when referring to them. All you would be doing is telling the truth. calling them out in public works … some call it public humiliation. They would censor themselves due to the cops code which says dont tell on any cop. You must do it, but it is up to you.

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