The Invisible War and Targeted Individuals

I am giving you this information not because I think I can save myself, but because I think that smart people will use it to figure out what is going on and eventually stop it.
 I will not tell about things I cannot prove or exaggerate anything to get others to believe it.  I have undergrad degrees in biology, electronics engineering technology and computer science and work experience to back it up.  I see myself as a soldier fighting in a war.  I could keep silent and live longer, but I do this to help others because certainly it is much harder on me the way I am reporting what I know to you.  I will certainly be killed for that.  They will kill me when I become an immediate threat to them, as surely as I receive extra torture now for telling you this.  For now they think no one will believe me.

 This crap has gone on for years and may go on for many more until people want to stop it.  America is a pre-fascist society like pre-war Germany.  Hopefully the people will wake up before it goes as far as Hitler took Germany.

These miscreants can kill me any time they like and they don’t want me to testify against them in court.  All levels don’t want the lower levels alive if their plans go south.  In that way it is similar to racketeering criminal enterprise, because murder is involved.  This will be ugly when people try to stop it.  Incidentally, the people doing this do not believe it can be stopped.  You will have to convince them.

The people doing this may be your neighbors and people you work with and are familiar with, however they are the enemy and must be treated like the enemy.  They are perpetrating social control through mind control and murder through the use of directed energy weapons trained on those who defy their leaders.  Are your leaders the same as these miscreants leaders?  Some are and some aren’t, you will need to find out.  They are domestic terrorists and must be put away at all costs, they are criminals.  Do not forget this.

Today I am being attacked by my psychopathic handler who is giving me traumatic injuries using an infrasonic beam weapon to the following areas.  It is possible the beam is scalar energy, which is a new concept to me and I am not sure of how the technology works, I just know that it does.
todays traumatic injuries are to my:
right hand
right thumb joint
left above the knee joint
left foot right above the 4th metatarsophelangeal joint.
The beam that is used goes through just about anything and is adjusted to resonate with the body part they want to damage and so it passes through other tissue without harm.
The result of these attacks is to cause inflammation and impair nerves.

These injuries are made to appear similar to afflictions like bone and joint disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia or anything that a doctor would diagnose as an affliction they see every day.  I believe they are partly made to make me elect suicide as a way out.  There is always the question of what to do with the experiment victims after the experiment is over.  They now have the answer, but they want the victims to make it easy for them and I for one will not do it.  I will make it as hard as I possibly can including neutralization.  Also, if I die then the heart attack or stroke that will probably cause that death will be diagnosed as normal, even though it was induced by my handler.  You must know that the final outcome of this control is death.  They can kill me or anyone at any time.  They are under orders to make it look like an NSA SUICIDE, that is natural causes or self inflicted suicide when examined by a doctor.  Giving up on putting up with daily torture causes many to take their own lives.  Also, mass shooters have come from the mind control victims.

It is my belief that the purpose for this is weapons testing in addition to the social or mind control, however the people doing this to me are psychopaths.  They are just having fun torturing people and really enjoy their work.   There are tens of thousands of them.  For every TI, there are three handlers to cover 24 hours (three shifts).  Many of the people at lower levels are scared to death of these people and are afraid that they will be attacked if they don’t submit.

They are playing god and believe they have the right to play god.  In addition it may be that one of my handlers is living with his mother (his words) in apt. 405D.  He is in his mid twenties and came down to my apartment to ask why I banged on the ceiling.   I banged on the ceiling because this miscreant is pounding on the floor above which I can hear in my apartment.  This pounding noise is made at all hours of the day and night.  It is yet another of their psyops harassment schemes. If you can’t imagine how this could happen, just wait and don’t do anything. They will get around to you.

The people who are working with these scum bags (low level) are told to say they hear the pounding noise too, yet they do nothing about it.  I am expected to believe that someone is making a deep bass type of pounding noise as though someone is walking heavily above me.  I can’t do anything about it then, so I live with it for now and bide my time.  Everything they do to me is an experiment for which my reaction is measured including my respiration and heart rate.  One important thing I have noticed from the many places I lived with this targeting and the local handlers who go along with it is that they do not believe I will be able to do anything to them.  I think it is just stupid bravado and peers who assure them.  They are very macho and have a mob mentality and mob justice.  If anyone does anything to them it will come as a big surprise to them.  As everyone knows, psychopaths think they are invincible as a permanent part of their distorted self image.

Pointing out their little psyops gets the point across but it does not express to you the enormity of the problem.  I have mentioned before that many people are targeted and don’t know they are targeted or they are accessed intermittently.  The reason I think this is because others are accessed with an electrolytic chemical these people use to facilitate a connection to their radar beam.  They disperse this chemical through a process which I believe is chemical vapor deposition via their microwave beam weapon.  The people who are accessed with this chemical have constricted pupils or pin point pupils.

People need to realize that the people in charge of this are in our government.  They gave control of these weapons over to the justice department and control from their is given to the local communities.  Is the real power taken by a few elites who distribute it as they see fit or is control with homeland security?  I don’t know but the people at the working level have some kind of a security clearance and are working for a private company or corporation.  They have access to NSA type electronics and hacking tools on a national if not global scale.

This is a political issue and is global in scope.  I believe that these weapons have been disbursed globally to all countries.  However I don’t know if the people running these countries are all in on this.  It may be that the decision to perpetrate this crime has been done by rogue elements of the government.  Transference of the Directed Energy Weapons that have blanketed our nation over to the justice department and then to local groups and corporations had to be at a high level or this crime would have been noticed.

The funding for this targeting scam has to come from somewhere and they don’t want any hard questions asked in congress.  I believe that funding for these miscreants comes from black budgets and contracts like the Air Force (DEBR) testing of high power DE weapons on humans and animals.  I think the Air Force is one of the deep pockets who are able to through related contracts to fund this targeting.  If I was a reporter, I would be all over this Air Force contract.  There is no way they can find volunteers because it is a nightmare of RISK, if todays rules are followed for human experiment volunteers.  NO… They will do the research on Humans and Animals under the terms of the contract remotely using new or existing non-consensual human test subjects.  Is this really what we want to do in a civilized society?

Here is the listing for the Air Force Contract awarded April 2013

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