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Distinguishing Legitimate Websites from Disinformation Websites
Here is the author site–>
The vast majority of websites about gang stalking are disinformation sites created to discredit reports of organized stalking and Cointelpro operations – and to obfuscate the whole subject.
Most disinformation websites can be easily identified as such because they contain a little bit of information about organized stalking mixed with lots of garbage about electronic mind-control technology, spiritual warfare, UFO abductions, and such.
Other disinformation websites are a bit more subtle; they discuss actual counterintelligence and Stasi tactics to make them appear legitimate at first glance, but they exclude or greatly restrict any references to government complicity.
Disinformation websites tend to devote relatively little attention to the psychological operations (“psyops”) tactics commonly reported by victims – and whose historical use by military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies are well-documented.
Instead, disinformation websites mostly focus on subjects like “energy weapons” and “implants.” Of course, no one disputes that energy weapons do exist. I discuss that issue in detail in the tactics section of the “What is Gang Stalking?” page of this website.
I am personally familiar with plausible accounts of the use of electronic weapons. However, the fact that such weapons are exotic – and that claims about their use will therefore be seen by many in the general public as far-fetched – means that discussion of the issue probably serves the counterintelligence objectives of agencies and contractors who use them by contributing to the odd nature of the whole subject of gang stalking.
The following websites are legitimate and worth visiting.
Gang Stalking is Murder
I list this site first for a reason – namely, that its author, Keith Labella, is one of the most authoritative sources of information on gang stalking. He doesn’t just speculate about the subject and re-post garbage from other websites; he files Freedom of Information Act requests, obtains affidavits and official correspondence, etc.
Now Public
Now Public hosts self-published articles from numerous writers on a variety of topics. Several writers post material there about gang stalking. The best articles are posted under the pseudonym “PeaceFrog.” Some of those articles – and new material – are now also at “Gang Stalking is Murder” above.
Now Public articles sometimes have numerous comments from readers. Predictably, some of the comments associated with the gang stalking articles are from government disinformation trolls, but it’s instructive to see how they operate. See the comments posted by “batvette” for example.
Websites which are legitimate, but not well-edited or updated
The following websites are legitimate (they don’t seem to contain obvious disinformation) although they are not always well-edited and/or kept up to date.
The first of these ( should not be confused with – which is labeled within the site as “Gang Stalking World” and might show up first in a Google search of that name. The first site is legitimate; the second is filled with extraneous content and is apparently a disinformation site designed to get web traffic intended for the other site.
The next site is legitimate, but has been inactive (not updated) for years.
The following site is legitimate (it exposes the true nature of FFCHS for example), but is also not updated or well-edited.
The following blog was being written for a few months (August and September 2012), but has not been updated. It accurately describes the experience and tactics of gang stalking, but the author seems not to be aware that organized stalking is a counterintelligence program.
Public Comment Forums About Gang Stalking
The next two websites are public forums where anyone can post comments about gang stalking. Naturally there are plenty of posts by disinformation trolls, but there are also many comments from victims. My very rough guess is that maybe three-fourths of the comments are from disinfo agents.
You can either start reading these forum discussions at their beginnings or you can click on “Go to the last page” to see the most recent comments.
It’s possible that reading comments from the more recent years would be more helpful because – as years pass – the legitimate posts by gang stalking victims are – in theory – more likely to be better-informed since more information keeps leaking out about Cointelpro/gang-stalking over time.
Interestingly – and stalking victims might find this amusing – it appears that either or both forums were started by disinformation trolls, but have partly evolved into semi-useful platforms for victims to share legitimate information despite the mostly bogus comments.
Some comments indicate that some victims are refusing to tolerate their abuse quietly – which of course is very good news.
The very first comment posted in the “Debate Forum” is clearly that of a troll – based on the content of his numerous comments. It isn’t even a close call. “Hektor Seven” is one of those people whose presence on the forum could not be explained any other way.
Why would a non-victim be obsessed with the subject of gang stalking – and trying to constantly register his skepticism about it? People who think astrology is silly don’t devote all their time trying to debunk it. At most, they might write a few letters/comments/articles, but then they would lose interest and move on.
