Request To Add Sensible Preliminary Investigation To Avoid Perception Of Corruption

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In some of my blog posts I document my abuse with electromagnetic weapons via No Touch Torture, by giving times, dates and what is happening such like the following real example:   7:50pm on Christmas eve and my handler is hurting my penis with a resonance weapon as part of anon going 24/7 torture regimond.  I am asking every man and woman if this is what you want to have happen to innocent citizens in America or anywhere for that matter.   These weapons are lethal and barbaric to torture people with.  Apparently it is okay for psychopaths to use ‘see through wall’ technology to attack citizens in their homes.

I am a 63 year old man who is not guilty of any crime and in fact I have worked all my life only to be designated as a targeted individual by a corrupt government to be used for target practice for benefit of the military industrial complex.

I have college degrees in computer science, biology and electronics engineering technology with paid work experience in each field. I have worked in research and am fully qualified to make educated observations about the technology that is used to control thousands of what are called Targeted Individuals.  I am a man and not a test animal for use by the state and then to be disposed of after usefulness is exhausted.  There is big money in the subjugation, human trafficking for experimentation and final elimination of human beings who make the corporate state nervous.  You must understand that psychopaths have wanted to be able to eliminate their enemies and now they have found a way to do it without arousing suspicion.  In addition I need to stress, this is not only a scare tactic, but life sentence ending terminal experimentation.   People are being used among other things to test the new Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on for effectiveness via a 49M Air Force Contract called Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR).  This is one of the reasons TI’s are complaining of torture,  because on several levels, actual irradiation to the point of pain is called for in the test procedures carried out by the Private Contractor Handlers and the researchers.  People are being harassed to the point of torture with these weapons.

You must realize that these Directed Energy weapons are the harbinger of a new paradigm in military weaponry.  We are at a demarcation point now, similar to the point in history when gunpowder made the ‘bow and arrow’ obsolete.   Think of that for a moment and you will realize why the level of secrecy is so great.   We know that the military and especially the spy agencies are good at keeping secrets.  But secrecy has just about run its course for several reasons.

  • Multiple super power nations are and have been developing the same weapons
  • These weapons are not developmental, but state of the art technology
  • These weapons in production and being used in wars and conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Most importantly, these weapons are being used on American Citizens covertly

The time for secrecy is over because the CIA especially has been doing research with MIND CONTROL or PSYCHOTRONIC research using these DEW weapons.  This is nothing new because the CIA has been doing Mind Control research to influence peoples decisions and break their will for years.  The most extreme forms of this are the CIA’s constant quest to make a science out of breaking one person or a nation of peoples will so that they will tell all secrets and obey any command.  We have insight into CIA motives and actions by observing what they did historically.   We already know about the illegal and abusive human experimentation the CIA perpetrated on the American public from horrific research uncovered from MKULTRA and 149 subprojects perpetrated on the American people.  The CIA did experiments on children to turn them into manchurian candidates for example.  The goals of the CIA has always been the deception, manipulation and coercion of people.  This why over a thousand NAZI scientists were covertly Infiltrated by Operation Paperclip after World War II into American corporations and Universities.  The Germans had been doing terminal human experimentation on the jewish people and had already done the ground breaking research into MIND CONTROL and the CIA coveted not only the information Hitlers scientists uncovered, but continuation of their research with the very same scientists and the very same methods of abuse.

The American people have seen only the tip of the iceberg of ritual abuse and in many cases are not even aware of the real extent and the horrific nature of those abuses which are only now coming to light.

and the abuse we know as  Torture of prisoners has culminated in the re-emergence of a new dynamically enhanced version MKULTRA which is done remotely with directed energy for mind control and directed energy weapons for punitive and correctional modification of a persons will.

There is continuing terminal human experimentation on American Citizens now that completely destroys a human beings life to the point where they are destitute.  Their mental perceptions are distorted and controlled and they receive physical torture to modify and reform their will.  They are actually being tortured and harassed to the point where they are completely dependent on their persecutors for guidance.  There is the issue of elimination of test subjects and this is done by driving them to suicide or by inducing heart attack or stroke.  A medical autopsy by a physician will show death by natural causes ending in stroke, myocardial infarction.  Suicide by coercive tactics termed “NSA” suicide.  You can probably see the similarities between abuse and torture of prisoners and American Citizens.  The common theme is completely breaking a person will to the point where they will tell any secret or do anything that is commanded.

