The Psychopath Handler As An Artist Of Pain With TI As His Canvas

The psychopathic people torturing me are using both microwaves and infrasonic beam weapons.  The beam is used like the handler would poke an animal with a stick.  I have non visible bruises all over my arms and some on my legs.  It feels like I have been worked over with a ball peen hammer.  I have held fast though and have not broken yet.  There is a big push to break me right now.
 Everything including organized stalking and electronic torture has increased.  Handlers and organized stalkers live at the senior apartment complex where I live.   9240 2nd AVE SW, Seattle WA 98106.  There are other targeted individuals who know they are targeted and also, many who do not know they are targeted.  I can only guess that America has a population makeup similar to where I live, with similar TARGETING of citizens.  How long will it take before Targeted Individuals (TI’s) are recognized and the torture (“WE DON’T TORTURE” — President Obama) is stopped.

When I use the term BREAK, I mean the cliff that the handlers are forcing TI’s toward.  This is not a normal psychotic break, or is it.  People can only take so much torture and this is real torture, just like the enhanced interrogation techniques.  I can tell you that this torture is both physical and psychological and is indeed intense and real.  For many TI’s, whether they know it or not, they are heading toward their first or a subsequent synthetic PSYCHOTIC BREAK.   I would imagine that the TI population would mimic society as a whole and that a certain number of people will have a true psychotic break.  How they will react during this break is unknown, but if their handlers have any say in this, they are trying to drive the TI crazy and have the TI run to the police or cause themselves to be committed to a psychiatric facility.  Actually, if the TI does something crazy and winds up in a psychiatric facility it is termed a SUCCESS by the handlers and their psychopathic superiors.  This is all paid for by your tax dollars, by the way.

Depending on the person being tortured, the break will come sooner or later.  Is it going to be a psychotic break as defined by psychiatrists.  If so it is a clue of what is to happen in the future based on what has happened in the past.  Will it be a synthetic psychotic break and what will be the outcome?  Time will only tell, but if the past is any indication, you only have to do the math to find out what percentage will be “SHOOTERS ON THE SHELF”.  I got the following video link from youtube MK-Ultra, CIA Mind Control & Brain Washing to Make Assassins“.
I watched the video and notice that it is apparently very possible to  create shooters on a shelf according to the MKULTRA programming.  I am sure the psychopaths who designed the current program are aware of this fact, or are they…!?  After all it is the results that count even though it does look more like weapons research than mind control.

Things seem to be turning towards truth, since the  Arron Alexis shooting and NSA scandal.  People are listening at least and are just taking in the information and I am content with that.  We have been busy with our concern for terrorists and didn’t realize we were loosing our rights as citizens.  Our youth have now been exposed to and now accept that psychopaths are torturing American Citizens to death.  Some join in, some play the “Knock Out Game”, while most are probably wondering why our Government does nothing to help the people who are dying from torture that we officially deny.  Please do not let yet another generation go under this pall of insensitivity.  History is being made and peoples legacies are being cast in the stone of inaction.  Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.

Psychopaths can see that something is happening and have increased the torture in attempt to hide the evidence.  But like a bloody murder scene, it gives itself away.  Waiting kills.

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