The Government Hired Millions of SPIES and Covid Contact Tracers to Surveille And Track Dissidents As Terrorists Both In America And Globally

The people can now see and understand that the Canadian and American truckers for freedom are now called Terrorists by the government.   This is because the their governments have outlawed the right to petition their government  and protest for redress of grievances.  In other words people are no longer allowed to demonstrate their disapproval of something the government is doing such as covid vaccine mandates and covid restrictions and the vaccine passports.
The way it is going, the people involved in assembling and attempting to redress grievance were rebuffed and instead of listening, the government has labeled them TERRORISTS. In addition, the people who raised money to pay for the truckers to represent the people to the government have also been labeled as TERRORISTS. The Canadian government is now trying to protect itself from the TERRORISTS by removing them from the financial system by Freezing all of their individual bank accounts without a court order.  The government in America is also doing the same thing such as labeling people as Terrorists first before the truckers get to Washington DC. We will all see how the truckers are treated when they get to Washington DC pm on March 1st.
Senator Ted Cruz Grills US Attorney General MERRICK GARLAND About Labeling Parents
Who Are Against Critical Race Theory Taught In School AS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS

Have you ever wondered how people are put on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST? This is one way, the Attorney General targeted Parents who dont like the way their children are being taught.  But the criteria for targeting is very much looser that this.  Apparently only two people are required to targets someone  with a label which will ruin their life and send salivating sociopaths to target them for the rest of their lives. AG Merrick Garland never retracted his memo and therefore parents who are simply petitioning their local government for redress of their grievances are thrown under the buss and labeled as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

The fact is that the very act of trying to petition the government for redress of grievances has caused the government to protect itself as if it were being attacked by the petitioners.  The petitioners were immediately labeled as TERRORISTS and also the people who financed their trip are also labeled as TERRORISTS and they are all unliterally punished by having their bank accounts frozen without a court order.
As Dissident Terrorists’, they will be surveilled and tracked every where they go as if they are TERRORISTS.  This is because the governments out of control and government agents are no longer restrained by the rule of law that they hold their citizens accountable to.  This is also why the FBI is a criminal organization.  The government is hoping that by discrediting people like this the thinking on this is that people do not usually drill down too deep so they will never find out the truth.  The FBI places the DISSIDENT TERRORISTS on a Terrorist Watch List and leaves them there to be harassed by FBI Agents and FBI Contractors.  They are managed and tracked by the FBI FUSION CENTER as TERRORISTS and treated accordingly which I wont get into here.
There is a war on dissent and it is important to know that there are government contractor spies dispatched to track dissident’s as terrorists such as the Canadian and American freedom truckers movement. The government can identify them as terrorists by getting a tracking microchip implanted into their body, preferably into the head or one of their teeth.  This is not subject to legal redress and the person is not told and they cannot disagree with it nor can they contest it.  Now they can be tracked around anywhere they go. The government pays spies  such as FBI Contractors and also contact tracers to ascertain the location of each terrorist at any given moment. Then what they say and do as well as who they talk to can be monitored by the Government using Directed Energy.  Here is another of the multiple uses of the directed energy besides weapons and that is Surveillance used in this case to surveille the target inside and outside of buildings. So we can see that buildings or trees for instance do not block the signal as long the signal is locked onto a trackable microchip. It is noteworthy that the covaids contact tracers are also used to track terrorists.
I mentioned the tracking of people via an implanted microchip.  Therefore I need to mention the most controversial capability of this targeting.  It is because the person is tracked with a radar beam on their head connected to the visual and audio cortex, the operator can hear what the target hears and can see what the target sees.  I have a video of researchers at University of So California Berkley trying to implement remote viewing via telemetry through a cats eyes.  They are shown watching a movie the cat is watching in another room thus proving the capability. Let it be known that the highly invasive targeting technology and remote viewing is highly illegal and unethical invasion of a persons private space.  But you should know about it because this is occurring at the governments direction. This targeting technology is undetectable and unshakeable.
The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
The First Amendment text reads:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There are five categories of freedoms contained within the First Amendment and they are:

1. Freedom of religion: you have the freedom to think about, imagine, or believe in anything you choose.

2. Freedom of speech: you have the freedom to speak about anything you choose.

3. Freedom of the press: the press has the freedom to publish anyone’s stories, thoughts, or ideas in newspapers, on TV, on the radio, online, and more.

4. Freedom of assembly: you have the freedom to gather together with other people in peaceful groups.

5. Freedom of petition: you have the freedom to officially bring your concerns to the government


The final right protected by the First Amendment is the freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The Founding Fathers believed it was necessary for people to have the right to make requests of the government directly.

Not only does the Petition Clause allow citizens to speak against injustice and wrongdoing, it also gives them the power to affect change. Americans have used this right to push the government in the direction they wanted. The Women’s suffrage movement involved female activists lobbying the state for the right to vote in elections. During the Civil Rights movement, people of all races called on the government to turn down the Jim Crow laws that turned black Americans into second-class citizens.

Americans have the right to call on their representatives, senators, and any other elected leader in the country. The Petition Clause reminds us that the government’s role is to serve the people, not the other way around.