We are at the point in this cloak and dagger mystery where we know about the torture and abuse of prisoners in Guantanamo and secret black sites.  We know this torture was done to extract secrets.  Also we know about MKULTRA human experimentation and mind control experimentation.  These are actually related because of the fact that they are both designed for the purpose of total control of a human being.  Now the abuse of American Citizens has gotten to the point where technology has taken experimentation out of the lab and into the home.  The control and abuse is done remotely by an operator on a computer terminal.  The victim can be seen as a thermal image on the handlers screen, his location can be tracked and he can be monitored for heart rate and respiration because of a key two way communication loop.  In addition, a variety of directed energy weapons can be accurately deployed to any part of the target subjects body by the operator/handler.  The targeting and human trafficking of humans for research is very lucrative for corporations for various reasons.  Research can be conducted directly on human beings and not extrapolated from research done on animals. Also some of these weapons may also be considered surgical instruments that may be used noninvasively by skilled surgeons remotely on patients anywhere in the world for the good of mankind.  The CIA just uses it for torture now however.  These energy weapons have gotten into the private sector and can be deployed by corporations or anyone who has access to them.  They are on satellites, cell phone towers and small portable versions which can be easily carried and plugged into regular house current.

  • Targeting and trafficking people is lucrative business because people can be targeted by a corporation if they:
  • are whistleblowers,
  • are vested in the company and are owed a pension,
  • are the spouse of an exiting psychopath,
  • are owed money and threaten to sue
  • drug research can be performed directly on people
  • weapon effectiveness can be done on people
  • surgical procedures can be tested on people
  • the list goes on and on and reeks of corruption.

Also, the implied threat of targeting is enough to elicit fear in the individual to cave under pressures and promise to cease and deist of all legal action in which case targeting is not employed.  They are actually hoping that most negotiators fly under under judicial oversight, which is preferable and do not end up in needing terminal experimentation which is the brute force method and least desirable outcome.

Remember, that this is done as a cost cutting or savings measure, because the 1% say that if you dare question our methods, or threaten to take us to court, then you will may be designated as an enemy of the state.   then you will be targeted.   and be free of any retaliation from the victims.  In effect, it is a way of getting rid of people.  It is an invisible crime because it makes murder into a slow kill process.  The victims life is ruined and driven into poverty while at the same time their mental health is used to incarcerated them when they inevitably try to complain about being tortured to death.  If you think that I, or any of the other tens of thousands of victims of this crime must have done something to deserve this treatment then you are looking at it the wrong way.  This  is a crime of euthanasia and subjugation to in virtual prisons without bars.  There is no need to have death camps like Hitler used because this technology takes experimentation out of the lab and puts it right in the living room of your home if you are targeted.  Are you so sure you won’t get on the wrong side of the corporations or anyone else with the price of a contract on you?  The people of Germany know what is going on here and I wonder why Americans do not.  But if you think that this will never happen to you then I guess there is no problem.  Whoever it happens to, there is a sociopath with a radar beam ready to target.  They are paid good money to do this and take it as a serious job.  Stanley Milgram proved that 66% of the people will blindly follow orders to kill if instructed to by an authority figure.  That authority figure is their boss and these people believe that they are in effect secret agents. The CIA has lied about almost everything to do with surveillance.  Even though MKULTRA never ended and the CIA was guilty for doing human experimentation and trafficking of hundreds of thousands of American Citizens, now they couldn’t be doing it again because it sounds to incredible to believe.  Let me tell you something.  It was too incredible to believe in the 1970’s and in the 1990’s when President Clinton had a fact finding committee and then apologized for torturing and trafficking American Citizens.  But now all of a sudden, it is again too incredible to believe.  The fact is that people are being hurt, people are being tortured and people are being killed.  It may be incredible, but don’t you think it deserves a preliminary investigation to judge the facts instead of blindly taking the CIA’s word for.  President Obamas Bioethics Committee had hearings where hundreds of Targeted Individuals and doctors and authors testified about this abuse going on right now.  The chairman of the Bioethics Committee is not telling President Obama there is anything wrong.  Yet there are thousands of people who all have identical symptoms and complaints, to not at least be curious about ethical violations.  Ms Gutman is so sure of herself that she dismisses all evidence without any investigation.   it that thousands of American Citizens are being tortured?  Isnt it the job of a Bioethics Committee to look into and question reports from the hundreds of testimonials to at least verify there is nothing going on?  Please don’t take my word for it, the testimony is all video recorded for verification.  Listen and watch this video featuring targeted individuals and doctors giving testimony about these abuses.   See if you would say there should or should not be an investigation.


this crime is as much a deterrent to people expressing the rights of citizens of the United States as it is a crime against humanity.  We as a people have repudiated the use of torture against enemy combatants, yet we have people protected by all levels of government, torturing a 63 year old man who is just trying to survive. Is this what we have to look forward to in our golden years.  Top secrecy classification protects what is going on so that no one can talk about it.  Yet, what is being protected is crimes against humanity, consisting of torture and in effect murder.  Shouldn’t we err on the side of caution to be sure?  The CIA has a veritable little house of horrors going on and yet people are prevented from talking about it because of secret classification.  Not even Senators or Congressmen can talk about it without fear of prosecution for treason.

