Targeted Individuals Are Tortured By Psychopathic Govt./Military PSYOPS Contractor Handlers

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I want to talk about psychopaths and would like to present this movie for you to watch if you are interested.  The movie is entitled “I Am Fishead” is a movie partly about psychopaths and how they affect society.  The second half is uplifting and will make you feel good about the positive change in society due to social networks. When only 5% to 6% of the people realize there is danger, then nearly everyone realizes it.  This is an upbeat movie with a positive message about societal issues we face.  This is a positive message for the future.

Its Thanksgiving day today and we are preparing a turkey dinner. My handler has been torturing me all morning with microwave and resonance weapons. One of them has a beam about 1 to 2 inches wide as I perceive and burns the muscles in my right arm at the elbow. It feels like a gunshot wound now due to inflammation and continued burning. They will single out one injury in particular to keep working on over and over throughout the day, while at the same time delivering one time injuries to various other parts of the body. Today I have two of the working injury spots.

My elbow was one and the other feels like my shoulder muscles around my neck and right shoulder are injured which simulate fibromyalgia. I can move it but not without significant pain. It feels like the muscle is not getting blood to that area. They don’t usually cause an injury that disables me for a long time but today my shoulders and right arm are sore.  I made a sling out of a towel to put the arm in a resting bended position. I took an 800mg ibuprofen to counter inflammation and pain and it may feel better after that takes effect.

My handler is now working microwave energy around my groin where he is moving a chemical electrolyte into place. I know this because I have tested it empirically. It feels like my scrotum is tingling and little point sources are moving around except for chemical bits that are stuck in one place. He always digs one or two of them in and those feel like a needle with electricity at the tip. Now there is only one and it itches horribly so that it takes an effort to keep still. This is not an accident because these psychopathic handlers can use what I alternately call their big red white and blue electronic stick to move those electrolyte pieces around and they leave the one piece to dig into my scrotum on purpose. That one keeps digging in at intervals of every few minutes for 5 to 10 seconds and its kind of like twisting the knife. They always turn up the power on that one one tiny bit until i grit my teeth to stay still, because it is burning the skin at the point where it is located. As might be expected, I have tiny scar buds at these many injury points over the course of 4 years of torture. They are somewhat like skin tags only shorter. Maybe a dermatologist could tell the scars were from electric burn injuries.

The other small pieces of the electrolyte are moved around do to the beam, inorder to get them spread around evenly on my scrotum. I liken this to the way energy is spread out with the pads of a TENS unit electrical pad. The pad carries the energy throughout the pad evenly. If a small wire were instead placed on the skin, it would burn the skin instead of traveling into the body. I suppose it is similar for women. Finally the energy flows from pubic area to brain through the body core. People better learn that this is being done to them and probably other non targeted people as well.

Right now as at other times throughout the day my handler burns the tip of my thumb with a resonance weapon, I guess to let me know he is there! Or maybe he is going for a psychotic break for me. Some of the handlers are more or less psychopathic, with varying stages of sexual paraphernalia like sadism, voyeurism, rape, homosexual rape, fetishism, etc.   I am sure they don’t want to admit any of the sexual deviances but then why would anybody take a job torture/killing people if it wasn’t a desirable job they enjoyed. They wouldn’t take a job like that because it would be boring and interminably tedious to be hunched over a monitor watching and attacking a thermal image of me in the shower, or going to the bathroom, or reading, etc, as he sits in the same position for 8 to 12 hours, if they didn’t really enjoy it a lot. Also, they watch everything very closely I have noticed. These people are greedy and also artists of pain and they all have their own bag of tricks and torture techniques which they are constantly modifying and perfecting to squeeze in the last bit of pain into the target.
There is a glint in the psychopathic narcissists eye as he gleefully recounts to an compatriot, the targets agonized reactions at each twist and turn of each of his many unique torture techniques.throughout the torture session. After all if you haven guessed already, this is their wet dream job and they would literally kill to get that job. They like torture, because for them, causing pain is fun. The agonized looks of the target don’t bother them but instead are the cause for much hilarity as they work to torture the TI until he/she succumbs. As it turns out, the torturer is at his strongest and most confident, when the TI is at their weakest point and visa versa.

[niceyoutube id=”JSGV8weqA6E” start=”1″] I am not qualified to diagnose these people but in general a torturer/murder isn’t hiding anything. I have heard this type of predator is a malignant psychopathic narcissist. Malignant because it deadly and isn’t ever getting any better and predatory because they pray on others to get what they want and all psychopaths are narcissists, says Sam Vaknin. If they are not devoid of empathy and vary in their degree of psychopathy or sociopathy, then they are in trouble because their greed pushed them to take this job which will injure them psychologically. Suffice it to say, these are the type of people your mother warned you about. They may act normally and may even be likable when not torturing, but they are very dangerous predators. indeed as we have seen.

