Political Targeted Individual (Activism)

10374466_694512287250536_7998116251855587159_nLawmakers, police, civil service, county workers etc. surprisingly may already know about this targeting crime but are keeping quiet about it because they are afraid or because they are involved. They will not acknowledge what is happening to targeted individuals (TI).  Explaining it to them is useful but does no good in getting the media to report on it.  Therefore we need to think of ways to break through the barrier to recognition.  An important thing to remember is that you need to keep escalating the message to the next level of being in their face.  It gets boring if you keep your message at the same level.  Increasing the level of urgency says, I am not going away and will keep promoting my message no matter what happens.

We also need to be aware of the significance of events because some events can trigger a time when the media will listen.  Aaron Alexis incident in the Navy Yard was one of those times, when the media would listen to Targeted Individuals.  The time window only lasts a week or so and if you can get TI’s to make a convincing argument then it may change.

I have an Idea that may work to force the lawmakers and  media to recognize the plight and right of TI’s.   This is an outline for visiting lawmakers and to ask them questions which they can answer. We need answers and if you strategically ask questions for which they can give an answer, then they have to have a dialog with TI’s.  We cant accept the lawmakers to be silent and to ignore that people are being tortured and abused. It is their job to talk to us and to answer our questions and concerns. That is why I am asking you to at least read this and let me know what you think and how we can implement it or something like it. I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I am trying to have a dialog with a few Ti’s who want to make a difference by devising a way to for us to be recognized.

  •  I think its best to go to a Senator or Congressman’s office with at least two and preferably more.
  •  One TI should film the exchange at the lawmakers office.
  • We have to raise the level our message from being helpful to Emergency.  We have tried being nice and obeying orders and it doesn’t work.  Now we need to assume they know and are suppressing information and that they may be part of the coverup.  We are trying to embarrass the lawmaker if that is what it takes. This is politics so don’t think this is a negative thing or mean idea because we are in a war and we have to do something that will have a chance of working.
  •  You can hope the video will show a positive exchange but if all it does is show you explaining what is going on and then being ushered out the door, then you can advertise that rejection to show that lawmaker as part of the problem and steeped in corruption.
  •  You have to feel justified in demanding action at this point. Up to 1000 TI’s complained to the Presidents Bioethics Commission which was chartered to make sure ethics in human experimentation are maintained. We did the right thing. In fact they are apologizing to the Guatemalans now for giving them syphilis, in order to study the effects. Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and ask yourself why it took over 50 years to stop that human experimentation.
  • Now try to ask the lawmaker some things for which he can give answers to questions which he knows the answers to. He will not be responsible for questions he can dodge and as you know they are good at dodging our questions.
  • Ask if there is a number of people who report wrongdoing or a health issue, above which they would do a preliminary investigation. This is the congressman’s job and you just need to get them to do it.
  • Ask if there is a form to fill out or some procedure which has to be followed. You should see that the lawmaker has to know the answer to these questions.
  • Ask if there is anyone else you should go talk to besides him/her, who could help this move along more smoothly. in other words should someone else be blamed besides him/her.
  • Ask if the lawmaker can make some inquiries to General Dynamics corp. who is the prime contractor on the Air Force Directed Energy Bio-effects Research DEBR 50M contract to test directed energy weapons on human test subjects. You know they are not testing on informed people who consent to the experimentation because it is painful and it would be a litigation night mare for them. This should make you angry and put them on the defensive. They should be embarrassed by this.
  • Read about the Air Force DEBR Human Experimentation now going on, being financed by the Government.
  • http://jameslico.com/2014/07/psychopathic-private-government-contractors-can-be-counted-on-by-the-government-to-act-like-psychopaths/
  • Ask them if they think the people that are being shot with directed energy weapons for this DEBR contract have informed consent. Again, this question is fully loaded and the lawmaker should be sweating by now. Maybe they will say that they will get back to you on that.
  • ask more questions about this contract because it is a real thing which you as a constituent have a right to know even though it is top secret.
  • ask them if the testing is being done remotely. You already know it is being done remotely, but you want to see what they will say. They wont know the answer and will have to ask. Are you getting the idea? Just keep asking questions that the lawmaker knows or should know or can get the answer to.
  • You want a follow up meeting and definitely want to speak with the lawmaker in person via a meeting with your group.
  • maybe ask if the lawmaker knows or has heard of MKULTRA which is a real program that used hundreds of thousands of people for human experimentation by the government. You will probably have to tell them everything about MKULTRA, so be prepared.
  • this talk you are having with the lawmakers aid should take up the entire time you can get to talk to them. Try for 30 minutes if possible.
  • Definitely ask for a follow up meeting if you have not already.
  • get the names of contacts and people the lawmaker suggests you call.
  • put in some more questions to ask, just in case, so you don’t run out of things to say.
  • now everyone thank the lawmaker for an uplifting and enlightening meeting and be on your way.
  • the lawmaker will want to forget about you as soon as you leave, so remember to call your contact at the lawmakers office. Also, the lawmaker knows they are on video and may feel obligated to answer your questions, which is what you want.
  • report on the meeting as a positive step to your fellow TI’s and they will congratulate you on a job well done
  • one way to follow up on this is for another meeting with the lawmaker or their meet and greet person is to have another positive upbeat meeting like the last.
  • congratulations this is politics. Keep doing what you are doing.
  • I know it sounds a lot like work because it is work. This way of doing things is not something i have done before and I don’t know anyone who has either.
  • this is just an idea.  come up with your own ideas.