The Silent Holocaust and the death of Targeted Individual #TI Susan Watkins

I was reading about the death of Targeted Individual #TI Susan Watkins

I was just thinking about the concept of suicide and what would drive one to suicide.  I believe the torture that these handlers dish out is enough to drive one to suicide.  For instance, right now my intestines are being radiated with ELF.  ELF makes the nerves numb and non functional.  For instance my hands are sometimes ELF’d and they freeze and do not respond to commands to move in any way.  My tail bone and the ends of my toes are being ELF’d and these things are very painful and uncomfortable, making living a kind of night mare, except that I am awake.  I can’t get away from these signals really and am at the mercy of the current handler.  Unless you know what these people are like, It’s hard to appreciate exactly what I am saying.

These handlers are relentless:

Activists are targeted as a result of the emerging police states efforts to limit dissent