What is happening here is that I am being irradiated with directed energy so that I am showing COVID Pneumonia Symptoms which is very much like drowning.   Likely story right?  but I don’t think it can be faked, can it?  It just so happens that I have had this done to me about two dozen times so far.  What if I had gone to the hospital?  The answer is that probably would have been taken for a COVID patient and since I couldnt breathe, i would have been INTUBATED and stuck on a VENTILATOR which has a 90% chance of resulting in death. I have told law enforcement about this but they wont do anything and that is another story.  SO WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG IF YOU DECIDE TO PREDATE COMMUNITY MEMBERS AND USE THEM AS SLAVES FOR CASH AND PRIZES?ALSO, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL SO HOW DOES THIS AFFECT THE SHERIFF?  The most important thing to consider is that i am being Tortured for telling the truth and  I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT AND I AM DYING TO HELP TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND THE FBI CONTRACTORS ARE KILLING ME. SO DO YOU CARE? How about the people of Port Orford? DO YOU WANT THIS?

Look, I am 68yo and therefore a senior citizen.  So you have heard a lot about seniors in nursing homes dying of Covid and I am just trying to get you to question the narrative of how the virus is disseminated.   I am not saying that they were given Covid by Directed Energy DEW’s, but I am saying that the pneumonia symptoms I show in the video above are induced by DEW’s on two dozen occasions.  You no doubt have heard about pneumonia symptoms being induced by 5GEE and I cannot verify that since here in Oregon, we still have 4GEE,  I can verify that most of the Cell phone towers are weaponized. YES, it was hard for me to believe too. Now there are millions of drones throughout the US too due to an act of congress about 3 or 4 years ago to distribute drones IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY.  The Drones allowed the FBI contractors to chase us down with weaponized Drones now.  They follow us everywhere. They even follow us through mountain passes where there is no cell phone reception. As for Weaponized Satellite, I I have no direct knowledge. As far as I can see, a lot of what is happening now is NAZI behavior and it is all done in the NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY.  It is time to wake up.  The Government is not your friend. The Deep State ( DS ) and the Intelligence Community ( IC ) is WARING against the citizens.  They could stop it but actually it seems as if they are assisting.  Look, the Justice Dept. is assisting the FBI Contractors to use humans as SLAVES and through dissemination of lies from the Justice Departments in each state, the FUSION CENTERS in each state and the FBI is shaping the perception and beliefs of LAW ENFORCEMENT ( LE ).  LE everywhere is apparently told to not only ignore when people say they are being attacked by DEW;s but they must be told to have the victimized people put into the mental health system.

 I have to repeat what I said before.  I now think that the FBI contractors here in Port Orford are trying to get rid of me because i am FBI Contractor unfriendly maybe.  So the pneumonia symptoms you see in the above video are meant to persuade me or anyone with those symptoms to call for an ambulance which would convey me to the nearest hospital.  Once in the hospital, the emergency protocol would take over and I would be INTUBATED and put on a VENTILATOR.  That protocol has a 90% chance of killing the patient.  No one would question the death was not due to and from COVID. My question to you reading this is: HOW MANY PEOPLE HAD THIS SCENARIO HAPPEN TO THEM WHETHER IN A NURSING HOME OR NOT?


I believe the FBI contractors are here because they needed locals to bring the surveillance in because it wouldnt work if the military did it.  But now the surveillance is here!  Look up at the drones in the night sky.  They are like a very bright star or light in the sky and if you shine a laser pointer at one it may move quickly away.  They can see into your house!  They can see and hear what you see and hear too!  Is it for the greater good or is your government afraid of you?