Some Targeted Individual Experiments Are Dr.Mengele Like Sterilization/Desensitization Human Eugenics Experimentation

Historically-the-most-terribleI have come to believe that some of the procedures done to us as Targeted Individuals (TI), are in fact surgical procedures performed on us. These Electromagnetic Weapons they use on us are in fact Less Than Lethal Weapons. Some of them are capable of projecting a narrow beam of energy that can be tuned to the resonant frequency of a specific object or tissue structures in the body. These tissue structures will resonate and heat up to the point where it will be destroyed, even vaporized. Therefore this apparatus can also be used by a skilled surgeon to perform life saving surgeries on patients anywhere on theearth remotely. Some of the procedures I have noticed myself and have heard from others, are the following:

1) Electronic Rape. I have heard this from many TI’s, mostly women.  More likely this is based on Eugenics and is sterilization experimentation.

2) Stomach gurgling or Gas creation in the colon. This procedure is done all the time and I thought it was harassment, but what if it was related to some kind of surgical procedure.

3) Irradiation of the heart with ELF radiation, so that the heart will skip a beat, every ten seconds or so. Could this be a drill to make sure the Handler can kill the target?

4) Irradiation of the feet, legs and hands with ELF radiation so that painful muscle spasms ensue.

5) painful ultrasonic radiation beam stabs that cause inflammation and swelling of any place it hits and whatever it is frequency tuned to.

6) painful beaming of the brain with ultrasonic radiation and holding it there.

7) painful beaming the fingers and hands with ultrasonic radiation and holding it there.

I have undergraduate degrees in Biology, Electronics and Computer Science.   I can make what I think is are good educated guesses about some of the procedures and not others. The electronic rape Reported by targeted individuals (TI’s) for instance I have felt this myself and also had it described by many Targeted Individuals who are attacked with Electromagnetic Weapons. I previously thought it was just electronic harassment. But now after observing what happens to my body after being irradiated in that way, I can say it is probably related to some kind of Eugenics Sterilization and or Desensitization testing on Humans, rather than merely electronic harassment. Human experimentation is like this, in that it is described in the same way by many victims all having the same symptoms and complaints. Giving it a name just makes it more understandable when it is seen by medical personnel. This is a bioethics violation because it is unethical, unnecessary and non consensual experimentation on human beings. This is the type of experimentation that was performed on the Jews in the concentration camps by Doctor Joseph Mengele, back in the 1940’s. There were of course many unethical experiments, but one type was to find a quick and easy Eugenics sterilization method or procedure to effectively sterilize the Jewish population. It is exactly these type of procedures which are being performed on Targeted Individuals now I believe.  Maybe some of it is harassment, however Eugenics is a concern. So what was called “electronic rape” may in fact be sterilization and or desensitization testing. This makes a lot of sense and fits the new world order agenda for lowering the population. Using the term electronic rape is erroneous and misleading.  It tells the listener of fear of rape and unfortunately could cause people to discount or ignore the message because it sounds too much like alien abduction procedures. But change the wording from “electronic rape” to “Electronic Sterilization Eugenics Procedure Testing” and it makes a whole lot more sense and a big difference in believability. Now people will be very interested because it is something that may apply to them and is at the same time, something they are afraid smallbillboardof.  Medical personnel can relate to this too as it is a surgical procedure and not a form of violent attack. Using the right words is very important and cannot be stressed enough. Please read this open letter from Dr. John Hall to find out more about Non Consensual Experimentation done to Targeted Individuals.
I have listed some of the procedures I see most often that are done to Targeted Individuals. It would be very helpful if others looking at this could lend there expertise and try to find a reason for the testing listed above.

How you can tell if you are being accessed remotely:
  •  you can hear and snap, crackle, pop in your neck. It is due to tiny air bubbles because of microwave thermal expansion.
  •  You may have transient Tinnitus or ringing in your ears for no reason.
  •  unexplainable headache
  •  pressure in your head like you have a bad cold, but there is no cold.
  • After connecting they may do the following:
  •  make your heart skip a beat every few seconds
  •  simulate fibromyalgia
  •  headache or ear ache
  •  joint pain
  •  tendon pain when walking or otherwise moving
  •  muscle aches
  •  cause gas in your colon, which makes a gurgling sound (women complain of this mostly)
  •  facial pain
  •  genital stimulation or desensitization, sometimes called electronic rape.
  •  Eugenics sterilization desensitization cannot be discounted. The handlers may not even be aware of its purpose, and are in it for the money..
  •  ringing in ears (due to chemical electrolyte)
  •  erectile disfunction (probably recent)

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