NTT torture log for Saturday 9-21-2013

My Psychopathic military handlers have microwaved me all day.  At 10:00pm, They have added a infrasonic beam weapon, to irradiate my left side right under my bottom rib and beam my submandibular salivary?? gland under the left underside of my jaw.
  My lower jaw is painful and feels like a lymph node or gland.  They have done this before, so it appears to be human testing with Directed Energy (DE) weapons as in the deliverable for the Air Force $49,000,000 contract to test DE on humans.  The left side is painful as though I have inflammation.   As I am writing this, the psychopaths are upping the energy of the microwaves directed to me and beam my left knee cap and then going to the left side at the same time.  These people would sell out their mother for a few bucks.

In addition to the radiation I am receiving.  The apartment in 405D has an elderly lady occupant, who is disabled.  It is hard to believe that she is doing this, although it is possible.  More likely she has a son who is also a military contractor.  Anyway, someone in that apartment is pounding on the floor as though they are walking heavily.  However, the noise sounds purposeful and will keep watching.

My former room mate has a room mate who is an ex cop.  It is odd that he wanted to know how much I wanted for my shotgun right after the navy yard episode.  I had to send pictures and now he says nothing.  It is just odd that he had to buy a shotgun right at that time and now doesn’t follow up.

The psychopath torturing me tonight is a sadist, which is somewhat common.  He is beaming my neck, sub jaw, right thumb and right abdomen.  This type of torture is exactly what Aaron Alexis, the navy yard shooter was talking about in his notes.  There is no way they could get away with this disgusting behavior, if it were not for complicity from a thoroughly corrupt government, who is willing to avert their gaze at the appropriate times.  This infrasonic beam could be used by a doctor to perform microsurgery and instead it is used by criminal psychopaths to torture innocent people, ruining their lives forever. 

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