Scalar Waves Communicate With DNA And So Are Used To Subjugate Targeted Individuals

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Humans are electrical beings and as such the environment communicates with our bodies and our DNA.  Our DNA also requests what it needs from the environment and from other DNA.  In our time man has introduced frequencies into our environment (AM, FM, TV) but up until recently this has not caused a problem.  Not until Digital frequencies were introduced in the DNA biological window of 2.5MHz to 2.8GHz according to Dr. Meyl.  It is in this frequency window that your DNA responds and resonates and in effect communicates with the world, where DNA can communicate with other DNA.   According to Dr. Meyl, your microwave oven operates at a frequency of 2.45GHz, which is the frequency it uses to cook DNA in the cells of MEAT (not water).  This is right on the edge of the frequency range where biological matter vibrates and will heat up due to that vibration.

He also states that school children exposed to digital frequencies in the biological window are impaired in their learning.  He says that frequencies in the biological window will cause the brains DNA to listen and take notice because the information is repeated over and over.  Apparently the DNA thinks that it makes sense, but after taking notice and paying attention, the information is seen to not make sense so the DNA then ignores it.  The problem is that this happens over and over, ceaselessly.

Put another way,  there is continual exchange of hand shaking protocol between of the brains DNA because it looks overtly that it is information it needs to listen to, yet each and every single time the brain has to realize it is nothing and ignore it.  Dr. Meyl says that so much of the brains capacity is used in this process that there is not enough left to do school work or anything else and the kids have learning difficulty.  Kids are especially because their young brains are less able to cope with this trauma.  Dr. Meyl s1531618_519331704842467_195048159_naid that he has spoken with teachers who were teachers both before the digital revolution and after and they say this problem only started after the digital frequencies were introduced.

I researched DNA link to targeting and Henning Witte interviews Dr. Konstantin Meyl about DNA communication and scalar waves. Dr. Meyl says that scalar waves are how the brain communicates.  Nicola Tesla was first to notice scalar waves.  Now Dr. Meyl has proven that they exist and that this is how our bodies communicate with the environment and scalar waves are the biological medium for this communication.   He covers in this video the biological window of 2.5Ghz to 2.8GHz which is the frequency DNA uses and how electronics ie routers for instance, interfere with this communication in a deleterious way by causing learning difficulties. Henning Witte is a lawyer in a scandinavian country who is helping people targeted with psychotronic weapons.  The CIA probably is doing this to people.  They have secretly discovered scalar waves and are communicating with torturing people with one aspect of it communicating with DNA.  There is no protection against this.

This is the video of the interview.  It is hard to listen to because English is not Dr. Meyls first language, but he seems to know what he is talking about.
in addition the radiation targeting people seems to be of several types.  People talk of microwaves and certainly this is prevalent and one aspect of the torture.  Another is a narrow beam weapon that can resonate at the frequency of tissues within the body and as Dr. Meyl says each organ has its own frequency.  This beam can be used to burn/ cauterise and even vaporize tissue and is therefore surgical in nature and could be used by a surgeon remotely. other EM waves seem to be variations of the other two.

The following links are to give more information to the reader about what is happening with the technology the CIA is using on people.  Unfortunately the program of human experimentation did not stop when MKULTRA was investigated back in the 1970’s with the Church Committee.  It was supposed to stop but it didn’t stop.  There were 500,000 victims and the whole thing just went underground and resurfaced under a different name.  The handlers who experimented on MKULTRA victims are probably the same handlers who experiment on Targeted individuals.  Of course they don’t work for the CIA, but they work for private contractors.   It was General Dynamics Corporation who won the Air Force Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR) contract back in April of 2013, for Human Experimentation to test Directed Energy Weapons on People.  This is quite astounding that anyone could believe that they will test these weapons on thousands of Human Beings and Animals by obeying the rules.  There is no way it would be possible to fire directed energy weapons at people and not have law suits and injuries and all kinds of problems that testing energy on people entails.  This testing is going on with testing the weapons on people covertly and remotely and there is not informed consent.  There is human slavery where the people are tracked down like animals and private military contractors fire these Directed Energy Weapons at the people in their homes.  This happens over and over and over, while the people are made to be afraid and frantically try to escape, which is what the scientists and ultimately the handlers want.  Why is it desired to have terrified people like frantic animals?  Well as it turns out, frantic and frightened people get sicker faster than non frightened people and when this happens it is a success!

So now you know why Targeted Individuals (TI’s) are driven to be human trafficking victims.  They are made homeless, due to loss of jobs and money and reputation.  Please know what is going on and do your part to help in the endeavor of making our leaders aware of this crime.

Please read my blog for more information.the stalking and torture seems like CTTL like used in Iraq to track dissidents torture seems like weapon testing in addition to other types of experimentation.  See Air Force DEBR contract awarded to General Dynamics in May of 2013 requests to security agencies are denied doctor tried to be more accepting of targeted peoples stories about targeting have implants and believe i have received more since the first scanning. complicating this issue is that I believe there is a chemical electrolyte used on targeted people to increase conductivity am able to detect direction and elevation with a meter, which is built into an android cell phone.  It is not supposed to work this way but it does work.  Cost is the motivating factor.  I believe the meter does not detect scalar waves but does detect microwave radiation and shows the source of the radiation. Welsh explains illegal mind control well

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