Private Government Contractors Are Testing ELF Radiation On Citizens

Concentrated/Focused ELF radiation causes nerves to become numb and not receive the correct signals. The signals they do receive become distorted and cause the muscles to contort, sometimes painfully. I know because it happens to me too. The US Government has given Electromagnetic Weapons Technology to Sociopathic and Psychopathic people to subjugate designated Targeted Individuals as Human Trafficking Victims for research on the effects of those weapons. The people this is happening to are known as Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and they are victims of human trafficking.  The people doing this to TI’s are called handlers, they have proven they cannot be trusted to do the right thing and they must be stopped.

Zoom H4N digital audio recorder

I used a contact microphone to record my heart beat when it was being radiated with ELF energy. They do this until the heart fails and then they turn off the radiation to allow the heart to restart again (see picture). They are doing this to test radiation on the heart muscle, but they will also know how to kill their targets by not removing the radiation in time for the heart to restart.  I used Audacity, a free audio application to make edits to the recording of my heart.  Heart beats are aproximately .7 seconds apart and my heart rate was calculate to be 85bpm.  Notice that one beat is missing where the red arrows are.  Also notice that the signal is distorted when the heart beat does return.  The ELF energy they used to do this could have been left on and not removed, which would result in my death.  If this happened then my death would be ruled as heart attack by natural causes.  This is also called an NSA heart attack.

This is what ELF energy does to the human heart. Notice where it stopped

Notice how distorted the heart rhythm is when it first starts after it has been stopped by ELF energy.  My heart is stopped over and over again like this, about every 5 to 10 seconds.  These weapons can kill in a heart beat! Remember this: They can stop your heart and not let it restart with this technology. You will never know they are doing it. This is focused energy and there is nothing mysterious about it except the way they are talking out of one side of their mouths saying they are keeping us SAFE. They are keeping the money troughs full for agency contractors. Follow the money. Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research (DEBR). This is a $50,000,000 contract that does not have to be approved or have any oversight. There will not be any human volunteers for this research because it is too painful and would bring law suits from victims. They are using private Government contractors under Government contracts to do this to people, thinking it can’t be traced back. They are hiding in the dark and information is the light of day. They hate the light, so lets show them the light of day.