First I want to say that I am a healthy 67yo man who lives in Port Orford Oregon.  I dont have heart disease, Congestive heart failure, pneumonia or  chronic lung disease.  What you are witnessing in this video of agonizing torture which goes on for hours, is the result of a few minutes of retributory radiation with Directed Energy Weapon from a deep state contractor for some perceived slight which caused this paralysis of my diaphragm and lung function and also phlegm filling my lungs.  I am a political prisoner/activist and this torture could be in retribution for my activism as well as anything.  I call it simulated drowning, which is similar to the way waterboarding was called simulated drowning.  Remote simulated drowning is very descriptive of what is happening.  I have associate degrees in Biological Science and also Electronics Engineering Technology.  Let me ask you if you think I am a TERRORIST and a THREAT to America?  I am on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST along with other innocents like Single Moms, Children,  Elderly Pensioners, Veterans,  Who in the hell is doing this to INNOCENT PEOPLE?  This should make you angry and yet there is no outrage, probably at least partially because Mainstream Media wont cover it.  I can tell you that Donna and I are victims of human trafficking and Sheriff Ward and Everett Dial the District Attorney of Curry County Oregon, KNOWS ALL OF THE DETAILS, since Curry County is loosely affiliated with Oregon Dept of Justice under which Oregon TITAN Fusion Center resides. (This TITAN designation seems reminiscent to a high school football team) but those details are all covered up because I am not allowed to talk about my neighbors because they are being protected as though they are crime victims.  One thing that should tip you off to a problem is the video above where I am punished with simulated drowning and it has been going on for months, but has increased in intensity after the trial because the D.A. silenced me.  What the hell is this torture about and who is responsible? The D.A. spent months and thousands of dollars investigating me which was bogus since I am under a perpetual, relentless and all invasive second by second investigation by DHS/Threat Fusion Center.  Even my doctor was contacted and is now WEAPONIZED against me and has basally withdrawn treatment.  Think its a coincidence, since his apparent weaponization began in June WHEN THE SECRET INVESTIGATION OF ME BEGAN!  Contacting someones doctor is an outrage and an act of war which should be a shock and slap in the face to everyone.  The D.A. knew or should have known this.    Both the Sheriff and D.A. know there are many innocents on the TERROR WATCH LIST,  but they need to be asked why are they persecuting an innocent man?  I am being realistic when I say they probably wont be asked until the next election in 2020.  People who run for County Sheriff and District Attorney will be buoyed electorially, if they can say they will not be constitutional traitors like the incumbents are. 
People on the Terrorist Watch List notice they are, as a group, innocent of any crimes and they are being Extra Judicially Targeted/Tortured with Directed Energy weapons.  So Who is responsible for this outrage?  Is it DOJ, DHS, WHO?

I want people to know that I have been betrayed by local elected officials.  First by Sheriff John Ward who investigated me for two years and did nothing to help.  I even talked to him once when he came to my mouse as a result of a 911 call.  I believe this was to see who I was and if I was important.  I say that because he left me to be ripped to shreds by TORTURE CONTRACTORS.  They extracted the remainder of my money with this ridiculous SECRET INVESTIGATION, where during the investigation someone actually went to my doctor in Gold Beach and told him a lie to destroy my credibility and actually got the doctor to change my course of treatment.  They got the doctor to stop giving me my necessary medication and gaslight me to get rid of me since he was now shamed and with a legal cloud over his head for doing it.   What Happens is that the FBI comes with two dossiers of me, with one being the real information and the second is a KOMPROMAT (Compromising material), which is tailored to the local audience (my doctor in this case).  Basically they come in with national security letter and shiny credentials to tell my doctor that I am a doctor racist and a drug abuser, actually they will tell any lie they think the person will believe.  I have seen this happen many times.  Sometimes they through out the psychopaths.  If at this point you say “if you cant trust the government who can you trust”, then I would tell you that you are part of the problem. You can see that the reason for this is they are part of an Organized Crime business and need you to not trust me, else I will spill the beans.  Look, I am a retired computer engineer who is not guilty of anything.

