The Government is Killing Activists via Million+ Standing Army of FBI Contractors with Directed Energy Weapons MisCharacterized as Surveillance in name of National Security

Hi, my name is James Lico and I am now an activist living in Port Orford Oregon. I am exposing the SECRET STANDING FBI ARMY OF CONTRACTORS who are killing activists all over the world in a global holocaust. Look at my website
The Terrorist Watch Listees are as far as I can see all INNOCENTS.  They are 80%  women, 80% elderly and they present ZERO threat to anyone.  There are no terrorists on the list.  The list is used as a method of telling the FBI contractors who to attack and human traffic for biomedical experimentation in this ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE WHICH IS PART OF THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR.
The terror is done by the FBI, their contractors and other members of the Intelligence Community. Consider:: all of the mass shootings and knifings with few exceptions are perpetrated by the Intelligence Community (IC).  Weather warfare aka GEOENGINEERING is waged against the people to terrorize them because traumatized people are easier to control.  The California fires are perpetrated by the Deep State so stop thinking of it as individual acts of GOD.  Crops were destroyed in the mid west to begin a Famine and food shortage psyops so stop thinking it individual acts of God.  This is a WAR and YOU are the Target, that is if you are normal and want to live a normal life because that paradigm is over.
The weaponry which the FBI contractors use is PSYCHOTRONICS which is also Directed Energy Weapons. This is an extremely invasive surveillance which can see into your homes and see into YOU also. It could be a medical tool to help humanity but is used instead as illegal surveillance and is a SECRET.
The most important aspect of this weaponry, which I want to get across to you is that ::
Targets are tracked with RADAR locked onto their brains and this can be done to anyone they want surveille and see what they are doing or looking at.  For them it is like dialing into a cell phone and this surveillance can be done from anywhere on the internet.
The directed energy weapons (DEWs) are in Weaponized CELL PHONE TOWERS EVERYWHERE.  DEW is in thousands of weaponized satellites and millions of Weaponized Drones which can lock onto and track any target they choose.
Remember that 5G is not a step increase cell phone connection through put.  IT IS A SEA CHANGE IN CAPABILITIES WITH GREATLY INCREASED BANDWIDTH.  The increase in capabilities include the ability to track anything and any BODY in real time just like targets are tracked now with radar tracking their brains in real time.  The internet of things will also be the internet of people who will be tracked with real time surveillance of EVERYTHING.
The FBI contractors can be called useful idiots because they receiving a lot of tax free money and tax free expensive material gifts in compensation for being NATIONAL SECURITY SPIES OR USEFUL IDIOTS FOR THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (IC).  Citizens are recruited as COMMUNITY BASED AGENTS (CBA), WHO ARE ALSO FBI CONTRACTORS.  The CBA’s gather intelligence and do the IC’s bidding.  CBA’s are under a PSYOP where they believe they are SPIES for the FBI and IC.  You may wonder how the CBA’s can be so stupid to do obviously unconstitutional acts for the IC.  They have been compromised and realize that what they are doing is against the law and the constitution but they refocus their responsibility and culpability back onto the FBI who are considered by them to be beyond reproach.  The CBA’s or FBI Contractors act as thought they are mindless ZOMBIES are busy tearing down the fabric of society for the globalists.  USEFUL IDIOTS OR NATIONAL SECURITY MORONS ARE ACCURATE TERMS TO DESCRIBE THEM.    The FBI and CIA  and DHS and other federal organizations are in reality TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS ENGAGING IN ORGANIZED CRIME and are therefor the enemy of the people.
Targets or Threats are tracked by the local FUSION CENTER which is funded by the state where it is located.  Targets on the TERROR WATCH LIST are threats and enemies of the state because the state is afraid of them due to contradicting the POLICE STATES NARRATIVE OF LIES.   It is a fact that a burgening police state will find it necessary to stamp out activism and truth telling and whistleblowing and alternative journalism.  Notice how they put whistleblowers in jail.  Notice how they terrorize journalists who are not on script.  What you dont see is that the National Security is tracking all threats in real time by the FUSION CENTER which is the FBI and State Police.  FUSION centers are weaponized against the people and not for the people.  Remember that your government is afraid of you.
The Intelligence Community is not working for America, it is working for the GLOBALISTS and have been for many years, probably since OPERATION PAPERCLIP which imported NAZI scientists from post war Germany to America to build up the Intelligence Community so they could TAKE OVER AMERICA AND ULTIMATELY THE WORLD.
It is important to note that in the Globalists view, AMERICA MUST BE DESTROYED BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE TOO ENTITLED AND USED TO BEING OVERPAID AND COULD NEVER BE THE MINDLESS COGS IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  There will be a currency RESET which could come at any time.  Also the economy will fail at some time due to what the Intelligence Community has done to destabilize society.
The globalists plan is to reduce the population by 90% and this means kill by whatever means.
Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and the Green New Deal are United Nations conspiracy to take down America and other countries globally.  When you actually read the wording you will see that even though their stated goals to reduce poverty and suffering etc etc, sound nice, the actual wording reveals that the object is to REDUCE THE POPULATION by herding them into MEGA CITIES which will slow kill them.  Notice how the California fires have escalated to mass evacuations.  Now rolling blackouts are putting millions in the dark like a third world country.  Like the targeted individuals, the people affected are REFUGEES who are expending their resources to just to stay alive.  This is a war on the people and we need to wake up and address the problem which is the Intelligence Community and the DEEP STATE (DS).
Most activists have a NATIONAL SECURITY TAP on their COMS.
FBI contractors are remotely connected to computers and smart phones through back doors which the Intelligence Community engineered over time.  You will notice that your connection is sabotaged and seemingly dirty tricks are played with your computer session.  The contractors run CIA dirty trick apps on your devices to slow down your activism.
the Intelligence Community is responsible for impeaching the president and the DEMS are working with them.  The Impeachment is a COUP and a PSYOP on the people to destabilize and traumatize the people.  Also note that the Mainstream media is CIA controlled FAKE NEWS.