NTT Torture log for Thursday, Sept. 12 2013

It is 5:10am and I have been up all night due to the psychopathic handler keeping me up by microwaving me if I lay down.  I will try to take a shower because the microwaves hurt less
after a shower.  I will eventually become so exhausted I will fall asleep in spite of the pain.  I live at Arrowhead Garden Apartments for Senior Citizens, in Seattle WA.

This handler sits at his computer all day and watches a heat transitioned picture of me, guiding the weapon to my body with his mouse.  He is constantly adjusting the intensity and switching between microwaves and beam.  His beam weapon reminds me of what George Carlin called a big red white and blue dick.  I think these people think of themselves as patriotic or psychotic.  to get the flavor of this handler watching a 62 year old man in his apartment, torturing him remotely with a big red white and blue electronic dick.   He does this for his entire 8 hour shift until the next guy comes on about 7:00am.  So it’s getting late in his shift.  Has he been productive…?  Only he knows.