The people must wake up because the STATE is now committed to full take over of America and the world

My name is James F Lico and I have a bachelors in Computer Science and an associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and an associate in Biology, which I tell here because I am going to talk about a controversial subject (counter narrative). Maybe some others would talk bs about this but I am for the most part right on target, but if you dont agree, then call me out on it. Take note that when talking about neighbors I mean neighbors in general of TI’s everywhere during the time this targeting has been done to people and that is a lot of neighbors over a long period of time and is not singling out anyone.


How could anyone give an experimental vaccine to a child?  This is child abuse and only a fully informed volunteer should take an experimental vaccine.  The child was virtually immune to the disease.  You people need to wake the fuck up! You are allowing healthy children to be gunnea pigs to test their vaccine POISON.

In retrospect of being targeted with Directed Energy Weapons, I have discovered that I was taken as a Biomedical Test SLAVE when I was a child.  I feel so angry that the Government would do this and then destroy lives and kill victims, that I will probably do this while I have breath.  I will at least do this until the current perpetrators are sentenced by the courts to life in prison or worse.  

So I ask them what could go wrong with shooting your neighbors with directed energy weapons (DEW’s) and then telling everyone that they are crazy.  For the folks that dont know, it isnt such a good idea to murder your neighbors with DEW even if the Dept of JUST-US is helping. It is also SLAVERY and Organized Crime and is covered under the RICO ACT.   Maybe it used to be easier to kill your neighbors, but this one is going to be one hard tough nut. Imagine a contractor doing this to a child.  It destroyed their whole life and brought them to a living grave.  This is what the garbage big life I am dealing with who would take killing people with DEW as a job. ANSWER: ONLY A DUMBED DOWN STUPID MORON WOULD TAKE KILLING PEOPLE AS A JOB!   They actually think they are spies.  Well I know there are a lot of bold spies, but I bet their are a lot more patriotic people who dont think American Law Enforcement should be involved in ENSLAVING THE CITZENS FOR MONEY.  Then these morons think they can torture me to keep me from telling the truth.  Dont they know that death is not the worst thing that can happen. ANSWER: NO they think that torture is the answer..  Also fighting for your life and country as a slave is probably the most noble thing one can do. Also defending yourselves as rats on a sinking ship is one of the most embarrassing and depressing things anyone could do. These contractors need to wake the fuck up or get some guidance from SHERIFF JOHN WARD OF CURRY COUNTY OREGON. That is if he can wake up himself.

One thing you dont want to do is allow the military to divide and conquer your neighborhood right before they crash the economy and kill the power grid with a CYBER PANDEMIC.  The people doing this trust the FBI like a GOD and would follow any order no matter how heinous, inhuman or stupid.  I dont know what kind of life philosophy the Deep State people have who are  perpetrating this abomination of STATE CONTROL Over INASIVELY BRAIN INTERFACE CONTROLLED SLAVES have although I suspect that it is Statist Dominations and they worship the Military and Medical Industrial Complex.  I am declaring that I have done nothing to warrant being taken as a SLAVE at any point in my life and I will PRE-CONDEMN anyone who agrees with taking Children or actually anyone at all as slaves.  It is the Intelligence Community (CIA FBI DHS) are the ones who like using people as SLAVES.

People need to wake up now because as you can read above. Citizens are being taken as Invasively Dominated Brain/Computer Interfaced Slaves.  This is complete control and the person never had a chance.  Although however unfairly dealt with the Brain Controlled citizens are Gaslighted if they find out and then try to deal with their imposed enslavement.

The people must wake up because the STATE is now committed to full take over of America and the world.  They have always been afraid of the people who are waking up.  But now everyone who has even any intelligence is now awake.  Therefore the State has now doubled down on domination.  The Intelligence Community (FBI CIA DHS) has always had allegiance to Corporatism and never had allegiance to the People even though they pay their keep.  Now that all TRUMP SUPPORTERS, Veterans, Alt. Journalists, Activists, Patriots etc. have been called out as Terrorists, it is apparent that all these groups are TARGETED DISSIDENT Enemy’s of the STATE.

    ALL DISSIDENTS WILL BE UNDER INVASIVE RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKING!! This is Directed Energy Surveillance where RADAR on your NEURAL IMMAGE in your brain, Tracks and Surveilles your every move.  You are Tracked Traced and Databased and YOU CANNOT SHAKE IT NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY.  This technology is very sophi8sticated and has been in use since at least the mid 1970’s.  THINK…The operator can hear and see what you see and hear and it changes everything!
  •  DISSIDENTS will all be the first to be CULLED, so whether they get you now or they get you later you now know it will happen to you.
  • Now is the time to look yourself in the mirror and decide which side you are on.
  • The choices are with the PEOPLE or TRAITORS
  • Do not think you can play both sides. Only Insiders can play both sides.  You are dealing with Intelligence agencies who are used to taking people over and used to winning. They will break you and Cull you.  They have always killed off the people who helped them gain superiority over others.

It will be found that the IC, (FBI CIA etc.) are using surveillance tracking radar on activists. If you are an activist there is a good chance that you are on a list as a DISSIDENT and Enemy Of The State. What is their philosophy when it comes to surveillance: Answer: COLLECT IT ALL!
I know about the Radar Tracking because of the invasive form of targeting I am under and in addition I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and Associate in Biology.  All Activists are being tracked.  Watch your neighbors for signs of their comings and goings from a surveillance job tracking you. The FBI Fusion Center pays well for Treason by neighbors. Tell your neighbors to avoid being tempted to be TRAITORS, because otherwise they will be responsible for TREASON.  There is no sunset for TREASON and WAR CRIMES.
These IC agencies are not on the side of the people and have always been on the side of Globalists and Corporations. They are all making the decisions to collapse society, cause famine and destabilize society.  Bear in mind that their plans include depopulation by 90%.  It includes removal of humans from the wild lands and ushering humans into a mega city where the populous can be tracked traced and data based.  There will be no need to forcibly move people to the city, since they will be burned out of their homes forcing them to relocate to safety and they will have no recourse.

The temptation is to keep doing what you have been doing but it is time to think long and hard about that.  DONT BE A TRATOR!

NOTE WELL:: in normal operation, the FBI Contractors will not kill you or injure you.  They will attempt to guide you through a psyop to commit suicide.

Note Well::  The FBI Contractors are merely the hands of a researcher who is back at a University lab somewhere.  They follow orders and do the dirty work of the researcher in charge of me as their project, who has an agenda and so the contractors do not make up any of the procedures. Therefor someone is in charge of and running the skinner box experiment being perpetrated on me now.  This is pain on standing up to force suicide.