pictures of mud

These are evidentiary pictures of people working for the FBI within DOJ who are stalking Donna and me right now. I am not mentioning their names and since these pictures are taken before the probation document, I am not violating it.

Interesting anomalies in my probation

  • One cornerstone of my probation is that I am not allowed to take pictures of or film my neighbors .  That only inhibits me from recording them doing criminal activity, otherwise why would I want to film them. Is that the reason?
  • Another cornerstone of my probation is that I am not allowed to post the names of my neighbors on the internet?
  • Why does the state want to restrict my right to take pictures of my environment or report about it on social media?
  • Notice that there is a lot of work activity 20 feet from my front door but there is no work done at their house HMMM Is working in front of my house a job?
  • What is the purpose of all the vulgar signs?  Police say it is free speech?
  • Why was an outhouse put in front of my house visible to me but not visible to anyone else?
  • Neighbor tried to prevent deliveries to my house, but was prevented from doing so when optics were cleared up.
  • Why is a construction site built and worked on  in front of my house with much time spent there by neighbors on a continuing basis as if they are getting paid for services?
  • I do not pay attention to my neighbors as demanded in my probation.  So why are they paying so much attention to Donna and me?
  • Why am I identified as a perpetrator to the grand jury, when Donna and I are the recipients of so much unwanted stalking like behavior.  Therefore, they are stalking me and I was never stalking them.
  • These are all questions that I have which make Donna and I the victims of Harassment and Stalking the likes of which I am prevented from doing in my probation order.  How come Deputy Dinnard did NOT notice this when bringing legal proceedings against me?  HE WAS TOLD OF it and saw it there on the fence and yet he ignored it.
    • He took pictures of  a blank fence section instead of the vulgar signs which he had to go out of his way to avoid getting in the pictures he took.
    • How come Deputy Dinnard did not record that I was being obviously stalked
    • Was Deputy Dinnard given a mandate by the State Fusion Center  or did he choose to bias his investigation against me and in favor of my neighbors even though the evidence showed that I was being harmed.  I believe the Oregon State Fusion Center in Salem would have done this bias because I am an enemy of the state as a dissident and is what is happening right now.  The State of Oregon is coming against dissidents and making up charges to come against them however they can get it.  Are they then manipulating evidence to frame dissidents, in order to get them subjugated by law. (Lawfare)



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