NTT Torture Log for November, 2019

Nov. 6, 2019 7:50pm Its the day after my birthday and looking back it has been a horrific nightmare that is almost over.  The Contractors have been torturing me at about 3x the normal amount and I attribute that to greed due to the fact that it is commonly known that they get a bonus for FORCED SUICIDE of the target during holidays and birthdays.  The current torturer is very secure with the torture routine and does not hesitate to mock me by flashing the LED lighting in the house.

November 22, 2019
I went shopping to Fred Myers Grocery store in Brookings Oregon. My brain and my neck was tortured by a Govt Contractor all that day and I made this video inside the store showing what it was doing to me. When you find out the name or names of these contractors you will be able to focus on them as torturers of people and murderers of people who tell the truth about government corruption for money. These people want you not to know the truth that people like these contractors are torturing people to death for telling the truth.  Dont be surprised when you find out the names of these contractors because they are local residents.  I will not restrain my self from telling the truth and apparently this contractor torturer will not restrain themselves from killing an elderly retired man who is telling the truth.  It will be interesting to see if the people value truth over cash and prizes.  I am an american citizen and as such i will stand for justice and hold out so the good people will see that patriots are willing to die for their rights not to be tortured in America for telling the truth.  Some things will be held priceless.  This is no life I want to live if wee allow monsters like this to benefit from cash payments for torturing innocent citizens.  I think the citizens of Prot Orford, Oregon  will agree with me that people aught to be free to tell their truth without fear of being tortured.  So if you believe as I do, please come over and talk to me and I will tell you the rest of the story.


this is a picture Donna took of me in the kitchen when I was tortured with an energy beam down through my head and neck and into my body

You see, the muscles in my neck are weakened and this is the result.

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