NTT Torture log for Month of April of 2017

2 million Americans are on Terrorist Watch Lists which are also called KILL LISTS.

This is my Torture log for the month of April of 2017.  You can skip the introduction if you have read it previously.

I am a 65 year old man living with my also elderly Fiancee, at 94263 1st Street in Gold Beach Oregon.  We are both being
Tortured with Energy Weapons aka psychotronic weapons.  It sounds crazy and I wish it were not true.  Because I have a directional meter, I do know who the main people are.  The house at 94261 2nd Street is the primary location of directed energy which emanates towards my house and Donna and I.  We have lived here since November of 2015.  Since then we have seen people coming in everyday to torture us.  Then the people stopped coming and apparently the Crooks must have taken over the torture duties because they were the only ones there.  This is logic only but who else would have done it.  I have seen this happen before where the person living in the home took over the torture duties.  The reason I believe this is because no one else was coming in and the Crooks practically never went out.  I know they are getting nervous because that is what the tortures do.  They are making a lot of money torturing and then they begin to get paranoid that they will get caught.  They are trying to cover up the fact that they are torturing by going back to having someone come in to their house to torture.  This is so they can try to lie, saying this has been the way it has been and they didn’t know what was done.  They will try to play ignorant.  So they have given up making all of the money, to go back to making just rent from the torturers.  I am telling you that the Crooks have been doing this for about a year before bringing in the 6.5 ft guy and his partner in torture.
This house is across the street from me.  We need to begin to name all the nazis who are involved.  If they are killing people then they are nazis.  Normal people would say who would take a job hurting and killing people and of course no normal person would do that.  But money has corrupted these people to the point that they have gone insane and will do anything for money, apparently.
April 1, 2017
9:25am  I have been kept up all night by my jailers.  They are so smug that they keep up the torture of me right now even though I have been up all night.  This person has turned up the power to the machine seemingly all the way.  I feel it extremely intensely on my head and now my neck is cracking.  I read 167uTesla (read 167 micro Tesla) with xyz all the same.
10:10am This merc showered me with chemicals from a depot in the upstairs bedroom.  The perps put a cache of the chemical on the wall or ceiling and then us small but numerous tiny amounts to shower me with it.   They get lots of it in my eyes  and when my eyes start to sting, then the glasses are coated with it.  If you think this is happening to you, just hold the glasses up to a light to see.  it often looks like the rainbow effect seen when gasoline is spilled in water.  there is a sheen around the edges.
11:26am My legs are being irradiated hard as i am in bed.  I havent slept all night.  Yesterday I found out that all of the contractors have agreed to slow kill us so that it results in death.  This is their agreement and all of the people involved like judges, prosecuting attornies, doctors, police, sherrifs have all likewise agreed beforehand to kill us.  Dr. Katherine Horton and the forrum have disclosed this.  Thre will have to be mass arrests.  So that is the reason these morons are so resololute.  They have sealed their fate and must go through with it no matter how they feel.
April 4, 2017
1:10pm I am in a fog of vision and thought.  the weaponized moron who thinks he is controlling me is very busy trying to control me.  I am always led back by my meter to the house across the street.  I am being physically beat up and degraded by people in that house.  Anyone doing an investigation will get readings most of the time by receiving line of sight between the two houses and me or in back of my house and me.  I remind everyone that this surveillance is constant monitoring second by second.  There is no purpose for this and not even the purpose of Biomedical Slave.  What this person is trying to do is trauma based mind control.  The CIA has already been busted for this and then rolled it over to another budget for  continuance
Wed. 5 Apr., 2017
