Private Contractors, Through Fusion Centers and FBI Constitute A Secret Death Squad Surveillance Standing Army

The title of this post is obtained from observable facts.  People are being subjugated and killed in secret by these contractors with directed energy weapons.  This is how dissidents are being subjugated all over the world.  This is also what is happening to Julian Assange who is being held in prison and waiting for extradition to US.

‘I can’t think properly’: Assange fights back tears and struggles to say own name as he appears in court over US extradition

‘I can’t think properly’: Assange fights back tears and struggles to say own name as he appears in court over US extradition

Assange responded, appearing to fight back tears at his case management hearing, “I can’t think properly, I don’t understand how this is equitable. This superpower had 10 years to prepare for this case and I can’t access my writings. It’s very difficult where I am to do anything but these people have unlimited resources.” The WikiLeaks Founder added, “They are saying journalists and whistleblowers are enemies of the people. They have unfair advantages dealing with documents. They know the interior of my life with my psychologist. They steal my children’s DNA. This is not equitable what is happening here?”


The Torture from Government Contractors this month has been worse than ever.  Both Donna and I are feeling the drain on our energy and well being.  I feel like I am dying due to the drain on my energy from the weapons.  I am eating enough for two people and yet I am not fat.  I believe  this is because the directed energy is zapping my energy to the point that I must eat more just to keep up with the drain on mt energy.

The contractors sent a national security emissary (FBI) to my doctor in Gold Beach who must have believed the person when they told the doctor things to motivate him via lies, to remove my adderall which I took for narcolepsy.  Instead of running out to get another doctor, I held off and got a referral to a neurologist Near Eugene and for me and Donna it was a four hour trip.  He reinstated my prescription which for me was a big relief because I was sleeping over 12 hours per day and then not sleeping at night.  ,

10/25/19  Donna and I went to Brookings Oregon for shopping and weaponized drones followed us as usual.  There were two of them and I suppose one for me and the other for Donna.  The drones are operated by the same Contractors until 7:00pm shift change.  While shopping in Fred Meyer, m,y neck muscles were weakened, allowing my head to droop down so that my chin rested on my chest at times.  No one can beat out directed energy so putting more strength into it is no use and this is an example of where my energy goes.  My phone battery is continually zapped so that it is on the charger at all times even though it is a new Samsung Note 9 with a super size battery, it is always going dead when away from the charger.  I have learned that drawing down a charge of batteries is easy for these contractors, who like to keep the devices on the edge of depletion.  I have even had my car battery depleted on several occasions.


10/26/19  There is a beam connected to my brain now as usual and it is sapping my energy and is also very uncomfortable and painful.  The contractor is always trying to startle or cause extra pain so that I am constantly aware that this person is there and it is kind of like this person is behind me poking me with a stick.

My crotch is extremely itchy due to an electrolyte chemical being applied by  contractor to allow the use of lower power levels on the target.  I have proved this many times in the past.

I am on the Terrorist watch list and yet I am innocent of any crime and also so is everyone else on the terrorist list, of which I converse with from time to time.  There are no criminals on the list either and I believe this list gathers innocents on purpose and now also gathers activists and journalists and whistleblowers on purpose to keep them quiet and slowly kill them as dissidents.  Therefore the contractors who torture us are all TRAITORS and Cowards.  This is not for national security, it is for BioMedical human trafficking which is organized crime.  The FBI and Fusion Centers purposely get stupid mentally challenged people to be Overseers with weapons because the will over look the facts when the inevitable challenges to the truth come along, like the fact that the purpose is not national security and is in fact to use the people in experiments and to prevent people from telling others they are being murdered.  This is where the basement level IQ of these contractors shows the genius of the designers of this crime..  No matter what these “morons” will continue their tasks irregardless of they harm and mayhem they cause.  There only problem is hiding all of their ill gotten gains.

The intelligence community (Deep State) is at war with the citizens at all levels who are being attacked.  This video shows how Neuro Science has been weaponized long ago.


1:58pm I am noticing that my leg muscles are being weakened, especially the left leg at the knee.  This makes it harder to get up from a prone position without using my arms to boost me up.  Note that my neck muscles are also weakened which is torturous.

You must realize that these things they do to targets is also to be used on non targets, whom they want to weaken and kill off.  This is DEPOPULATION of not just America but of the entire world.  What they are doing is a PSYOPS and will only work on people who still believe the lies and wont or cant grasp the truth.  In order to save your lives you must watch the videos on the front page of my website.  We are under attack by the DEEP STATE and Intelligence Community who are not working for the people but they are working for the New World Order.