trial where an innocent man was put up as the offender who was actually calling out in pain of torture, trying to get one of you big men in the Sheriffs Office or the District Attorneys Office to actually show some humanity and help the Elderly Couple fend off the Predators.

and the PREDATORS AKA PERPETRATORS were called the VICTIMS.   People at the level of sheriff and District Attorney know exactly what is happening to citizens due to the Phoenix Genocide Program.  The DA is the one I really am disappointed in who had the most to demonstrate and who demonstrated his lack of moral compass to all.  The reason I was acting out is because I was being tortured and I wanted someone to notice, like the Sheriff, DA, City Council, Concerned Citizens, but none of that happened.  Here in Port Orford these officials have the opportunity to demonstrate to all how to break out of this dictatorship and they choked.  They took an oath to protect the constitution so I cant even say they get an A+ for effort because they absolutely disappointed in failure.  On 911 our country was taken over in a Coup D’tat by the DeepState In DC and is now ruled by psychopaths for the New World Order.  It is a run away train going down hill and new world order here we come unless we can stop this damn train.  You see, the reason it is a run away train is because even in small towns, like Port Orford, we have Officials as mentioned above who know they are screwing the people and especially James Lico who is being tortured to death and they know it.  Which one of you can watch the above video and say I am not being tortured?  This all comes down from Intelligence agencies and DHS and Fusion Centers who partner with State Of Oregon Police (in this case) and FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Do any of you that all of the shootings are FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS?  They are used to generate a bigger budget for the Intel Agency which runs the false flag.  After 911 budgets more than doubled and personnel quadrupled to give America the biggest Intel Agency cluster fuck in history.  Hence we got private corporations like HomeLand Security which is the opposite of security and Fusion Centers and JTTF which break into Homes and Harass and Torture Innocent Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons.  This all funnels down throught the State Police and all Law enforcement who have lucrative programs to increase their budgets and hire more personnel to cement their crooked constitution busting affiliation with DC.   Do you realize what you greedy people are doing?  It is called TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE!!  So I ask if this is what you all want?  I think the answer is NO, but what the hell are you continuing down the track of death.  Look at what is happening to California from the FIRES and  FLOODS.   Paradise California is gone!  There were Law Enforcement there weren’t there?  They say they are going to rebuild but they will never rebuild.  Do you realize the people were told not to evacuate by Law Enforcement, at time of the fire and most of the people were incinerated?  There are stories from residents of CA fires that chased LOOTERS out of their homes with shovels because the looters were given the OKAY to LOOT by people who knew there would be fires before there were fires?  Look, the Intel Agencies, Fusion Centers, DHS, JTTF and all of their incompetent minions are trying their very best to destabilize the USA and take it down via economic collapse.  This is because the Intel agencies are working for DC who is doing the bidding of the New World Order.     This is the type of bull shit you people are protecting.  So, Mr. Everett Dial and Sheriff John Ward, by subjugating this activist and removing what money he had left and disrupting the relationship he had with his doctor and allowing the military contractors who are torturing him to go to work unabated to chip away at him secure with the knowledge that they can continue killing him without interference now that you are done keeping him quiet.   Why not try helping the good guys for a change?  You are only progressing and accelerating the fall of America.  In the Phoenix Genocide program, you are killing activists, whistleblowers, veterans and in so doing you are terrorizing good people who see and fear what you are doing so that you are effectively destabilizing and tearing down America a little every day.  We need you to stop going against the constitution now!

I have associate degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors in Computer Science.  This gives me the ability to make good observations of what is happening with this technology which has been in stable use, since the 1970’s.  I would caution that you do not just think this is bull, since I can assure you that what I am saying is RIGHT ON.  I don’t exaggerate or make things up.   You must realize that the geoengineering/chemtrail spraying in conjunction with electronically energizing the atmosphere has destroyed the ozone layer, allowing deadly UVB and UVC radiation to reach the surface, which is killing the trees everywhere and you too. In addition the oceans are dying and the insects are dying which is all coming to a head at once.  We wont even survive the next 6 years until 2025 unless we can wake up enough to stop the military from destroying what is left of the ozone.  In addition, the Arctic ocean ice is melting at a fast rate so that it is probable that this will be the last year Ice will be in the arctic.  After that the see water will begin to heat very rapidly since the ice will not be there to enable it to stay cold.

