Targeted Individuals, Know That When As Few As 5% to 6% Of Population Recognize Danger, Then Nearly Everyone Does

[niceyoutube id = “-eLQjn2ytaU”] The perps and handlers depend on your being embarrassed by what they do. If you are embarrassed then you will keep quiet and their subjugation of you will continue in private. If I out them to the world, then the world knows what they are doing and the tables are turned. I am now subjugating them. They must worry about retaliation and as they already know PAYBACK IS A BITCH. I am justified in what I am doing because my life is on the line, but there is no justification in taking money for TORTURE, so they will remain insecure and cowardly. Think of them sitting in the dark watching a thermal image of you. That is cowardly and they are induced to be mentally ill, because we are innocent.

They are goons and thugs parading as patriots. They are a facade, a sham, fakes or whatever you want to call them. They are subjugating innocent human beings for human experimentation. People need to feel justified to maintain a positive self image of themselves. I am in fact psyopsing them. Their self image and confidence is deteriorating.  Realize that not all of them are full psychopaths devoid of empathy so many of these handlers are only psychopathic to some degree. the more empathy they have the greater will be the personal destruction they go through. The
destruction will manifest itself in the form of Traumatic Stress Syndrome much like a soldiers in war. Openly report what happens to you and they are finished.  It gets easier after the first time. You do have an impact and they can be hurt and they can be beaten. They want this aspect to be a secret so you will think you are facing an unstoppable juggernaut. Put yourselves in their place for a moment.  They are just people taking money for torturing innocent people. They have no honor, no integrity and they can only be strong amongst their fellow cohorts.  But they are actually on the defensive. Once you out them to the world, everyone will know them for what they are. Do you see that. They can’t possibly stand up to it. Real and Normal people will think they are mentally ill. Normal people will be horrified by their actions and will be afraid of them being out there on the loose.  Normal people’s talk will be about how they could get angry at anyone and exact payback with DEW, remotely. A panic will only be averted by taking them into custody and removing them to relocation camps for their own safety. This is human nature reacting to a real threat of ElectroMagnetic Weapons in the hands of psychopathic people being used on them.

I am starting this dialog on line now and I remember back when only a few people were talking out.  Now many people are awake and speaking out. Chris Hedges says it starts slow and change is hard to see and then all of a sudden it happens just like that, so it is hard to predict. You will never convince the handlers so don’t try and don’t even talk to them. This gives them feed back to put in the data base. Try not to react to what they do if you can so they have nothing to write down. I feel empowered and tell you what I am telling you from a position of strength not weakness.

Everyone can be an activist and do something to help.  You need to convince the good guys who are afraid to blow the whistle, that they are taking orders from psychopaths. The good guys need to feel that they will not be alone when they blow the whistle. Most people will do the right thing if they feel safe in doing so.  We are social beings in our network and we influence each other to three degrees of separation.  It will interest you to know that when as few as 5% to 6% of the population is influenced that there is danger, then nearly everyone will become aware of it due to social networks.

This movie, I Am FISHEAD is about Psychopaths in society, but it is also about how changing from a sick society back to a healthy one.  You should watch it and you will be glad you did.

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movie, I Am FISHEAD

For Air Force contract request for proposal. The contract was awarded to General Dynamics in May 2013.  Don’t be fooled to think the contract is legitimate.  Testing EM weapons on humans is painful.  They get away with this now because the program is TOP SECRET and shrouded in secrecy.

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