5:14am My brain is crackling and snapping due to ELF saturation.  This handler has the power turned up to hight so that I cannot be comfortable and must feel like my head feels pressurized and fat.  It is hard to think and difficult to walk around.  The torturer signals come from across the street in the Crooks house.  My face throbs and my eyes are bulged out.  The handler seems to have a need to keep me in an uncomfortable state and keep the ELF energy up.  This is often in conjunction with an infected sore like a boil or inflammation of the inner ear.
5:37am I am still getting the elf to my brain with extreme discomfort.  In addition i have a resonance beam sticking into my left mid section and it feels like a cramp.  This is a busy operation.  they dont want me to sit on this couch and are making it increasingly uncomfortable.  This attack, again would be coming from the Crooks house
April 6, 2017
11:05pm  my colon feels distended as though i am constipated.  The reason for this extends back to when Dave Palmquist stole my stool sample to get my DNA and through a grant, probably from homeland security, he had it processed into my resonant frequency of my colon. You cant make this stuff up.   He pretended that I had blockage in my sewer pipe in the house I rented from him.  He took the pipe apart to make it look there was a problem.  There wasnt a problem because I had flushed the toilet to test if he was lying and he was.  I realized it was a psyops and so I took pictures of everything.  This is exactly how people get targeted.  Someone gathers their DNA and it gets processed so that the can target them with their own DNA frequency.  I am telling you this to show the process.
Now, the Crooks are doing the second part of the crime of irradiating my colon so that the flesh inside my colon grows inflammed and raw and it get very big and distended so that part of my colon extends outside of my anus and feels like the whole thing is shifting around.  I can probably see how some ignorant moron who is sitting over in the Crooks house could think it is a job to do this to me, but I dont believe that we as human beings have the right to make others give their lives, their comfort and safety so that some moron can run experiments on him.  These contractors have the conception that someone pays them so it is a de facto job. What if I could get $50,000 for a human heart, kidney and lungs.  Using their logic i could take someone off the street and take their organs because it is a job.  It is not a job.
apr.7, 2017 this merc is turning my router off and on and I can see the lights recycling.  This is keeping me from using the router.  This Merc seems to enjoy hurting people.
12:28pm it has been since 11:30am that this Merc has been playing with my internet connection.  I am unable to get on the internet at all.  I am taking videos of this so I can prove it is hapening.  I have never seen one of these mercenaries so involved before..  The Merc seems obsessed with keeping me off of the internet.  He keeps recycling the router.
Sat. April 8, 2017
Morons are frying my brain .  This is because they can and because they get paid.  They get about $100/hr to fry my brain and if someone pays them to fry your brain then they will fry your brain.  This is not rocket science.  These are sociopaths and they Dont follow laws because they think they are special.  If you do not disarm them then there will exist the wild wild west plus thunder dome.  As I disclosed this morning to the Gold Beach Police Department.  Torture signals hitting me are coming from the Crooks house across the street at 94261 Second Street.  Anyone can drove between that house and mine across the street at 94263 first street and they can measure torture radiation being directed towards my house.  There are several people on this street who are getting paid with your tax dollars.  The people doing this make about 1200 per 12 hour shift so that is 2400 per day.
Dave Palm quist has received grant money and has sent in a stool sample from me for DNA research to find out how people react to having their COLON irradiated.  I can tell you what they will find out.
  1. At first you feel like you have to go to the bathroom #2
  2. Then you feel like your colon is extending out of your anus because you can feel it squeeze back inside when you sit down.
  3. Then you feel like you have to stay sitting on the toilet
  4. You feel also like you have to fart and stay leaning over.
  5. The Crooks are taking over Dave Palmquists Colon Research because they are next door.  The people closest to the target get this job for only 12 hours.  I moved from 94235 1st Street and was targeted from Larry Herrings house when I lived there.  Now I am targeted by the Crooks because they are near to my immediate environment.  Why do they Torture you ask?  Because they get money for it.  Why cant they do the right thing?  To the Crooks, getting money is the right thing.