I know now that militias all over the country are waking up to the fact that the US Intel Agencies and other deep state operatives are doing extremely invasive surveillance on citizens.  More specifically, FBI, Fusion Centers, DHS, JTTF, Contractors can put radar on your brain and connect to your brains neural Image which is called RNM = Remote Neural Monitoring. It monitors your audio and visual cortex and more.  This radar can track you the way radar tracks a plane, making thousands of calculations per second so that it can stay with you so that you cant get away from it.  There is no more privacy because this can happen in minutes and it can be done with a soft touch to you cant tell it is happening.  FACT: The operator can hear what you hear and see what you see. They can monitor militia or anyone at all in their meetings and when banking or talking to your lawyer, etc.. THINK ABOUT IT, because there is  NO PRIVACY NOW… IF we dont stop this then how can we even begin to take our country back. The contractors are killing activists everywhere and even worse, this is a global holocaust!  They torture TI’s and its a false flag operation. But this happens to non targeted people and they call it SURVEILLANCE and you cant tell they are connected to your brain.  The technology is SECRET which is criminal since it is killing people in secret.  It would be an embarrassment when the truth gets out.

I direct this to administrators in small towns everywhere

I live in Port Orford Oregon and previously from Gold Beach Oregon.  First I want to say that towns like these are scheduled to go back to nature and everyone will have to move out and into stack and pack apartments in a mega city.  We will have to leave because we will be forced out of our homes due to weather weapons causing fires, floods, extreme storms and earth quakes.

  Administrators need to be frugal about spending the tax payers coffers.  Do you know if the county has unfunded pension liabilities?  I will ask again, DO YOU KNOW IF THE COUNTY HAS UNFUNDED PENSION LIABILITIES??  Its your retirement!  Is the county going broke like so many around the country?  Of course you know that the Fusion Center is a criminal organization with guidance from Intel Agencies.  These contractors are the terrorists.  They are attacking me now like you knew they would and that is they are hitting below the belt trying to get me and Donna to act out!  These morons need to get us subjugated and they are throwing everything at us because you are keeping me quiet.  You made it so we must die quietly..  RIGHT NOW MOST OF THE ACTIVISTS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE UNDER THE HAMMER OF THESE TORTURE CONTRACTORS.


First I want to say that I am a healthy 67YO man with no heart or lung disease. the problem is, I am one of the innocents on the Terrorist watch list, who is designated as a threat to America, which allows all sorts of attacks by government contractors on my body.  They use torture to try to stop my activism.  Remember it is dhs and the fusion centers mainly who orchestrate this torture.

Why? you might ask?  I think it is because I didn’t believe the official 911 narrative lies and I openly said so, on social media.  For this, I believe I was put on a Terrorism Watch list as a Threat without due process and unable to face my accusers.

The problem I am having today is that my lungs were irradiated with probably ELF energy and within minutes, my lung function was down to an estimated 10% because muscles in my lungs have been temporarily paralyzed.  So I literally could not breathe in enough air and my lungs were continually filling with fluid.  I was literally drowning in my own phlegm, and and yet this was being monitored by my handler, contractor and probably fusion center personnel as a success. In fact, they were probably laughing at me. You see they have done this to me about numerous times and the fact is that this torture is similar to waterboarding.  This torture stops or restricts  breathing so as to cause PANIC as though drowning or waterboarding!  This torture is done to get dissidents to obey and stop trying to alert others.  IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FOR AMERICA?

