Targeted Individuals FOIA Requests Are Denied

I am a 62yo targeted man who has committed no crime and yet I am an enemy of the state and targeted with 24/7 surveillance.  My FOIA request yields DENIED or a GLOMAR response.. nothing.  There is no doubt kind of surveillance is classified.  Yet classification of crimes to hide them is illegal.  Targeted Individuals (TI) are being subjugated as Human Trafficking victims.  We do not have the funds to fight our subjugation in court.  Letting them keep this secret makes everyone lose.  Anyone can be subjugated in this way.  People could work with TI’s to uncover this issue and it would blow it wide open because of the human rights issue.  We need Journalists to do their job and exposed this injustice by the Government.

Psychopaths have taken over parts of the Government.  Their power is covered in secrecy and protected by law.  Please shine a light on the corruption.

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