Psychopathic Private Government Contractors Can Be Counted On By The Government To Act Like Psychopaths

The ego reptilian r-complex robot speaks by Sam Vaknin
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Psychopathic Private Government Contractors Can Be Counted On By The Government To Act Like Psychopaths

The psychopaths torturing me in Algona Washington, King County are insane in that they do not think or act like normal people.  No they aren’t aliens or robots, but if you could see the brutality without emotion they are capable of, they you might think they are aliens. Just for a thrill or even a high five with one of their like minded cohorts, they could bet for instance that a certain type of injury to a human being they have control over. For instance, A procedure Targeted Individuals call electronic rape is probing with narrow beam Electronic Weapon to numb or stimulate genitals and whatever else, has been done with me and up to 400,000 others.  This is probably more like Eugenics or sterilization experimentation.  There are many other procedures and no I am not kidding.  They do it because they can, they are paid for it and it doesn’t even matter what side of the bet they take or which one does the injury. When it is all over, and the high fives have been slapped, it is forgotten as quickly as it began leaving the victim to cope with whatever injury the psychopaths inflicted on the victim.  In addition, they use energy to put chemicals on the targets genitals and other areas to increase conductivity of the skin.  Many targeted individuals (TI’s) don’t know about the chemicals.  For instance putting the electrolyte on a TI’s genitals allows the mind control radar to complete the circuit and run from groin. to upper body core to brain.  Getting your body to absorb the radiation, allows more energy to flow to do what they want, allowing the handlers to get the full effect of their technology. They put chemicals in many places depending on what they want to do, but the favorite places for this electrolyte is the groin and the scalp.  I have college degrees in Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology.  Dismiss what I am telling you at your peril.  This knowledge allows me to remove the chemical from my environment.  I get nothing from this and I have no ego in it.

different things make you more or less susceptible to mind control. meditation helps. One thing they strive for is brain entrainment. They are doing brain research, mind control and DEW testing among other types of research,all of which then report on. One thing which aids access to people is the chemical electrolyte they use on me and I have to assume on other TI’s. No one talks about it, yet if I didnt remove it I would be very worse off. I have written an article on it and hope you will read it and further ask questions if you do not understand. You may have noticed that your symptoms of remote access decrease after a shower. This is not an accident because the shower washes off the chemicals. If you know what to look for you can remove them from your environment an you will do much better.

Remember These weapons can be used to shrink and even vaporize internal tissue in cauterization surgery. The weapons are in the hands of psychopaths smallbillboardwho are predators of Human Trafficking Targets Designated by the Government.  They stalk people, from whom they perform Human Experimentation on, which seems more like Electromagnetic Weapons testing.  The Psychopath next door takes on a whole new level of importance since ignoring the is out of the question.  These psychopaths don’t have to search because Targeted Individuals stand out because they are GPS tracked everywhere and they track us as though they are Bounty Hunters.  Yes it is Bizarre, but it gets worse.  Try getting away from them and its a different story, because it is more like you are their property, since they have gone to the trouble to stalk you and they don’t let prey go so easy. In other words, they want their pound of flesh and they consider you their property, you are an object to them and they expended time and resources to exploit you. They have a favorite saying which is “PAYBACK’S A BITCH” and they take it to heart. Remember they are in every city and town. They have interminable memories and will go to extraordinary lengths to exact revenge for perceived slights, especially if they know they won’t be caught. Piss of the wrong psychopath and you may find yourself on the receiving end of PAYBACK via electromagnetic weapons targeting you in the comfort of your home.  I am not saying they use these weapons on other people than Targeted Individuals, but they can because there is no supervision.  This is no touch torture and is the new face of human trafficking.  We are supposedly free but we live in a virtual prison from which there is no escape.

The thing is that I know these psychopathic contractors are doing what I am saying because they want me to know it and be terrified. That is the key point I want to make, they want me to know! But they are also after hundreds of thousands of people who are targeted and don’t know about it. If they don’t want the victim to know they are being accessed, they they will be clandestine and covert and the victim may not know. They have electromagnetic weapons and have contracted with one or more private companies to do human experimentation.  I have undergraduate degrees and training in Biology, Electronics and Computer Science.  So I can make these observations with a good degree of accuracy.  I am not going out on a limb with the observations, because it is possible and I am observing it first hand.  The things I am talking about are a hodge podge of off the shelf weaponry developed as non lethal weapons and off the shelf industrial processes.  This was used in Afghanistan and Iraq to track insurgents by JSOC (Navy Seals) and was called Clandestine, Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL).

How you can tell if you are being accessed remotely:
a) you can hear and snap, crackle, pop in your neck. It is tiny air bubbles due to microwave thermal expansion.
b) You may have transient Tinnitus or ringing in your ears for no reason.
c) unexplainable headache
d) pressure in your head like you have a bad cold, but there is no cold.
e) erectile dysfunction (may be recent)
f) ringing in ears due to chemical electrolyte on genitals and scalp
g) diarrhea
After Connecting To Victim,  They May Do The Following:
a) make your heart skip a beat every few seconds
b) simulate fibromyalgia
c) headache or ear ache
d) joint pain
e) tendon pain when walking or otherwise moving
f) muscle aches
g) cause gas in your colon, which makes a gurgling sound (women complain of this mostly)
h) facial pain
I) genital pain and intense itching
j) itching and burning skin
k) excessive gas pain and flatulence 
l) brain fog

Following is a link to an article about General Dynamics recently winning a $49M contract to test Directed Energy weapons on people for the Air Force. Don’t be fooled about the contract being restricted by anything at all. The contract can be extended and these cost plus expenses contracts can go over the price of the contracts winning bid.


