Targeted Indivdiual Handlers Give Me Injuries Throughout The Day

injuries are done to me throughout the day.  Injuries are attempted when reaching, stretching, grabbing, pushing, pulling, etc..
 The injury is timed to occur at the point when you are maneuvering to position your hand, arm or body to a point where you can do something that required such positioning.  It could be intricate placement of a part of a puzzle piece, where you need to bend your wrist upside down and sideways.  It could also be exercise or some kind of repetitive work like painting.  I believe that at these crucial times tendons are stretched and the harmonic frequency needed to heat and injure the tendon is changed slightly, bringing it within range of that selected by the handler to cause injury.  In this way, I believe the tendon will work normally until it is stretched in the specific way it was stretched when the injury was caused.  Bear in mind what you believe was the handlers reason for causing that particular injury.  It could be that it is to deter some sort of activity and so the injury was caused during that activity.  I receive these injuries throughout the day, while doing any type of work.  They cause immediate inflammation and pain.  However, the handler is careful not to permanently injure the member unless that is what he/she desires.

A tendon flex/stretch injury may be caused in one of several scenarios from what I can see has happened to me.  
  1. the harmonic frequency is tuned to that of the member to be injured (muscle, tendon or bone) and a power level is selected and the member is beamed for a period of time, sufficient to cause the desired injury.  It may be short duration and higher power such as wrist, knee, neck injuries or longer duration with lower power such as index or thumb finger tip.
  2. It may be a trap set by the handler as I have had many times that consists of the beam set at a point where they know you will need to position the member (hand, leg, body) to complete some activity.  For instance, you are painting and it is anticipate that your brush strokes will continue over an unpainted portion where the handler has set the trap.  your hand or wrist goes over the anticipated spot and the injury is received. 
  3. This one I am only guessing that when a tendon or muscle is flex/extended during a particular movement/position, then the harmonic frequency is slightly different than at rest and this harmonic potential extends into the weapon beams harmonic frequency set by the handler and only then is the injury caused.
the injuries can be a sharp shocking pain or a slow burning of the heated structure as when you are working on something or typing for carpal tunnel syndrome can be induced.  This is the type of thing these people learn.  They know just the amount of anatomy necessary to cause injury to these areas.  I am a former camera repair technician that relied on small precise movements of fingers and hands and imagine that it is probably similar to that of musicians who rely on almost imperceptable movements of fingers and hands to play music.  Irradiating the muscles/tendons with ELF or microwave energy will cause degrading nerve injuries to these areas over time, I am guessing. 
Other disruptions caused by the ELF beam
  1. Frequently the handler will focus the beam on the intestines and colon to cause slight heating which causes the temperature increase enough to produce gas.  This is an educated guess because gas is produced.  I can hear gurgling coming from the area which I believe is the gas being produced and traveling in the intestine.  
  2. Sometimes the ELF beam is focused on the heart muscle to heat some part of it or disrupt the electrical impulses within to cause the heart to seem to skip a beat or maybe it even stops briefly before it is left to resume beating and only seeming to skip a beat.  Often I have seen this as perceived punishment and maybe it is done as a means of stopping the heart permanently.  I can imagine that there would be less disruption to heart structure that could be observed in an autopsy if the heart were interupted but a prospective heart event pathology were allowed to proceed in a normal way until death occurred.  I am sure that a valve for instance could be heated to cause damage and subsequent death, but such damage could be detected and is therefore avoided.  
The handler seems to know when to stop beaming a specific structure so that excessive does not occur.  I believe that the heat sensitive image gives the handler an indication of inflammation that is occurring within the body structures to some extent or another by showing the temperature in gradients of blue (cold) to red (hot).  For instance if you sprained your ankle, the heat produced by inflammation would show up to them as a color change temperature increase.