Tue. Apr. 11, 2017

8:14am What could be the motive for making my head and face itch?  I don’t know but that is what is happening now.  I think it may be to stave off boredom by a moron with a god complex.  I took some benadryl because the energy weapons seem to cause an allergic reaction.  A natural doctor told me that histamines are produced and there would be reactions to that.

This person hurt my right big toe as I walked toward the kitchen.  Also, sonic or infrasonic weapons are being tested on me.  I am continually stabbed in my right hip and the hits are repeated at intervals as yet to be determined.  In addition, my right inside arm near the elbow is being hit repeatedly over a long period of time to the point that nerve endings are dying and I am getting neuropathy in that one circular spot.  Testing on human subjects is what these people across the street are doing and it has nothing to do with Terrorism.  I am an old man who worked all my life and now am supposed to be enjoying my retirement in Gold Beach Oregon.  Instead I am on a terrorist watch list and my Fiancee and I have to constantly protect ourselves from energy weapons which are very painful.  This person across the street is stabbing me in my hip with this painful beam again and again.  I think this person is doing it for punitive reasons because I am writing this.  You see this is why I believe these people can see through my eyes.  I can see an immediate reaction to my words.  These contractors are cruel, selfish, greedy Terrorists.

9:39am  Are not these people doing terrorism?  Our Government does nothing to help the people.  We are being Tortured and we are dying from it.  What is the meaning of this outrage.  Why are our neighbors doing this to elderly retired residents of Gold Beach.  Is it elderly people they don’t like or is it retired people?   Despite the fact that stupid people who cannot be trusted to do the right thing are hurting people, it is hard to imagine what is the purpose.  This website is obviously presenting this terrorism on a continuous basis, so why is no one helping me.  Why does no one attack the attackers.  I dont know the answer, but I will work with anyone who wants to help us.  I think the Gold beach City council has become aware of what is happening within the city so it will be interesting to see what happens because of that.  This will not be good for tourism I suppose.  In addition since Jeff Crook was recently a member of the Gold Beach City council it will be interesting to see what their position is.  I am curious whether the Gold beach City council will admonish Jeff Crook for torturing retired citizens or not   Certainly it is against the law to torture citizens of the United States and if so what will happen to Jeff Crook for fostering this type of behavior against our vulnerable elderly citizens.   To anyone reading this who is unsure, please meet with us in order to determine if we are who we say we are.  I will show you my evidence and discuss with you a surrender so that the torture will stop.    If I have committed any crimes then i would gladly face that but a surrender is not apparently what is wanted.

What I see is an occupation by cowardly military contractors who want to do surveillance on the people of this area and this is happening all over the country.  The shadow government wants to determine who has weapons and what kind of weapons they have.  They also want to see who is capable of leading other people and who believes in the constitution, who speaks out against wars of conquest in Iraq and now Syria.  These people need to be watched and tracked.   Most importantly, who is basically dumb and does not care what the government does so they can be left alone.  I believe the Shadow Government is very anxious to find out what people are saying in the privacy of their own homes when they believe no one is watching.  It has just been revealed that SMART Appliances are monitoring people in their homes.  But many people do not have the newer appliances yet and the military surveillance contractors are a stop gap measure.  The contractors are also their to assist in any Marshall Law scenario and then assist with any herding of people off to FEMA CAMPS.  The military contractors will tell neighbors that James lico and Donna have done something for which they need to be watched.  But why would a government pay contractors to watch people second by second if not for human experimentation.  Investigations are temporary to gain evidence to be used in court and we are doing nothing wrong and besides we know they are there because they are torturing us.   I wonder how many neighbors will be willing to host electronic surveillance boxes in their home if they know that they will also be used to spy on them and interfere with their lives.  The government wants to control all of the people.  I wonder what the people who drive around with these electronic boxes and also the gangstalkers are thinking.  Are they thinking that they will be given special treatment for being mean and torturing the Deep States enemies?  Stepping back to observe one is amazed at the load of crap that must be swallowed in order to believe what is going on.  These followers truly are dumb people.  Alternatively they are merely greedy sociopaths trying to make a buck by any means possible.  One thing that is becoming clear, is that Military contractors have agreed to exterminate Targets beforehand by even taking such a brutal job.  Surely these torture jobs are known to be Murder for Hire jobs.
Thu.April 13, 2017
Its James at 3:00am its hard to tell because my colon is being irradiated and my DNA in there is being irradiated at its resonant frequency. This does several things, all of which are very uncomfortable.
1) My colon feel THICK and enlarged
2) I feel like I have to go #2 as long as they will do this.
3) I have bad gas as I lay in my bed with my partner.
4) my colon squeezes out of my anus and slides. If I sit down and then slides back out when I get up.out
5] I wonder what this directed energy (ELF) is doing to the DNA that makes up my colon?
6) Possibly the desired result is to screw up cell division and change the DNA so that new cells become cancerous. THINK?
7) The mercenary moron is leaving the radiation on so that my cells marinate in it.
8] So yes, I kid you not. Your tax dollars are paying for this.
This whole cluster Flop is brought to you by the Weaponizes Crook morons at 94261 1st street. Also by Dave’s Palmquist who had motive and oportunity when I was a remnant in his rental house at 94235 1st street. I don’t know if Dave’s uses the weaponry, but my back was injured on about a dozen occasions when I planed to attend a Tao Chi class given by Mrs Palmquist over at Davie Palmquist house.imagine that. The back injuries We We done to me throughout the day on which the Tai Chi lass was scheduled.
Yes it did give me a painful, sore back. Also interestingly the induced ore back episodes stopped abruptly when Those classes ended.
The reason I am revealing all this dehtail now is because Targeted Individuals (TI’s) as a group for activism have realized that they must expose these WAR CRIMES and the people who perpetrate the CRIMES. As I tell people about these crimes, TI’s can feel when the directed energy weaponry is shot into us.12:21pm strong ELF energy entrains my brain right now and the source is made it dificult to find right now because they are hiding the source. I am nodding off every 30 secons or so. This merc is putting me to sleep in the middle of typing. This is not any way to live. I take amphetamines for narcolepsy and have taken one and it is not working.
I put magnetic strips on my head to help with the forced sleep. Now I wrapped it all the way around my head and it is working somewhat.