I will tell you one thing, if they can do this to me, they can and will do this to anyone who gets in the way.  In case you didn’t know, this is how a Totalitarian State acts against its people with impunity.  This is where it is heading folks.  Psychopaths and sociopaths are training and taking torturing jobs and are in fact torturing people in their homes with directed energy weapons.  NSA Whistleblower William Binney has said there are over a million private contractors in the U.S.. We need to ask why and look into it now.

Your government is paying for this with your tax dollars.  Oh, they are smart enough not to pay directly, but they do it indirectly so it doesn’t require congressional approval.  For instance the U.S. Air Force has a 49M Directed Energy Bio-effects Research (DEBR) contract, won by United Technologies Corp. to test directed energy weapons on People.  They are not following guidelines for human test subjects, but doing the testing remotely on targeted individuals by trafficking TI’s for the private contractors to test and experiment on.  This also keeps them quiet because the contractors keep them in a weakened state so they are not believed even if they do say anything.  I know, it sounds incredible doesn’t it.  Yet the CIA has done this very thing before and found to be guilty.  It is not out of the realm of possibilities that they would do it again if they thought they would not be caught, especially now in the new surveillance and security state where all Americans are guilty before proven innocent.  They are acting with impunity as though they will never be caught.

In addition to the above evidence, Arron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooter and Myron May the FSU shooter have openly claimed to be Targeted Individuals.  These were two professional people who suffered all of the same symptoms and complaints as thousands of other Targeted Individuals.  These shootings add to the ample evidence in favor of an investigation.  After all, no one can say that this will not happen again.  It is only a matter of time before it will happen again.  Torturing someone until their is a psychotic break out is considered a success by the private government contractor handlers.  From what I can see this is done to discredit the targets by getting them to act out so they will be arrested or committed into a mental institution, which is a big part of the program procedure that all TI’s go through.   There should be an investigation on this point alone to determine if there is credibility to the claims.
This targeted individual went to Sweden for an interview on his targeting and died mysteriously about a month later, with his death was deemed due to a heart attack at 45 years of age. He was survived by his wife.

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3 thoughts on “Request To Add Sensible Preliminary Investigation To Avoid Perception Of Corruption”

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  2. A new “handler” has been brought in to work with the primary perp. Since arriving, the RF/microwave. LRAD torture has doubled in strength and frequency. Christmas Eve, I was awakened every two hours with loud music (usually the “Star Spangled Banner”!), bizarre electronic tones, burning sensations on legs and feet, and so forth So exhausted from being kept awake all night, I finally passed out about 10am, and didn’t awake until after 2pm.

    Their mission accomplished (ie, to ruin Christmas for us), they’ve kept right on with it throughout the day. It is now 1am Christmas night/Friday morning. The primary perp live across the road. I have used instruments to verify the signals and their location. He is a Nam vet on “psych disability (according to him). His assistant sounds younger, judging by his voice being transmitted to my left ear along with all the rest of the garbage.

    These people seem to think I will continue to put up with this torture and that of my family and friends. That would be a mistake. I will not, and “breakout” is going to occur soon, one that will eliminate the problem, unless law enforcement does its goddamn job, and quickly.

    In the meantime, I have managed to accrue a pile of great evidence, most of which has been sent out to certain authorities, and others. Was a bit disappointed by Senator Wyden’s response though (sent before accrual of evidence). He said words to the effect he couldn’t do anything to help, because he sat in the Intelligence Committee, and it would be a conflict. My ass. we are constituents, and unless he wants to see us marching and carrying signs at his office, he’d better get on this before people die (the perps have already given two of us heart attacks… neither of us had EVER had coronary problems before either).

  3. Xmas Eve 12-24-14 retired for the evening @ 9:30 P.M. and was awakened by high pitched frequency ringing in the ears approximately 11:30 P. M. and managed to go back to sleep. Once again awakened approximately 2:30 A.M. and still awake at 3:51 A.M. 3:50 A.M. experiencing thermal heating in the head area with what simulates hundreds bee stings on back. 3:54 A. M. Sudden shift in frequency tones in ears. Not sure what to expect from minute to minute. Just a sampling of what I AM experiencing. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

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