NTT Torture Log for Sept. 2018

sept. 1, 2018

Sept 2.2018 sunday

went to church today. Donna and I had talk which was like many others.

towards end of church service my brain was disintegrated.  Eric mentioned it happened to him??

6:14pm My ankles are beginning to swell as if edema.  I recognize this as an induced condition.  The handler is trying to do this over days and maybe weeks to make me think I have edema in my ankles.  WOW they really put a lot into this fake edema.  They have gotten more sophisticated with the tracking than before I think.  They used to do the edema with in the space of a few minutes.  I am anxious to see how realistic the edema is. In June/july I had SCIATICA with 10 of 10 pain and was put on the ground due to weakness like knee weakness In AUGUST had NEUROPATHY and knee weakness and leg pain September   Now I see the beginnings of EDEMA.  Wow, we are really progressing with disintegration and deterioration.   They are desperate to find somthing, anything that can deter me from WHAT??  I DONT KNOW, BUT SOMETHING!!  No wonder they are cslled morons.  I see that they are preparing for their first job where these psychopaths are unleashed on the public.  How exciting for them.  No one is speaking out huh?  Well these disease and afliction morons will get someone to speak up.   They will get a disease or affliction per day at the rate I am getting it.  Bear in mind I have had heart attack afliction, rapid heart beat, skipped heart beats and numerous aflictions.

Targeted Individuals are a False Flag operation.  The morons want the public to attack us.  Getting neighbors to attack themselves will inflict loss of rights on themselves, would it not?  I think it would make the 007 spies to puff up their chests and it deflate or terrify the non 007’s.

9/3/2018 8:24am my right eye is twitching right below the orbit.  my handler is not likeing my posting in youtube since it is so revealing. There is a real time hack on my left click of my mouse where there can be one or two clicks for each click.  i dont think it is random though.   There is two clicks in a row sometimes which cause some problems. 11:54pm my handler caused me to projectile vomit as I was taking my medicine and a pain pill for NEUROPATHY WHICH THIS WITCH ON HATFIELDS LAND GAVE ME.  watch this video by RamolaD The directed energy resonates with my esophagus so it gets inflammed and closes so what I swallowed will not go down into my stomach.
12:19pm  My handler is now hurting my quadrocepts right in front of both legs and above the knee cap.  I can tell and know from experience thatt this severly limits my endurance.  Why would anyone do this to someone.  This is mean spirited and torturous.  I am going out for the day shopping mostly and this will be torture when I am trying to walk around and negotiate the shoppping.  This person on Steve Hatfields land is a psychopath.
12:19pm My handler is now hurting my quadrocepts right in front of both legs and above the knee cap. I can tell and know from experience thatt this severly limits my endurance. Why would anyone do this to someone. This is mean spirited and torturous. I am going out for the day shopping mostly and this will be torture when I am trying to walk around and negotiate the shoppping. This person on Steve Hatfields land is a psychopath. 9/8/2018 12:27pm my handler is hitting my leg with untrasound trauma hits as a retaliation for my calling it dumb. I am getting trauma hits all over now. This is usually done in one spot only for data testing. But now it is retaliation and is done many places. I have degrees in Biology, Electronics engineering technology and computer science. I know what I am talking about. US Government is killing citizens with electromagnetic weaponry by govt. contractors. Wake the fuck up. Since when did we used to get terrorists buying a house and moving into a neighborhood. You would have to be a dunce to believe that. Steve Hatfield and Gifford Barnes and John CLutte are taking money to kill the neighbors who they were told was a terrorist. WOW!! I am retired, I am an activist who has demonstrated to stop the wars. But a terrorist..NO! Really…. a TERRORIST. These people make about a hundred and hour, so they see terrorists through the dollar signs. Oh and they get cars and motorcycles and other STUFF for killing the bad elderly terrorists. But the fact is they needed to find dumb people who would bring in PSYCHOTRONIC INSTRUMENTS so they could surveil all of the homes in the area, including the 007 spies!. I believe the Government is close to tightening the criteria for getting put on a kill list from Friendly | Dont Know | Enemy Friendly | Enemy {now only two choices. } They will want only want to spare Freindly Dumb people and put everyone else on an ENEMY list to be neutralized (KILLED). This is the CIA’s Phoenix Program from Viet Nam days. Its really a war on the people. In the next phase they want all the smart people dead because they are afraid of them. They especially dont want community leaders and people with special skills. DUMB people are the only ones who can be trusted in this next phase. Maybe you thought I was crazy at first but now you know I am telling the truth. Maybe the California fires will stop at the OREGON BORDER! This is a war on the people. We need to help each other and ignore the dumb people who are playing games. Dont you think they will try to burn us out of our homes? Look at the definition of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. They want to let the wild lands revert to wild and herd everyone into stack and pack apartments in Cities in the Mega Regions. Check It Out!   Agenda 21 Disaster Capitalists Preying on CA Fire Victims   Mass Geoengineering Occurring Now Worldwide Disaster Capitalism…. Think About It!   Countdown to Destruction-Deborah Tavares

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  1. Remember that when a victim of medical research or military research is tortured to the point where he or she ends his or her life, this death can be considered suicide only in the mind of a person of no intelligence and or no conscience.

    This form of “suicide” is HOMICIDE PAR EXCELLENCE.

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