The Crooks were doing all their own torture and now they have brought in at least one 6’6″ person to torture for them. I talked about that before and i said the crooks are getting scared.
The Merc today is targeting destruction of my brain with extreme entrainment, plus cracks and snaps. I cant say enough that this is murder. it is taking someone elses life and using it for your own needs. This is a total take down byt the government. This deletes social life, personal life, financial resources, etc
The Crooks will have to justify themselves to the neighbors. Why would anyone do this to someone. This may as well have been organ harvesting.

10:53pm Radiation is heavy tonight. My heart is racing with no exertion, Its just because they want to. I am feeling that I am being actively murdered now. If I die now then it is not unreasonable, considering the ELF radiation i am experiencing. My head is numb but i can perceive that this ELF is coming from an over head drone. There are many drones.

10:40pm as I sit in my own house minding my own business, am hearing click, snap, crack like electronic sounds which have pain associated with them. I am thinking of the Crooks across and how these people are sociopaths who cannot mind their own friggin business. They are either too stupid or to sociopathic to know better than to take money in exchange for hurting people. This is not the kind of person your mother would tell you to stay away. This is what they had in Germany in 1939 where the neighbors of the town of LVIV in ukrain would beat the neighbors to death for the NAZIS. Isnt it the same thing here with the Crooks.I see that they brought in a fair haired gun thug to now do their dirty work for them. They may have had their fill of killing themselves, but they still want the killing money so they pay the fair haired boy 6 1/2 feet tall. Is it Okay to have a little good clean fun at the expense of the lab rat people the Corporate STOOGES threw away. I recently found out that it has been agreed before hand that the targets will be deceased when the sociopaths are done with them. This is why they treat me and Donna like we are dirt.
America is a constitutional republic, until Thugs took it upon themselves to begin Torturing them to death with Electromagnetic weapons. I want to be honest with you now and tell you that you need to pull yourselves out of it now. If you dont pull your selves back from the abyss, you wont like the next few stages of the police state. To the police, dont you get antsy when you have to look the other way as an elderly man tells you that he and his wife are being tortured to death in their own home. Why would you look the other way as weaponized morons disconnect America from the constitution. You stand up for your country and the people just like before the banker stole our money and sold America to the highest bidder. Homeland security is a NAZI organization. Your neighborhood watch groups are a cover for war crimes.