There is another interesting observation to be made and that is that in this group of psychopaths and sociopaths may lurk a large group of rapists, murderers, child molesters, sexual predators, etc. in fact it is in this group of predators that all of the predators will congregate. Think about this, among normal people with normal empathy or caring for others, they will not normally do predatory behavior or commit predatory sex acts with children because they they would reason that the child would be hurt and therefor refrain from hurting the child. The predator has no such aversions to injuring a child or anyone else. They do fear law and punishment however as it negatively affects them. There is about 2% psychopaths in the general population and 4 to 5% sociopaths. But in the whole group/team of employees who work for the company with the government torture contract, that group are ALL psychopaths and sociopaths with demonstrated malignant predatory behavior. I am guessing that there maybe about 50% to 60% of these people, will be sexual deviants, sexual predators, child molesters, child rapists, etc. I hope you see why I am saying that because it is important? Besides the torture/murder crime, at least half of them will be violent and predatory criminals after this tracking and torture program is over and they are back to normal. For them, especially now that they have had a taste of blood so to speak they will never be able to go back to living normal lives. They will seek out others to prey on and destroy.

Our Government has inflicted this torture/kill program and these psychopaths on us. The ABC Agencies are mostly to blame for inflicting the malignant psychopathic/sociopathic behavior and towards embracing a criminal attitude as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of handlers and gang-stalkers embraced their new professions. psychopathy inflicted on the entire society and really on the entire world population. is a result of DOD’s FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE of the world, with no where to hide anywhere anymore. It had the effect of changing our societal meme from a society that cared for and had empathy for others, into a society which is selfish and self serving with no care about taking advantage or ruining lives.

The middle class is shrinking due to class warfare from the corporations with the same malignant, psychopathic and self serving behavior. The entire government in conjunction with corporations is corrupt and are preying on the poor and what is left of the middle class. The government doesn’t have to make so much interest on student loans, allow the financial industry to get away with steeling the country blind with no reparations but they allow it. It is the same with dozens of other outrageous ripoffs and austerity measures and all the while the rich keep going to the bank. The people are now the enemy of the state and considered guilty until proven innocent. Even whistle-blowers are guilty and jailed, while the criminals remain free. The whole thing is exactly upside down and our government has done this to us or maybe we allowed them to do it..

The Myron May shooting in FL has made it apparent that the Government is actually ignoring Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and merely paying lip service and acting like they care. The demmocratic structure is there, but the empathy and functionality has been replaced by corruption at every level as the boldness of the corporatocracy grows. This is a trend in motion, in case you haven’t noticed. Its very much like the psychopathic handlers power over the TI grows as the target is weakened. We will all be targets eventually if this trend continues. You need to know and believe this trend will continue since there is nothing to stop it. We the people are the only ones who can stop it now. Letting this go on will only permit the government to plod Zombie like while the corporations devour the remaining loot until there is the inevitable societal collapse due to failure of the entire system.

If you notice, the lawmakers simply don’t want to rock the boat in order to avoid depriving the military industrial complex of some of their hard stolen profits. Lawmakers also want to stall indefinitely the embarrassment of providing TI’s an overdue investigation and some badly needed relief. If this situation doesn’t make you mad then I don,t know what will. We really need to work at overthrowing the system and causing lawmakers some long overdue embarrassment. All the lawmakers need to go, both Democrat and Republicans for a start. Even though we’ve had two TI shootings on top of sufficient evidence, i don’t see any change unless we force it. You must realize that there are predators in charge of us at all levels of government and corporations.

The important things to know about psychopaths is that

  • they have a flawed and over inflated sense of importance.
  •  They have the emotional maturity of a child and only look like adults. When they want something then they want it now and do not care if they get it by hook or crook.
  • They have no loyalty to anything or any one because anything that changes their interests will draw their allegiance to them or it.
  • They see people as objects and is a very important issue, meaning no one matters more than another object (a car for instance). Because people are objects then this targeting/torture/kill program makes perfect sense to a psychopath! If you have to get rid of someone, then murder is on the table as a consideration if there is no penalty.
  • They have no conscience and are never sorry for any decision they make. They can make the decision to terminate someones life easily and quickly if they wont get in trouble and it improves their situation. If there is no penalty for loss of life than saving lives become strictly monetary unimportance because it is a conscienceless decision. They have fake friends and they may marry but cannot love anyone and their marriage has no tie other significance than that of an object. In other words, when the psychopath is through with you due to finding a younger version for instance, they leave because they never had an emotional bond, it’s all been a game!  Its like they bought a new pair of shoes and left the old ones in the shoe store. Remember, people are objects to the psychopath.
  • they don’t believe rules apply to them and they can lie or cheat to support or get what they want as long as they think they won’t get in trouble.

