The Private Contractor Handler As A Torture/Kill Technology Specialist

The tachycardia induced by the ELF weapon is done to me at a rate of about once every 5 to 10 seconds.   When the ELF weapon is imposed on the heart, the energy and frequency shift impose a morbid change in heart function, i.e. to stop beating normally because the normal signal is perturbed or interrupted.  At that point, the heart goes in to tachycardia momentarily, at which time the morbid ELF signal is removed.  If the ELF signal were to remain, death would ensue.

However, death is not what the handler bosses had in mind for these experiment victims.  A bunch of unexplainable and suspicious deaths would draw a lot of unwanted attention.  These psychopaths are smarter than that and of course they could kill instantly at any time, but they don’t want unexplainable and traceable deaths, but they do want to finesse the deaths so that they can eliminate enemies quietly and without detection (even by the target).  They want to determine the morbidity effects of slow kill or soft kill  (google these), so they can continue to carry out these atrocities over a long time frame.  This will give them the data and hone their skills in an ever improving slow kill and torture methods program development.  There objective is to cause deaths yes, but they want the deaths to be undetectable from normal deaths due to natural causes, e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer, organ failure, etc..

Now, this ELF attack on the heart is done for annoyance and fear induction to the target.  Of course it causes physical and psychological stress and trauma, but they want to see what it does over a long period of time.  ELF waves cause the nerves to tire, weaken and become numb with continued soft exposure.  So repeated attacks on the heart may not result in death from this type of attack, but then again it may.  The reason is because the heart muscle is becoming stressed, the nerves are becoming more numb and the signals to the heart are becoming weaker the longer this type of tachycardia attack lasts.  For example, my handler has attacked my hand with ELF waves so that my hand was frozen into a type of charlie horse claw like spasm in the position it was when the ELF attack came, making it impossible and very painful to move my hand and even open my fingers  Also I am continually getting ELF induced charlie horse’s in my legs and feet.  The handlers are even careful to try to make these attacks seem like a normal charlie horse that lasts for an hour or more!  They are experimenting with it because they don’t know the long term effects.  I am a lab animal for them to test what happens.  Check out the Air Force (DEBR) Directed Energy Bioeffects Research contract awarded April of 2013

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These people are transparent to me by this time, yet they keep trying the same old STUPID techniques.  I don’t believe I can be too alarmist in telling you how dangerous I believe these people are, living amongst us as they are.  Think of despicable people who would experiment on or murder anyone if given money for doing so.  They have no conscience, are not sorry for anything they do EVER and believe they are above the law because it only applies others due to an over inflated self importance.  The number of these people (handlers not psychopaths) is in the hundreds of thousands who are doing this private contractor handler work now.   Police used to keep them in check before when jail used to be a deterrent for them.  Many new sociopaths have developed secondary psychopathic traits due to exposure to this morbid life style and also their exposure to other predatory psychopaths and also BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT CONDONES AND FACILITATES THIS TYPE OF MORBID BEHAVIOR WITHOUT BOUNDARIES OR SUPERVISION.  It is now carrying over into racketeering and Human Trafficking RICO type felonies.

Now, continuing on with the slow kill process I was talking about, think of a subtle attack on the heart, so that ELF wave signals to the heart weaken and degrade its structure over a relatively short period of time (hours or days), the longer the attacks on the heart continue.  Eventually the signal will become weakened rendering the heart muscle to eventually be unable to regain its normal beat and so it continues with the tachycardia resulting in death.  I believe this is called NSA heart attack or it should be.  Think of it as a kind of slowly induced heart attack that would appear to a physician as death from natural causes.  THIS IS CONSIDERED A SUCCESS!!  Think like a psychopath for a moment.  You want to know what the ideal length time between  ELF attacks would be to put upon a human being that would result in a death that could not be traced back to the source, but would considered death from natural causes.   Again, more deaths would be considered a success.  The psychopaths goal like terminology would be to effect increased kill ratio.

What I am also trying to get across to you that the NSA has hired these handlers as technician like murders, in effect.  These people are thugs who would take cash payments to kill innocent citizens IN THEIR HOMES.  Technology has advanced to the point where experimentation has been taken out of the laboratory and put into the home.  WE HAVE HIRED KILLERS PAYED BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO RANDOMLY SELECT AND STALK PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO EFFECT AND HASTEN THEIR DEATHS.  THE SECONDARY OBJECTIVE IS CONTINUOUS AND PROGRESSIVE IMPROVEMENT ON TECHNIQUES TO DO SO MORE EFFICIENTLY.  Do you see what I am telling you.  Don’t think that they are doing this to people who have done something wrong.  Probably it started out that way, but now they need sheer numbers and people are selected more at random to test over a wide spectrum of society.

These thugs are not targeting you yet because they have not been given cash payments to focus on you yet.. maybe.  You would not even know if they had started on you yet, because they start out the surveillance covertly and imperceptibly and methodically.  I estimate that I had been under surveillance years before their targeting became overt and turned to torture and personal destruction.  This is all testing that they felt was necessary for these new directed energy weapon (DEW) systems.  You must understand that DEW systems are at the point in their development where it is like a sea change Paradigm  shift.  To give you a comparison, it is like the change from the time of bows and arrows with the advent of gunpowder.

Think of all the testing that was done on atomic weapons systems including the human experimentation done with ionizing radiation effects on the body with the advent of the atomic age.  Do you realize that the US did not need to drop the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  They surely didn’t need to drop the second one on Nagasaki.  It was to test the effects from the blast to morbidity on humans.  Then there was all the testing done on unwitting solders and civilians after world war II.  The DOD is worried about using untested weapon systems on people outside the US.  They want to use the weapon systems on US citizens first to learn about capabilities and morbidity effects.  US agencies contributed MKULTRA and now Mind Control Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  Now it can be seen that this is the new future for Human Trafficking and exploitation of human beings can be called MKTrafficking.  This comes complete with virtual cages with immediate feedback loops.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TELLING YOU?  That would make handlers the enforcers for their corporate bosses or whoever is in control.  The technology will work over the internet anywhere in the world.

Actually, I think this is a sign of the times, like police militarization, the on purpose housing crisis by greedy bankers, Off Shoring, predatory capitalists who put profits over people, etc.  This is fascism in its most morbid form.  This has resulted in the American people being looked at as the enemy.  We have all the military industrial complex infrastructure and the people have become averse to war, so the threat reduction is directed inward and the spying turned to a collect it all mentality, because technology has developed to the point where they can do it easily.  Psychopaths never need a reason to come to inhumane conclusions.  it only has to make sense to them.  Just look at the signals intelligence used to target a cell phone for a drone attack because it is easier and they don’t have boots on the ground at the moment. Because it is easier becomes the norm, because it makes sense to the psychopath dammit.  It is the same logic as putting profits over people.  See how predatorilly it worked to privatize schools and hospitals.  Life has in effect become cheap.  We no longer live in a functional democracy where people care for each other.