Prevent criminals from claiming ignorance of the crime

This is a scenario I thought about where you can see if you want to do this to bring this crime to peoples attention.  Check it out.

find a lawyer  to draw up warning papers warning potential perpetrators of your intent to hold them liable for helping these contractors working under the guise of security professionals.  then its official that you have put them on notice and they cant continue this crime under the umbrella of innocent citizen who was duped and therefore innocent.  Now they will be considered as guilty as the contractors themselves.
Do not take my word for it because I am not a lawyer.  it has to be legal and in writing and maybe the people will have to be
served by a process server.  Do whatever it takes.  Ask a local lawyer how you can put people on notice that if they do not cease and desist helping criminals, then they will be held liable for damages caused by that perpetrator.  It is best if the local lawyer knows of the person who you believe is hosting perpetrators in his/her house.  This is because that lawyer has a conflict of interest which has to be disclosed to you.  Remember that the lawyer then will tell the person who is a client about your plans.  Then find another lawyer and get the paper work you need.
Have the lawyer draw up papers which are general in nature, geared towards people who have believed the private contractor Mercenaries are there to watch terrorists for their protection and security.  The mercs will purport to be patriots and agents of security, but they are the real terrorists.  They have some fake credentials and love to show them.  What they call surveillance is a rouse to allow them to enlist the help of unwitting citizens to help them with a crime of great proportion.  In addition when (not If) it all goes south, they will abandon you and you will be on your own to deal with the fallout.  You dont have to convince the property owners.  Just tell them they have been deceived and make sure they know why.  You are merely putting them on notice that you will hold them liable.  If they have been duped then they will be glad you told them.  If they are working with the perps they will be a little angry because they are now busted.  They may have made a deal thinking they will be found innocent because they think they are HELPING THE GOVERNMENT.   You want to take that shield away and make sure they know that when this program ends they will held liable for damages they have caused.  This can be used for all levels of people and not just home owners.  But it will be especially effective when used on home owners because they will be homeless and penniless.  Remember the targeting citizens is a war crime and there is no defense against  genocide.
Here is my evidence which is my website .  Go there and read about what I am telling you.  MAKE SURE you look at the burn pictures which show radiation burns on my body.  This is done by the mercenaries.  Its true they hunt me and other targeted individuals down like bounty hunters, but they do this because it is human trafficking and we are biomedical slaves.  We are kept in virtual electronic prison by these criminals and used as Human test subjects REMOTELY.  Think about it, would agents of the Federal Government come to private citizens to ask for help?  The answer is a resounding NO because they have unlimited resources and will spend millions without asking help.  How on earth could they take a potential criminal to trial if they have told everyone in town what is going on.  Think about it and ask yourself it they have brought any cases to trial where they have as witnesses everyone including even the drunks on the street as witnesses.  Also, if I am so dangerous then why am I free, why am i not in jail to protect the public.  There are literally thousands of articles on the subject of targeting Citizens.  Please do not read just one and make a decision but look over many.  after all this is your country too and this Targeting Citizens crime is going on and it effects you.  If my rights are  gone and your rights are the same as mine.  What I am getting at is that you can be or are targeted now!