As for the human experimentation being above board and legitimate, don’t you believe it. The thing is that Directed Energy Weapons used on people or animals hurt, they are very painful and cause injuries. Using them on people in a testing scenario means prolonged exposure and is exactly like torture. That is why it is called NO TOUCH TORTURE. There will be no volunteer test subjects because of the pain involved and because there would be law suites to compensate each person for injuries, plus life time medical care. They don’t have enough money for that scenario, especially since they have up to 500,000 targeted individuals who feed and cloth themselves and take care of their own medical care. It is cheaper than caged animals, who do require upkeep.

Following is the information from page 1 and 2
Directed Energy Bioeffects Research
23 January 2013

I. Statement of Work (Basic IDIQ):

TITLE: Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR)
Period of Performance: The Period of Performance for the Basic IDIQ is 78 months.

Here is an excerpt from page 7 and 8
b. Human Use.
“The contractor will use human subjects in research studies under this effort”.  The final contract will include the clause entitled “Protection of Human Subjects.” For the performance of the contract, the contractor will be complying with the provisions of the following directives/regulations:

i. Department of Defense, Title 32, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 219 (32 CFR 219),”Protection of Human Subjects” July 2006…

c. Animal Use:
i.” The contractor will use animals in research studies under this effort”. The contractor shall comply, as appropriate, with the provisions of the following directives/regulations:…

You can read Statement of Objective document from this link:
Do you think that they will follow the rules governing the use of human subjects in experimentation since the patriot act allows it. Remember that they have interpreted patriot act wording to mean basically anything goes, as we can see from Snowden’s revelations. It may not hold up in court, but it is hidden with TOP SECRET CLASSIFICATION. Telling anyone about this is forbidden. Even though hiding illegal acts and crimes with the use of classification is illegal in itself, it is illegal for anyone to talk about it. The only chance of getting this uncovered is if a WhistleBlower comes forward. CIA WhistleBlower John Kiriakou blew the whistle on torture and was given 30 months in prison, yet all the torturers are free.

So these contractors are paid to keep targeted individuals subjugated and test DE Weapons on them. But do you think they will stop at that and not do anything to anyone else? Remember these people take money to test painful Less Than Lethal (LTL) electromagnetic weapons on people. They are the handler who interface with the human test subjects on behalf of scientists working on secret projects, like brain research, including psychological testing and mind control. The Air Force DEBR contract seems to pay the bills, however. The Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity contract (IDIQ) is a special government contract in which the delivery date and the delivered quantity can be increased by the contracting party (the Air Force in this case). Here is the contract statement of objective of the contract awarded to General Dynamics in September of 2013. It is scheduled to be completed in 2020, but may be extended.  Remember that the contract is cost plus award fee and the actual dollars spent on the contract will likely go way over the dollar amount of the contract.

The private government Contractors think it is a job and are not inhibited by hurting or even killing a citizen subjects in the process. They may get a private offer from a buddy or just get curious what would happen IF something happened. These weapons can go through walls and they have all the capabilities of the NSA, CIA and other agencies.

You must trust that the NSA, CIA, FBI can trust the company they wrote contracts to and the company can trust the psychopathic contractors they hired. Contractors are paid but not well paid, there is a recession on after all and companies are not in the habit of paying contractors very well and they are the lowest bidder. The contractors are psychopathic at best and could decide to do anything they want with these weapons and there is no oversight whatsoever. Do you really trust them being able to covertly use these weapons on your wife, husband, sister, son daughter, friend, the neighborhood children, etc. I don’t believe anyone would trust them but that is exactly what the situation is right now. Contractors hire subcontractors who hire subcontractors and on and on (remember New Orleans during Katrina). Our government has trusted psychopaths to have these weapons including free reign to use these weapons to control designated victims in conjunction with mind control (all together called psychotronics). There are 2 to 5 hundred thousand of these contractors all having secret security clearances and free license to use these weapons covertly on the public.

Is it all really for the greater good, the mantra they repeat to themselves? Or is it more disasters waiting to happen or are they happening now. Do you realize that the microwave hearing effect has been around since the 70’s at least and was developed to communicate with spies in the field covertly? It works and yes people are tortured with voices in their heads, but it can be used by these people for communications with each other. What if one of they needs to pass a test or give insider information to someone else who can profit through purchase of stocks. Anything information at all can be passed unknown and unheard to someone else for anything. These psychopathic contractors are not supposed to break the rules, but that is the thing about psychopaths. They have no compunction against breaking the rules, when they
A) stand to gain financially
B) can’t be caught because no one is looking at them while they torture.
In my view it is like putting a bucket of candy in the middle of young children and telling them not to touch the candy before they walk away and leave them alone with the candy.  Psychopaths are like infants.

The following link is a video by Thomas Sheridan about psychopaths around us. If you still do not know that psychopaths make up 1% to 2% of the population, (the number is even higher if you include 6% to 7% psychopathic people) and are holding jobs and careers in all forms of government, industry, public office high and professions, then you had better watch this video. Thomas Sheridan has a unique one on one speaking style and you will enjoy his talk.




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