Another clue is that immediately after launching his forum “Hektor” begins citing the New York Times article “Sharing Their Demons on the Web.” For my deconstruction of that article, see the “Gang Stalking Documents” section of the website you’re viewing,
The vast majority of disinfo comments are just rambling and incoherent and irrelevant and boring.
I recommend that victims view these forums more as opportunities for victims to spread useful information – rather than as sources to learn useful information. If enough genuine targeted individuals (“TIs”) begin posting comments, that could change. Of course, if the ratio of legitimate comments to bogus ones becomes too high, the disinformation trolls will presumably ramp-up their counter-efforts to drown-out the valid information.
I have seen comments alleging that some legitimate messages posted in the forums are sometimes deleted. I have not experienced that personally, but I suppose it could be true. It could also be disinformation – this is the spy vs. spy counterintelligence nature of the game. If you do notice comments being deleted, you might want to start saving print-screen images capturing your comments – and then send them to the administrators of the website as evidence of hacking.
Visitors to these forums might occassionally see the following comment which I have begun re-posting periodically:
Standard Warning About Forum Trolls  
This is not a response to any particular comment in this forum – just a general point that I post here periodically.
All these forums about gang stalking are saturated with comments from perp’s (gang stalking trolls posing as victims). Some of the comments are legitimate though, so it’s still worth visiting these forums.
Many perp comments are just rambling incoherent statements and lunatic-fringe B.S. about whether someone’s brain is being controlled by the government through the victim’s toaster or whatever.
The other type of perp comment is the kind that appears reasonable, except that when you read it carefully you realize that the purpose is to distract the conversation away from anything useful – like how to disrupt harassment tactics or how to expose police involvement in gang stalking.
That’s called disinformation. If they put enough garbage into these forums, victims will be less likely to visit them. Also, anyone who is not a victim and stumbles across the forum will think all self-proclaimed gang stalking victims are crazy.
Disregard the name associated with each comment. Perp’s can post comments under any name they choose, so it doesn’t mean anything. For example, perp’s sometimes use names of legitimate victims who have posted comments in the forum.
Just evaluate each comment based on common sense. Is it logical helpful advice?
If you want to expose the trolls in these forums, go ahead when it’s obvious. But don’t waste much time on it. Perp’s get paid to post comments; victims don’t.
Legitimate victims of gang stalking who regularly visit these forums already know all this, so to you folks I apologize for re-posting this information. It’s important to keep putting this out for victims visiting these forums for the first time, and just reading the most recent comments.
Most websites about gang stalking – just like most forum comments – are garbage. Here are two websites which are clearly legitimate. If you agree that they’re helpful, please try to spread information about them online. For example, you can copy and paste this comment into other forums occasionally.
Thanks for helping to shine a light on the Stasi cockroaches who participate in gang stalking.
“Gang Stalking and Psychological Harassment”  
This forum began in June 2007. As of June 2013, there were over 12,000 comments.
“Gang Stalking Debate Forum”  
This forum began in January 2010. As of June 2013, there were over 7,000 comments.
Gang Stalking Websites to Avoid  (Disinformation Sites)
A complete list of gang stalking websites to avoid would be very long, but I must at least warn readers about – which is clearly a disinformation website. FFCHS purports to be a support group for gang stalking victims, but is actually an organization run by cointelpro perp’s. For details, please see the “FFCHS” page of this blog, and share the warning with others, so they won’t be duped.
The fed’s have created numerous other versions of FFCHS, with varying degrees of apparent idiocy. They are all designed to draw in anyone searching for information about gang stalking/cointelpro by the same tactic: the websites appear possibly legitimate at first blush, and then become clearly bogus on closer inspection, so (a) non-victims will think all self-proclaimed targeted individuals are not credible, and (b) victims might eventually give-up trying to find legitimate informationonline after encountering numerous dead-ends.
