I would like you (especially police) to think about how many people this DEW INDUCED COVID PNEUMONIA SYMPTOMS has happened to already? These attacks are immediate and subside relatively soon after the directed energy stops. I have the same rights as you have and therefore YOU DONT HAVE ANY RIGHTS. These Secret, National Security, FBI FUSION CENTER Contractors have already rolled this out to the public and I was lucky enough to have captured it on video. cant you see that you are witnessing attempted murder in progress? i am an a PATRIOT and Ii am an innocent man who has been put on THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST” (LEO’s NEED TO GET THIS). THINK… DEW INDUCED COVID PNEUMONIA IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE SAME FOLKS WHO BROUGHT YOU MEDICAL TYRANNY, COVID LOCKDOWNS, MASK MANDATES, WEATHER WARFARE, FOOD SHORTAGES, GeoEngineering, Laser induced Wild Fires burning people out of their homes. Do you realize that thousands of MEDICAL DOCTORS have risked their careers and now their lives to tell that this COVID-19 is a SCAM to cause fear and to lockdown society and all of this is the precursor FOR WHAT??  Answer: it is to crash the economy and begin the CULLING … YOU NEED TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

Thousands of Doctors are now being censored by Google, Youtube and Twitter et al.. CONSIDER THIS: The road to Auschwitz is paved by Order Followers JUST DOING THEIR JOBS. LAW ENFORCEMENT needs to recognize that the Deep State (DS) and the Intelligence Community(including FBI DHS, CIA) Fusion Centers) have been infiltrated by PSYCHOPATHS and are no longer what you think they are. They are united in their quest to crash the global economy in support of the globalists. Do you realize that all of the disasters and disruption going on right now at the same time because it is all a planned take down. It is orchestrated as if it were a play. AS INCREDIBLE AS IT SEEMS, THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY IS WORKING WITH THE GLOBALISTS TOWARDS A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. CONSIDER: GLOBALISTS NO LONGER NEED HUMANS BECAUSE ROBOTS ARE MORE EFFICIENT! GLOBALISTS HAVE DECIDED TO BEGIN A MASS CULLING OF 90% OF HUMANITY. This is all ahead of schedule because they notice that people are waking up. Therefor GLOBALISTS ARE HOPING YOU WONT NOTICE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. I had to wake up because I was targeted in 2010 and so I dedicated my life to educating and waking people up to systemic government corruption. The information is out there and everything I say is backed up by facts. Please do your own research before it is too late, because it may already be too late.

I believe the FBI hires local who in my estimation must be very dumb, as  contractors because they needed locals to bring   Radar Surveillance to people in their home environments. It absolutely is the definition of TROJAN HORSE, because the contractors will present it to citizens in the town as something good so they will take accept it. In other words, it woulnt work if the military brought in Radar Surveillance, so they get local citizens to do bring in the surveillance, since they would not be questioned.  You can see the surveillance drones in the night sky, because apparently they must use lights at night.  Be sure to check it out by looking up after dark to see if there are any bright lights in the sky, brighter than the north star.  In addition, the surveillance operators can see what you see and hear what you hear.  I prove that with the video below because researchers can cobble it together in a day, it will be possible to perfect it over time.

Researchers at UC-BERKLEY experiment with remote vision through a cats eyes.