Remote Bacterial Incubation by Directed Energy

Bacterial Incubation Process
8:36am My handler is very much into bacterial incubation process, this is the theory I talked about before, which is used to :
a) grow bacteria in order to re-infect the Target

b) grow bacteria in order to increase colonization of bacteria count of a wound which the target already has.

c) To cause pain in the target as a pain anchor by thermal heating of an existing boil infection. Other pain anchors for example are my thumb joints, fingers, inner ear or anyplace which the handler has caused inflammation previously to anchor pain in the target.

d) infect any biological target on earth any time with a bacterial infection if the target is already a carrier of the bacteria or using bacteria from a depot previously placed.

e) attack targets anywhere on earth at anytime.

This ability to attack targets anywhere on earth is according to Air Force declaration that anyone can be attacked anywhere on earth at anytime. There exists a network of weaponized satellites, weaponized cell phone towers and portable DEW weapons which can be accessed via the internet.

My theory of “bacterial incubation process” remains to be proven but this is how I believe a handler torturer can keep an infection going for months and even years in a human test subject. The beauty part of it is that even though the target has medical help, the electronic weaponry can overcome their help and the targeted victim receives a clandestine slow kill death sentence. This can happen even when the target is out in public, around other people.

The way this works is that the handler needs to have a target victim with a bacterial infection. The infection would have cleared up but the handler does not want that. This is like a continuation of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment where people were allowed to remain infected with syphilis into the 1980’s even though there was a cure for the disease. Most doctors will write a prescription for a bacterial infection which would clear up the infection initially, yet the target remains a carrier and can be reinfected at any time. Because of this, doctors can be blamed for not curing infections because they could possibly have their careers ruined by sociopaths like my handler. Continuing on, he handler wants to keep the infection going so since I already have the STAPH bacteria in my body all the handler has to do is use the Ultrasonic beam to warm up an incubation nest of bacteria until it multiplies enough to increase the colonization density to overrun my bodily defenses

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