The multi-ethnic ‘POGROM’ comes to America and its called CTTL

The multi-ethnic ‘POGROM’ comes to America and its called CTTL

A pogrom is a violent riot (may be clandestine) aimed at massacre or persecution of an ethnic or religious group, particularly one aimed at Jews. The term originally entered the English language to describe 19th- and 20th-century attacks on Jews in the Russian Empire (mostly within the Pale of Settlement in present-day Ukraine and Belarus and America).  Similar attacks against Jews at other times and places also became retrospectively known as pogroms. The word is now also used to describe publicly sanctioned purgative attacks against non-Jewish ethnic or religious or non religious unaffiliated groups.  In America it is called CTTL.

Ever since the corporations took control of our country.  Oh didn’t you hear about that?   Right after the World Trade Centers came down the corporations began writing our laws for America cutting out the middle men.  They call it Fascism don’t you know.   The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) remember hearing about those.  Remember the secret TPP negotiations?  It was a secret because the peoples input was not needed nor wanted.

Has anyone noticed that as a targeted individual they are getting burns on their bodies and hit with tiny microscopic chemical pieces that stings like a bee and itches a lot.  This should be getting worse now because we are in the dehumanization process now.  I am getting a lot of this painful stinging stuff.  I notice it around my face and neck mostly, But other sensitive places too.  I recognize this as an old friend bringing back fond memories of when I was attacked with this chemical as a new Targeted Individual (TI). It’s the kind of torture that personalizes the whole NO TOUCH TORTURE (NTT) experience and adds a touch that screams “MORON” in the language of each country that made a secret deal US spy agencies.  Why… I got my first big skin infection with this chemical during an illegal incarceration and who can forget the many showers trying to stop the itching. It makes me want to dedicate a hole day just for the handler. We could call it handler hole day. It’s a day when all True Americans would gather in their own homes together to ask each other why someone would seek out a job hurting or killing their fellow citizens in their own homes remotely.  They would laugh and laugh because for the life of them, no one would be able to think of one single reason why anyone in their right and sane mind would take a job hurting and or killing people in their own homes. Isn’t that a nice ending.  You see, it has been made a capital offense to hurt or kill people for money in their homes or any where else for that matter even if a corporate authority figure boss says to. Why it’s almost D-ja-vue because didn’t we just think it was only yesterday that we thought it was a capital offense to hurt or kill people in their own homes for money no less, job or no job. We thought it was like that still and it never changed.  But somehow the meme did change and quick like a bunny it was somehow and mysteriously okay to hurt and or kill people in their own homes.  That is when it took mass arrests and many executions later to get that feeling back.  But we did get that feeling back, don’t we?

I long for the day when we can grab our favorite hunting rifle on opening day of ass whole season with no bag limit.  That day is coming and on that day I will dance on the handlers ceremonial earth monument like nobody is watching OR It’s Better To Die Standing Than Live On Your Knees.  Sung to the tune of give me liberty or give me death.



Dedicated to my son Gregory and my Daughter Kristine who will own my handlers houses and all their property including their prized PickUp Trucks with the blacked out windows.
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3 thoughts on “The multi-ethnic ‘POGROM’ comes to America and its called CTTL”

  1. Your frustration is showing James, as it does with all of us TI’s. As you pointed out so succinctly; what’s it going to take to stop this criminal, immoral, fascist, unconstitutional terrorism against innocent Americans (and those living in other countries the DoD has shared their technology with)?

    Personally, I share your frustration 100%. Unlike many TI’s, I know where several of the perps who are attacking my family and friends live. This puts them at great, great, risk, wouldn’t you think?

    Our time will come James. In the meantime, the perps should know we will NOT march silently to the “ovens”.

    Stay strong…

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