If you haven’t heard about the torture before, brace yourselves, because it is widely used globally on dissidents to keep them from contacting others. In addition, I am used as a human experiment subject for brain research and also weapons testing. The reason I know this is because I and many others have done our own investigation of the facts. I have college degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biological Science and Computer Science, which allows me to make observations about what is happening to myself and others. Contractors track us like bounty hunters and we are human trafficked where ever we go and we are tortured with radiation and used in horrific experiments. Now based on the fact that this respiratory lung paralysis was done to me numerous times, all with the apparent objective of CAUSING TRAUMATIC RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SO THAT THE VICTIM BECOMES TERRORIZED AT THE APPARENT END RESULT OF BEING UNABLE TO BREATH AND HAVING TO FIGHT, GASPING FOR ENOUGH AIR TO PREVENT DROWNING TO DEATH IN THE THEIR OWN PHLEGM. Do you get the feeling they are doing this so that it can be repeated over and over again on me and other poor unfortunate souls? Can you tell that this is the new waterboarding torture method under being used on dissidents/patriots and the useful idiots are proud of it? Why do you think that Homeland Security, The Threat Fusion Center, The FBI and JTTF and State Police would want to do this horrific procedure to Americans. They cant do the “waterboarding” now can they because they have to do the torture remotely without touching the SUBJECT. They must use Directed Energy Weapons because that is what they have to do remote torture with and so when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
The fact here is that apparently I have uncovered this crime because I caught the psychopaths in the act, red handed.,  because they dont want me Live Streaming their results. It was for their private viewing only.  This will only have an impact though if other people get as angry as I am about torture being used on innocent citizens as punishment.

The Fusion center actually recommends these type of torture procedures afflictions to be done to targeted individuals and pays a handsome bounty to boot. I think this procedure is to be used for punishment, but can also be used to drown patients in their beds in hospitals or elsewhere. But dont think it is just TI’s whom this is to be done to.  Now with the TROJAN HORSE SURVEILLANCE in place over the whole town and county and probably the entire state by now. the next phase of targeting will be new perceived threats who exhibit a disdain for government surveillance, which can now be seen in the privacy of your own home.

The Fusion Center, fbi, dhs, jttf and State Police thinks this is funny! This is because they are predators and it happened again today on 3/2/2019. This simulated drowning torture happens about once per week now and today I almost died because I could not breathe, because my lungs would not expand at all.  With this ELF energy, the torturers can disable muscles of lungs, heart and it happens to my legs.  Our FUSION CENTER comes up with things like this if you can imagine such a thing is even possible. .. i was lying down in bed and I felt one or both lungs aching at the top right below my neck. My breathing became labored and the rattling became pronounced due to my lungs filling up with fluid. When I got up, I could not breathe in and I realized that my lungs had their functionality impaired by the energy beam. I could not breathe in and that is I could not expand my lungs. The only thing I could do was inhale probably 10% which was only able to take in a small amount of air. I felt like I would pass out and was gasping for breath due to insufficient oxygen. I definitely believe this was an attack with directed energy weapons. I dont believe it was to kill me, since I believe it is testing an alternative to waterboarding… I have experienced this same type of attack on my lungs on numerous occasions before but were not as debilitating. It seems to me as if the contractor was practicing to get it just right so that I was panicked and would fear them, because as it is now I am not afraid of the contractors. There is no point fearing death, because if they want to kill me then they will and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I am a canary in the coal mine and I think that this is slavery which people aught to wake up to deal with. TI’s cant fix this themselves and all activists are targeted now. People must wake up to what is going on and deal with it now. America is on the verge of economic and environmental collapse SEE MY WEBSITE.  These useful idiots can see into your homes and see and hear what you say and do.  Do you really think they wont get around to you? Cant you see that Targeted Individuals are for practice?  We are innocent like you, you know.  Also, you should make sure this is what you want your children growing up into before letting it go further!  The loud voices will go away and the only voice remaining will be yours.  JAMESLICO.COM

TI’S ARE A FALSE FLAG OPERATION, where the contractors bring an invasive surveillance into the TI’s neighborhood and it is a trojan horse. The surveillance is used to surveille all of the neighbors and towns people with sophisticated through the wall imaging technology where they can see through your roof and walls. In addition, they can put radar on your brain and see what you see and hear what you hear, after connecting with the visual and audio cortex of your brain. This is an emergency alert to everyone. This is an attack on America. This is a take down and an attack on our people and our society which we will need all of our strength and focus to overcome.. There is a space fence similar to the matrix now. The air is ionized with plasma due to Chemtrails/Geoengineering spraying aluminum, barium and strontium. 5G is needed to really bring the space fence control over us to fruition.
5g will intrude on us
Do you feel spacey or dizzy?
do you sense false emotions
do you sense false dreams
do you sense false thoughts

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