A pogrom in Lviv in where Ukrainian Nazi collaborators (Neighbors actually) ransacked the city while abusing and murdering Jews for the Nazis…Do you understand, No, I dont either, because I know enough to do the right thing and actually know what the right thing is.

You are turning this neighborhood into a Torture pit of hell. Donna and I have been tortured every day by these morons and this to us is the pit of HELL in our own home. Why have sociopaths been given Energy weapons to shoot into the neighbors with them. Why do the police look on without doing anything? This is all of our country and by doing these things you have forfeited your country and your human rights. We all have the same rights dont we? Your bosses are the bankers and others and they call you their dogs. They think they are better than you. Are they better than you? They must be because you take it and come back for more. Why do you think I am your paycheck?
You are supposed to do the right thing and not accept money for human experimentation and TORTURE.
I am talking about my neighbors across the street and my neighbors at 94240 1st street. They only just completed their house renovation project paid for with blood money.

sometimes you have to punch your neighbor. This is a coward, traitor, sociopath, crook. Do threaten and even push this neighbor, drive into wall. Do not be afraid of police.

itchy skin, scratch over and over, but this is a laser like beam. The beam size is small, only 1 mm

7:52am last night i experienced a seemingly real confrontation with something like a man, but it was not real as I tried to explain it, the whole thing was less and less real and more nebulous. Do not be afraid and do hover over neighbor, crowd

SUN. APR 16, 2017
at 10:30am, I went to church with Donna. It was Sunday morning. As i sat in church, I felt like i could hardly stay awake. I was being knocked out by a beam of resonant. Why would they want to make me feel so badly. I am talking about torture. It baffles the mind why a person would do that to another person. These are truly sick people. can you imagine what it would be like to have to work under those conditions where YOU are knocked out over and over? Its 10:30pm now and my head is bobbing because i am being knocked out. Doesn’t anyone want to talk to these TORTURERS… YES They Are Torturers!! I can show you where they are. Remember when you learned about torture first? It was the Iraq phony war. It wasn’t a war and yet numerous poor people were kidnapped and put in Abu Ghraib prison and also Guantanamo Bay Prison and the words actionable intelligence and person of interest were bandied about. This is when the American People found out that the Bush Administration wanted to torture them to gain ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. Remember that? But there was no war and therefore these prisoners were kept there under fake charges and tortured, probably every day. What was the torture for you may ask. It was done to gain knowledge of how to torture better. This is important because they needed the torture officially sanctioned. Yet the electronic torture was never sanctioned because it was Top Secret. But the law states that it is illegal to hide crimes with secrecy and yet that is exactly what they are doing. The secret classification is to hide crimes. They have taken all of our rights for that and can torture Americans in their own homes and kill them if they want to. What happened to your country. America, the home of the free and the brave. People fought and died to make it free YES and now they pissed on all of their graves didn’t they. YES and everyone just sits there and does nothing. Do you think you may be MIND CONTROLLED? Get the hell off of your ass’s and do something. This is your country for Christs Sake. Will you get off of your ass when the come to pick you up for FEMA CAMP?
Now there are still some poor people there at Guantanamo even though they have been set free to go, but they wont release them, will they? They kept those men in that prison because they used electronic weapons on those men and are afraid that they will be sued by the prisoners. So they will let them die in prison unless Trump lets them go. It is because of fear of being embarrassed that those poor innocent souls have to sit in that prison after they have been cleared to go because no one will speak on their behalf.
So is it any kind of job to have where you go to work and torture someone all day. So why dont the police do anything about this. It is just a carry over of the bull shit from Abu Graib and Guantanamo Bay Prisons except that I am in Gold Beach Virtual prison which is my own home! These mongrals are torturing us inside our home and no one does anything. The police came by and casually looked at my web site showing my injuries. TOO BAD they thought. What the hell! Isnt this America! So when America goes FULL NAZI and they start killing you too, will you all be sorry that happened? You people need to wake the hell up.. For Starters the police need to quit their jobs.. They are useless. Shouldn’t they be embarrassed? Because what they are doing is to let an elderly man and and elderly woman be tortured to death in their own home and they do nothing about it. They know it is happening and they know how it is happening. BUT, no one gave the police an engraved invitation to protect people from being murdered due to being tortured to death by Directed Energy Weapons. Doesnt everyone feel foolish now. The shadow government has made fools of everyone. Bankers stole our money and then set us up to take the fall. They will collapse our economy and take off with all of the money and all of the gold and they will rule the world. WOW, at least there is a fairy tail ending.

