Silently torturing activists as dissidents is a CONTINUING TREND that started in the 90’s rather than an anomaly

Silently torturing activists as dissidents is a continuing trend that started in the 90’s rather than an anomaly.  This is called No Touch Torture (NTT) because it is done remotely with Directed Energy
Weapons, directed by computer over the internet.  This trend increased rapidly after 2001, fueled by fear of terrorism after 911 and the implementation of the patriot act.  This is not science fiction or conspiracy theory.  It is a fact that it is a conspiracy perpetrated on the American People and also Internationally.  Anyone who would be considered an activist for speaking out against the Government should take heed of this TREND.  Allowing it to happen to others, while safe for now, will not be personally safe in the long run.  The psychopaths are honing their capabilities and seeing what they can get away with. 
Psychopathic military contractors are again punishing me for writing the truth in my blog.  This is what happens to activists who publish the truth about what is happening in the world.  My brain is being irradiated with an infrasonic beam weapon which heats and expands the brain tissue among other things.  I am technically an enemy of the state.  I am treated by our Government as they would deal with a subversive spy.

Military contractors hired to torture/kill TI’s, are paid by large private corporations with Government contract funding.  This is nothing new since Edward Snowden revealed that Government contractors account for 70% of agency budgets.  The military contractor who is torturing me is sitting behind the monitor of his computer in the comfort of his home.  It has been observed that the Handler/torturers are local and with a few mile radius of me.  They make calls to local sociopathic associates who will carry out acts of psychological and physical violence on me and my property.  They also attempt to discredit me to the local population by pretending they have some official credentials which are bogus.  
Yesterday, the handler injured a muscle in my back with an infrasonic beam weapon in addition to attacking my brain.  It is not that I think this happened, I know for a fact this happened.  Remember that I am being tortured and I know I am being tortured by NO TOUCH TORTURE.  These people know enough about anatomy to simulate certain injuries to muscles, tendons, nerves and organs of the human body, remotely via directed energy weapons.  These weapons are in every city and town in the United States and Internationally as well.  The country is wired and these weapons are in cell phone towers and satellites.  There are also portable versions of this weapon in the hands of the same military contractors.  This weapon has US patent number 7629918 by the military contractor, Raytheon.  Google it on the Internet.  At first I thought the torture was only for tortures sake, but I now believe that money is paid for Human radiation exposure test data
In a nutshell, the why of this project is to slowly kill targets so as not to arouse suspicion of the public.  Directed Energy is used to wear the target down and psychological harassment is used to keep the target on edge.  Obtaining human radiation exposure test day helps pay the bills.  Keep this in mind will make the details fit together and make sense.
The handler/torturers can inflict injuries that simulate injuries that simulate injuries that people get all the time. The only difference is that I receive these injuries on a 24 hour/7 day per week basis.  I have received the following injuries or injury attempts:
  • trigeminal nerve damage to simulate trigeminal neuralgia on the left cheek bone
  • brain heating with a beam weapon
  • beaming my eyes causing a degrading vision losses 
  • beaming my teeth (I heard and felt a molar crack during an intense attack)
  • muscles in shoulders irradiated to simulate FIBROMYALGIA.  Many people are irradiated and do not know it.
  • joints and tendons in my right hand, especially my thumb joint.
  • muscles in my torso and legs are beamed to cause pain and inflammation and I believe this inflammation is a desired result.  I must take a therapeutic dose of 800 milligrams of Advil daily sometimes to combat inflammation.
  • Death will come to all TI victims eventually in the form of Heart Attack, Stroke which is nicknamed NSA suicide because it will be diagnosed as death from natural causes.
  • NSA suicide also includes those who have been psychologically and physically beaten down to the point where they no longer feel like continuing to live and so they commit suicide.  I hear of TI’s dying too often, reminding me that my time is not so far off.  Suicide statistics have risen dramatically from 1999 to 2010 years for which data is available.  However, TI’s  who become weakened from torture, don’t really have that much time to contemplate suicide, because the Psychopathic handler is Johny on the spot to stop their heart.  They keep trying to stop my heart and it has always started back again.  I reasoned they are just checking when they stop my heart.  They don’t know if it will stop permanently or not.  Maybe they get a bonus for a stopped heart death.  Sometimes a psychopath will get fixated and continue trying to stop my heart over and over, until I go do something different to get his mind off it.  I know that one time my heart will not restart and I will be diagnosed as death from natural causes.   For this reason I believe TI suicide would have to be done when the TI is healthy.  

As I said, once weakness sets in, the handler will stop the TI’s heart.   Looking back on my life before the torture was made noticeable, I realize that I was targeted, due to my heart palpation’s were much like the way the handler stops my heart.  Also, I was very healthy but developed arthritis only in my thumb joints and no where else.  Afterward, the handler would go after my thumb joints almost exclusively sometimes as though thumb joint arthritis were a bonus injury for them to do.  Also, the first joint of my right index finger is irradiated often.  lesser sought after injuries are impotence, fibromyalgia, hip/knee joint arthritis and stroke are injuries sought after by the psychopaths.  As headway toward the injury is made, the psychopath is then motivated to continue on with the injury until it is completely disabled.  However, the psychopath will not do an injury if it can be diagnosed by a doctor as other than natural causes (in other words a common affliction).   The Psychopaths are individuals and have favorite injuries they like to cause.  There are three shifts of psychopaths over a 24 hour period.  A TI can sometimes tell who his handler is by what injury they go after and how they torture.  When people realize this as well as other things the Psychopathic handlers are doing, these psychopaths names will be mud.  There wont be any place for them to hide from angry mobs.  But now they are in their hey day and being a handler is a psychopaths wet dream.  I know it will be over and I can’t imagine why the psychopaths still torture/kill people in their homes.  They apparently just do not believe the killing will ever be over.  I guess this has something to do with their psychopathic personality.  Torturing and killing is not that big of a deal and does not affect them in the same way it affects normal people. 

Some people are very aware that people are being targeted.  I have seen public service personnel, police, firemen, city/county workers participate in torture/harassment.  I think though that even though most know, most just tolerate it because they would loose their jobs otherwise.  It would be an easy choice for me to stand up and shout about this problem, but then this is probably why I am targeted.  The majority are good people but just not whistle blowers.  They don’t like that it’s happening, but will not be the first to identify the problem.  I am sure that they are made aware that anyone would be targeted if they spoke out.  A large enough group would have to speak out, to avoid being targeted.  The group Oathkeepers is a group for Police and Firefighters who believe there is a problem with what happened after 911.  I believe it may be a decision by this group to speak out about targeted individuals eventually, but who knows. 

    Death from what is termed SOFT KILL technology in a slow assassination culminated in death from apparent natural causes is the kind of plan only a PSYCHOPATH could have dreamed up.  To a Psychopath it makes perfect sense.  It is almost impossible to detect, the people who are targeted are discredited with false psychiatric diagnosis’s and the method of assassination seems outlandish to the public.  Of course there are a lot of reports, so the President, both houses of congress and the mainstream media have to be complicit for this to be pulled off.  president Obama even commissioned “THE PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION ON BIOETHICS“.  Half way through the video is testimony from victims of Directed Energy Weapons.  These people call themselves Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  Their testimony was given in 2011 and 2012, but as yet nothing has been done to help victims.  This proves that there is a coverup. 

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