Targeted Individual James Lico Receives Extrajudicial Torture In Seattle From His Handlers

I am receiving extrajudicial torture relative to brain research and testing electromagnetic weapons testing on human subjects.  I’ve discovered that at least one of my handlers is a woman 55ish living in apartment D405 of ArrowHead Garden Apartments.
9240 2nd AVE SW, Seattle WA 98106.  She is short 5′ and heavy set, has somewhat masculine features and uses a walker.   She sits at a a 36″ (aprox) monitor attached to her computer.  She overlooks the courtyard as she sits there torturing me.  Lately she is beaming my urethra and prostate internally.  This is causing inflammation/pain and is probably a test to see how much radiation causes cancer or impotence/sexual dysfunction or both.  I am taking ibuprofen to ease the inflammation and  when they do it I get a painful urination feeling.  

The woman in D405 is the one pounding on the floor with her foot when she suspects something I am doing requires concentration or may be unsettling.  I have experience the noise campaign before where there were frequent door slamming, timed toilet flushes that if you complain, people would thing you are being to sensitive.  Yet it happens so often and at critical times that you realize it is being done for the targets benefit.  No one pounds their feet at all hours of the day and night and it is definitely not random living noise.  This person wants me to know it is being done to harass.  Several times I banged back to show displeasure, she used the beam weapon to cause my heart to race and have for me to have an oxygen deficit for no reason to cause a sense of panic.  This woman has to be a sociopathic person without empathy in order to torture another human being like this.  She causes a lot of traumatic injuries designed to cause me distress and I believe is designed to make me break psychologically and force suicide.   

I suppose she thought I would not suspect her since she uses a walker.  Normal people would look at my words and  say who would do that or I must be crazy.  Yes, exactly what kind of person would orchestrate this?  Only a deeply disturbed and psychopatic individual would dedicate essentially all their waking hours to destroying someones life.  Imagine for a minute what a person like that would be like and you are only just starting to understand.  I am not crazy and until you experience these psychopathic personalities yourself, it may seem unreal and bizarre .  It is designed and scripted that way by the CIA with years of practice trying different techniques, so that anyone I may tell would dismiss me as psychotic.  Just imagine someone who is psychopathic and enjoys hurting other and becomes an artist of pain, putting their own little touches on the torture of someone.  They may get a sexual satisfaction from this type of torture.  She seems to be timing her sleep wake cycles with mine, even as irregular as they are.  I had a doctor appointment on November 6th and she kept me awake by electromagnetic radiation harassment all night until 5:00am so I would miss the anointment.  I was thinking it may be necessary to sleep in my car or a motel, but these people can get others to keep me awake there too.  These people are psychopathic and will go to any length to injure the target mentally and physically, leaving no visible marks.  Targeted Individuals have testified at the presidents bioethics committee hearings and many thousands have the same symptoms and complaints, with similar stories of this bizarre psychopathic behavior by their tormentors, designed to make the TI look insane if they complain.  Please see this video clip of a few testimonies given.

Dr. John Hall is right about how the testing looks more like weapons research than medical testing.  There are currently studies going on right now for weapons testing on human test subjects.  The testing going on can have multiple purpose, with brain research being only one aspect.  Here is an article about ongoing weapons research testing.
Psychopathic and sociopathic behavior has now pemeated the collective consciousness of our society.  Corporations drive government policy now.  Putting people on an electronic leash for human experimentation is now the norm.   Since 9/11 our country has gotten more and more sociopathic and enough time has passed that a whole generation of young people have been exposed to it.  
The people are beginning to wake up but this seems to be in mesmerized slow motion.