Some Reasons for the Injuries caused by Private Contractor Handlers

The new way is to control the victim remotely with (RNM) This way the torturer can hid behind closed doors and  injure the victim remotely.for a virtual prison, taking the lab into the victims home. Also with no oversight, psychopaths will be psychopaths where egregious torture can occur with tacit complicity by the GOVT.
The new way is to control the victim remotely with (RNM) This way the torturer can hid behind closed doors and injure the victim remotely.for a virtual prison, taking the lab into the victims home. Also with no oversight, psychopaths will be psychopaths where egregious torture can occur with tacit complicity by the GOVT.

I have college degrees in electronics engineering, biology and computer science.  This training along with actual work experience allows me to make observations about the torture I and thousands of other TI’s are enduring on a daily basis.  Some say the injuries are to keep TI’s compliant and docile.  Others say they are required due to the deliverable on the Air Force contract to test DEW.  Myself, I think it is both.  I noticed my index finger was constantly being injured and re-injured and at the time I had my guns.  Its Tuesday 2/10/15 and I just noticed my index finger getting burned as I use a mouse for my computer. Another thing is that if I switch hands, then the burning of index finger stops.  But may start when typing.  Maybe I have to type faster to keep ahead!  If I use my left hand on mouse it is okay for now.  Psychopaths in this job tend to be cowards hiding in the shadows injuring and hurting people remotely.  In my case due to a directional meter, they know that I know exactly where they are and more: I can identify them and their car+license plate.  It would be liable, except that it is true what they are doing.  I am reporting like a journalist.  I have only once been questioned and the reference stayed.

2/3/2015 4:43 AM  This is happening today, but has occurred everyday.  my thumbs and toes, arms, legs, joints and internal organs. sometimes my stomach is beamed at partial resonance to give me a sick feeling.  Today I was drinking a glass of tea and a resonance beam was placed in my esophagus and somehow blocked the tea from going down  as though the esophagus were in a closed spasming in a contracted position, and so I had a major back up of liquid which was being forced back up and I had to choke and spit up the liquid in my esophagus.  I am sure this was a cause for great hilarity.  This happens all the time when the handler is feeling mean.  They do things like this
when they have an audience or maybe they are drinking or both.  They want to show you that they are in control and the victim is just their for their amusement or testing.

Thermal Image Of Targeted Individual
Thermal Image Of Targeted Individual

I am being beamed with an ultrasound resonance weapon.  You must understand that the military has developed this and other weapons which will project a focused beam of energy to a target.  Various parts of the body will resonate at different frequencies.  It is the resonance that will cause the tissue to vibrate and burn as the power is increased to cause inflammation and damage.  I was looking at a thermal image machine that showed inflammation.  This was shown and demonstrated for the capabilities by  This capability would help us prove the injuries I have described.  The handlers can tell how injured we are apparently by the thermal image the see of us.

The handlers seem to be geared toward making the injuries they induce seem like they are normal painful injuries.  The do this in several ways.  One way is like a trip wire injury where the part they want to burn crosses a threshold where they have the beam waiting at higher power.  For instance they want to beam my thumb and know I will reach to the tooth brush holder to put my tooth brush away.  They set the beam up for the injury they want to cause and when my hand trips the beam it goes off right after delivering a sharp and immediate injury at the power level they selected. I have to assume that this technique is delivered in that way to make the victim think that a strain or sprain injury was the result.  However I can notice the sharp injury pain which is inconsistent with what happened. I also notice that putting my tooth brush away does not take straining to accomplish.  They are not that good at this because they are doing it very frequently.  Maybe they are practicing for doing this to others.

Another way they injure is to put the beam on the part they want to injure and very slowly turn up the power so that it warms and then heats very slowly. This way you may not even realize they are giving you a debilitating injury to your tendon for instance. I can notice this as well and can stop this by placing a magnetic material over the pain.  The pain stops immediately and this shows me that I am right in my suspician of the slow ingury.  They will try to keep beaming the same spot over and over to cause an extremely painful injury to be taken up by subsequent handlers.  Fibromyalgia of the neck is a key injury they try over and over.  A doctor would say it is an injury that was accidental and normal.  What else can they say because he doesn’t know that creepy troll perverts are hurting people in there own homes with these military weapons.  Suddenly it will click about Aaron Alexis and Myron May being targeted individuals.  They were driven to psychotic break and made a choice albeit an incorrect choice to take the lives of others. It just goes to show that people can be made to say or do anything under the influence of torture.  It doesn’t seem to phase these handlers when there is a mass shooting which they caused.  This makes me think that they believe it is a success.  There is no supervision or oversight.  They are completely autonomous in the torture they deliver.  There are many questions but because of corruption from low levels up to the highest levels, the questions never get answered.  Again, these injuries can be done to anyone and the victim does not have to be a TI.  When I lived in Algona Washington, I used to walk around the  block until they started doing the trip wire injury of a tendon in my foot,so I would just have to limp home as the pain would be so great prohibiting normal walking.


They (Handlers) want a response from the victim when they give these injuries.  Like “go f””” your self” or “ouch”, anything because without it they will turn up the power and or frequency of attacks until they get a response. the handlers want to cause the victim to act out in some way so they can be subjugated by law enforcement or the psychiatric industry.  You may break down or break out.  It doesn’t matter to the handlers, but they must get the victim to respond. So is it better to say nothing, knowing the frequency and severity of attack will increase if no response is given.  I don’t know the answer to that.  The handlers are always changing and it is up to them.  Do they think they are Gods. I don’t know but they sure act like it.  They sure act like they are natures supermen.  They feel like they are entitled to our whole attention and the use of us for experiments which require torture or skinner box operant conditioning.  For me they are into heavy base pounding and I am supposed to be conditioned to get nervous or show emotional response to that.  If i dont respond they reinforce it with an ELF energy attack to make me very fuzzy and probably a little nervous.  Then they back that off again and try the pounding.  I believe the pounding is supposed to work alone without the elf energy, giving the conditioned response with pounding alone.

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