Targeted Individuals Get Help From Congressmen To Identify Key Legal Wedge Aspects Of Targeting

I found out some key information today and wanted to pass it on because it gives Targeted Individuals (TI’s) the power to find out and potentially uncover information about their targeting. I have found a potential hole or chink in their armor is all I am saying. I am not saying it will work but that it is worth a try. This has to do with a larger perspective of the entire torture project. David Packman interview, he is telling about our particular dilemma. We can apply for FOIA request for data, but it is typically denied due to classified status. Your task is to impeach their claimed classified status with the argument that it is illegal since there is no specific reason for the classification. It is illegal to place ordinary citizens under extreme surveillance for no good reason. The will have to site the specific reason and they will not be willing to do that. If they do cite a specific reason, then it will be a lie which you can also impeach. What you will use to impeach their claims is the written information from you congressman that says there is no legal basis to have you under extreme surveillance. You will contend that you are targeted under the NTT program and ask for this data because it is illegal in essence. I hope this makes sense because I am not a lawyer. Perhaps Brian Tew can comment since he is a lawyer.

I realized this morning that the data processing portion of this targeting and torture program for Targeted Individuals (TI’s) is continuous (24/7), to go along with the continuous targeting tracking and locating (CTTL) of TI’s. The people targeting (handlers) are just the point people for me or any TI for that matter.  There is also a vast data processing and other technical network, including technical support personnel, Information Technology (IT) workers at all levels and medical staff at all levels and researchers and scientists at all levels running experiments.  This no touch torture program requires several to many thousands of support and management personnel.  Since the project is continuous and real time, there are three shifts of these people and therefore one contingent of these workers is on shift at any given moment.

There are no breaks in the data in this real time project data in theory and any TI can be looked up in REAL TIME or after the fact and data can be extracted for any reason or to run new non interactive experiments. The reason I know about what I am telling here, is because I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I also have Associate degrees in each of Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology. This makes an all around complement to deconstruct information gained about this project.

To go along with the continuous data processing of each TI, the spy Agencies must be aware that this program is going on at many or all levels. This is due to the fact that they are providing and must provide cover for the people who work on the No Touch Torture human experimentation project.  For instance when I filed a FOIA request for information pertaining to NSA knowledge of my targeting and 24/7 surveillance, the request was fielded by an NSA employee and summarily denied. I am receiving feed back torture attesting to what I am saying is touching a nerve. This is in the form of whole body radiation so that my whole body is vibrating and also I am receiving point injuries with a resonance weapon. This is to deter my efforts at documenting the information. I will not be able to continue for long, but you get the idea. The NSA knows about my 24/7 surveillance and therefore knows to deny my request and thus cover for the No Touch Torture (NTT) program.

The point I am trying to make is that if someone at a congressional level wanted to find out about this program, there is continuously, an entire team of staff working on my or any TI’s data at any one time. They could potentially find out the names of any one of the team members and even ask the ones on duty questions in real time at any level.  This is a large real time data processing project and everything is recorded recorded for posterity. They may or may not have my name, but a congressman for example, could ask for information on any Targeted Individual and there will be people on duty at any given time.  Your Congressman may not have clearance to all the information but they do have clearance for a preliminary investigation.  The congressman’s questions could ask for instance, what is happening with this person as far as surveillance and the answer is that he/she is under 24/7 extreme surveillance since 2010 for example.  Then the congressman could ask this key question: “Why Is This Ordinary Citizen Under Extreme Surveillance For 5 Years” or whatever. You see, there will be incongruities to find that begs further investigation and the Congressman is duty bound to investigate if he finds irregularities.  You know they will find irregularities so be on the look out and challenge them if no irregularities are found.  All that is required of the Congressman is a willingness to help the “constituent TI”.   Also  IT IS THEIR DUTY to help their constituent. The Congressman has clearance to find out basic information and the intelligence in conjunction with their preservation instinct to notice that their are irregularities and inconsistencies in the classified information they will obtain. Maybe the Congressman cannot tell you every detail, but the Congressman can tell you there is or there is not an irregularity in the information he/she obtained. Basically the Congressman can tell you that there is or is not a reason to look further. Because the congressman has or has not found cause for concern. What I am saying in a nutshell is that a Congressman has the power to help a CONSTITUENT TI find the reason he/she is under 24/7 EXTREME surveillance and why, which you can use in a court of law.

The Congressman only needs clearance to find information to whatever level their clearance level permits and they will find problems before that level is reached.  You see, whatever information they find up to and including 24/7 surveillance will be an irregularity which will require further investigation by the Congressman.   The Congressman of any district can be given a list of TI’s in his district to find out why they are under 24/7 surveillance and the Congressman will find the irregularities. The Congressman may not know anything about the torture, but they sure can find out about surveillance.  In other words, the TI’s on the list will be under 24/7 surveillance and the congressman cannot just tell the TI’s there is no problem, right? Because it is irregular for these constituents and citizens to be harassed by 24/7 surveillance since they have done nothing wrong which the Congressman can verify as well.  The worst they could say is that you are not under surveillance. But this would be a lie that could be impeached in court and the Congressman knows this..  The information they provide can be used in court to obtain your FOIA request information, because you are under 24/7 surveillance for an illegal or bogus reason.  Alternatively you if the Congressman says you are not under surveillance then the NSA has no reason for the denying the FOIA request!   In my case the FOIA request is denied because all the information is classified. Your Congressman will tell me if it is due to 24/7 surveillance, so you will know what the NSA is withholding which can be used as a legal wedge to get more information and now you can find out why you are under extreme surveillance.  You can see that if you cant find out complete information from one coverup agency with FOIA, then finding one key aspect somewhere else provides a legal wedge which can be used in court to compel compliance in finding out the remaining aspects.  This is because their reason for withholding the information is due to classification.  But we know already that it is illegal to hide illegal activities with classification an we are now exposing that and forcing them to face consequences if they continue to withhold that information.

Now, given the fact that you can get the information  I spoke about above, you must hold their feet to the fire to enable you to go all the way and expose them.  This can be done individually or in groups (recommended).

The information about where I am or was at any point could be searched and my record can be found in the project data base indicating I am a human subject for project research. Any project information can be found at that point about me. In other words everything (ALL PROJECT DATA) is recorded for posterity into a project database which is search-able in real time or after the fact. This data is used in Obama’s Brain research and a host of different projects, including projects that will need the data in future. I will have to stop writing at this point because my hands are shaking too badly but I think I got the point across. In fact my blood pressure is high now and my brain is wishy washy so that I must go take a shower to break brain entrainment at this point. You can see that it is important to remain calm and relaxed in order to work against these cretins.

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  1. While I realize you talk about human nature in your experience, I nonetheless had to cringe at this post. Some things are better left unsaid I think. You are so articulate, and I feel you could help draw a movement together to fight for TI’s, and I wouldn’t want to see anything that might repel anyone from helping. Just my 2 cents.

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