Here is a good example of a disinformation website:
Websites Which Cover Police State Issues & Government Criminality
Here are some of the best sources of information about America’s drift toward a police state  – the erosion of civil liberties, excesses of the war on terrorism, the drug war, warrantless surveillance, drone assassinations, persecution of whistle-blowers, the federal government’s penchant for secrecy, interventionist foreign policy, the corrupting influence of the military/intelligence/police/prison industrial complex, the collusion of government and corporations to advance the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of the majority, etc. Gang stalking is an extreme manifestation of that overall trend.
ReasonA libertarian journal. Excellent source of reporting on the excesses of big government. Brian Doherty and others often cover abuses of power by local and federal police. Also, Reason often has the best readers’ comments of any site on the Internet.
Glenn Greenwald at the GuardianGreenwald’s excellent column “On Security and Liberty” is mainly a critique of domestic and foreign policy of the U.S. police state. The entire Guardian website is also an excellent news source – in part because it is more politically independent of the U.S. government than many of its American counterparts.
CounterPunchA progressive/leftist news and opinion journal. They publish some articles by libertarians and (paleo) conservatives also. They seem to be editorially fearless – for example, see the January 21, 2013 article in the “Gang Stalking News” section of this website for their excellent article on the past and present versions of Cointelpro (gang stalking).
Mother JonesA left-leaning news and opinion journal which began in 1976. It was named after Mary Harris Jones (“Mother Jones”), a union activist. Good coverage of whistle-blowers, human rights issues, and government corruption.
Democracy Now!A daily TV and radio news program from a progressive perspective. Award-winning investigative journalist Amy Goodman is the co-founder and news director.
The NationEstablished in 1865, The Nation is described by Wikipedia as “the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the U.S.”
WhoWhatWhyFounded and edited by investigative journalist Russ Baker, whose articles have been published in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, the Nation, The New York Times, the Washington Post, The Village Voice, Esquire and other major publications. The staff includes other notable reporters and whistle-blowers, such as Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers.
WiredGood coverage of new technologies and government policies on technology issues.
Info WarsCoverage of possible and actual government conspiracies and abuse ofpower. Sometimes too quick to engage in speculation about conspiratorial activities, but other times simply out front on topics not yet deemed safe for mainstream news coverage.
Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone
Matt Taibbi’s blog in the Politics section of Rolling Stone has excellent uncensored coverage of the corrupting influence on government by the financial industry, and issues about government surveillance of citizens.
The Technology Liberation FrontGovernments constantly seek to control and exploit technology to expand their powers. One of the last sources of protection of individual freedoms is the free flow of information via the Internet. The Technology Liberation Front is dedicated to fighting efforts by governments to over-regulate the Internet, media, and related communications technology.
The Daily BeastThe Daily Beast covers a wide range of popular culture and news topics from politically diverse perspectives. It’s more ideologically independent than most of its competitors. To their credit, they had the backbone to publish an article on “mobbing” – the workplace harassment element of gang stalking (See the “Gang Stalking News” section of this website – August 13, 2000).
TruthdigA progressive news website with both original content and aggregated content. I especially recommend reading the archive of columns by the influential journalist Chris Hedges, whose scathing attacks on the American police state are outstanding.
truthoutTruthout is a non-profit news and opinion website that features excellent coverage of police state issues. They have published many articles and opinion pieces on matters relevant to organized stalking.
The ProgressiveJust what it sounds like – a leftist monthly magazine published since 1909. They have posted several articles relevant to gang stalking – such as reporting on the national network of data fusion centers.
This Week’s Corrupt Cop StoriesAmericans relying on mainstream news media for information have no idea of the extent to which the drug war is corrupting America’s law enforcement agencies. Police corruption cases involving drugs are so common that the anti-prohibition organization StopTheDrugWar.Orgpublishes a weekly review of drug-related crimes by police officers. The group never seems to run out of news – and these are just the cops who get caught.
The Agitator
A blog by Radley Balko, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop – a critique of the militarization of American police agencies.
WikileaksWikileaks is an international non-profit organization founded in 2006 which publishes secret information and news leaks from anonymous sources. The founder and editor is Julian Assange, an Australian Internet activist.