Most people understand the example of how to behave at funeral to realize what it means to be psychopathic. Psychopaths must learn to mimic empathy which may also be called cold empathy. They may be excellent actors and actresses or not. A psychopath who goes to a friends funeral may hit on the widow of the diseased which is in poor taste. Yet if the psychopath has not learned that is important, then to him, he may not understand why everyone is sad, because he isn’t. He may miss his friend because he got something of object value from the relationship. That object value loss would be cold empathy because he misses receiving the object and may have sorrow over the loss of the object, or he received praise or other had pleasant for him, conversations which acknowledged the elevated importance he places on himself, or other non non emotional feedback and this is called narcissistic supply by some professionals. Narcissistic supply may be as necessary as air to narcissists, who are also at the same time psychopaths because they are self important and may seek adulation, praise or affirmation in support of their delusion of over elevated self importance and the sorrow would be for how the loss of that thing affects them and not for the dead friend. There is no emotional feeling because there is no emotional bond. Loss of the dead friend has the same significance as loss of an object., but no more. Normal people have empathy and as such we tend to put ourselves in place of someone who has been injured which may cause us to flinch in that case. A psychopath may flinch in that case, but it is an act only. because there is no empathy and no loss to themselves. Remember That psychopaths only look human but there is something missing in that they cannot have real friendship or love or emotional ties because there is no emotional attachment due to no empathy and hence no sorrow in the normal way. You must think of a psychopaths as a shell of a real person. Normal person with empathy are as different from a psychopaths as they are different from an alien from mars or a robot. This is because they will never really understand or know the enigma that is the psychopath.

When there is no downside for the absence of morality and constitutional rights and no penalty for lying or cheating, is whee you will see psychopaths true colors and decisions will become cruel and lethal and well, psychopathic because people are objects and they don’t matter more than another desired object (remember). It may be that knowing what I said about psychopaths, you can look at other issues like police brutality and deadly outcomes are going up like crazy and you might be able to identify psychopaths responsible. Psychopaths in fact seek out jobs where they have power over people or things, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, torturers, etc.. Psychopaths are controlling and want to be in control like a king. They sincerely believe they are more important than anyone and therefore know best how to govern or judge anyone or anything for that matter no matter if they are a genius or moron. You have all heard of secret societies and you need to know they are secret societies of psychopaths because they need secrecy for when their decisions are immoral, illegal, deadly or unpopular so normal people don’t find out. They are not other worldly or evil, but merely psychopathic. Using words like evil only puts a veil of mystery on the issue, when it isn’t mysterious at all. Psychopaths don’t mind breaking laws or most other negative outcomes if they get them what they want and there is no downside. Another important thing is that a psychopath can recognize another psychopath quickly because they know what to look for. Psychopaths will network with other psychopaths. They will make deals with others for things they want in everything from bartering or business deals, where the rules don’t apply if they know they wont get caught.

I hope that I left you with a workable knowledge of the problems and issues associated with psychopaths. When our Government is using false flag operations to take away your rights then it was done on purpose. After they are gone then there is no penalty for violating your rights. Even if rights are still on the books, if they know you are too poor to hire a lawyer, then they may violate your rights anyway because there is no downside risk. You can see in the news that there is corruption everywhere and this is due to psychopaths in positions of authority everywhere in the country. There is no downside for them and people look the other way or are mind controlled to think they can’t do anything. But numbers matter and you can take back your power by voting or demonstrating. because we still can at this point. Downside risks for psychopaths are anything which will embarrass, publishable, costly or painful. In other words, if the object they seek is too costly then they will be deterred. Once we gain our country back then it may be desirable at some point to restrict psychopaths from gaining positions of power where good people with empathy may be adversely affected by their decisions. psychopaths can be formidable because of their ability to do or say anything that will get their way. But knowing what to expect can put the odds back in your favor. You must be careful however because psychopaths are very competitive and often seek payback (revenge) and are willing to do things that you are not able as an empath to follow or accept. As a targeted individual however, your leverage is that you already know what they are capable of and if you consider that you are already dead, then they can only kill you once. What I said seems psychopathic,but in times of desperation you must face facts and know your strengths as well as your weaknesses.


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