12:03pm stribg radiation to my feet is coming from the Crooks house right now as I try to look up an address. I am being taken down and neutralized as if i were a terrorist. As you probably already know, I am not a terrorist. This is a total sham and it has put my life in danger. These contractors are criminals and should be treated as such. Radiation is coming from the Crooks house as read on my directional meter. They often use a drone to radiate me. This one located to the east of my location is coming from between two houses at the top of the hill.

6:40am laying in bed now my left toe is being hurt with a laser like beam. its not a laser though. also my right eye is being injured with a painful boil infection. Also, my skin is itching a lot due to allergic reaction. Electronic energy causes histamines being released in my body.

5:44pm My legs are buzzing with energy and I feel like I am vibrating all over. This is what happens to TI’s during the day. The Contractors have a need to keep us uncomfortable or in pain. Whats with that, isnt the constitution valid anymore. Why are we abused by people who are obviously not regulated by the government. Wouldnt you expect that the Government would help us when we tell them we are being murdered. Also, wouldnt you expect the source of this energy (Crooks house) to shut it off when they know the people are crying to turn it off???

Sun Apr 23, 2017
4:48pm Directed from the Crooks house is a stream of ELF energy which I can feel on the left side of my face. Hey, I know because I have two directional meters that give them away. Targeted individuals can feel the energy that hits their bodies. This leaves my face feeling numb. I just found out that the Dept. of Homeland Security is actively degrading the people on the Terrorism Watch list. there are over two million people on that list as reported in 2013. The people on that list are suspected of being pro US Constitution and how is that a bad thing. But it is because if you are stupid you will not be on the list. The Crooks are not on the list.
The CIA was created to help Wall Street. The terrorist watch list is the wall street enemies list. People like the Crooks are the paid killers of people on the Terrorist watch list. DHS and the fusion centers are there to enforce what things that are good for wall street. They are there to neutralize people on the terrorist watch list. is the killing arm of the Fatherlands wunderkin. We need to bring this murder group into our perview and deal with these morons right now. They snipe at us with deadly HPME. Lets start sniping back. Let them feel the heat and we work for free.

Today to George Webb interview with Ella for Targeted Individuals. The CIA has been a leader in the types of actions such as creating covert actions to target people they dont like. It turns out the all the people in the terrorist watch list are people who are targeted by the CIA for various reasons. The targeters are to be used for training right now of a take over group for when the there is a regime change to a black group who are supposed to take over the United States. They need a standing army ready to take over the US who is trained to use special weapons and recover from special challenges These targeters are members of the takeover army. They are actually traitors to America. They are planning for the failure of America. Think of it, you have this standing army of folks hanging around until there is a takeover by the military. They have nothing to do unless they are put to work practicing their weapons techniques on these poor TI’s. The targeters are surveillance role players. They make good money to target TI’s and they are just hanging around until there is a take over of America.

cause stalking, neighborhood watch, watchman gang-stalking
Apr. 24, 2017
9:35pm my skin is being injured with a narrow resonance beam. I am having a boil infection in the process of being renewed over and over again it is being filled with blood so that the pressure and size remain at its greatest. This is because i am palpating it to relieve some of the pressure that builds up with PUSS pressure. The Contractor is using the beam at resonance to damage my tissue underneath my skin to fill the PUSS SACK up with blood over and over again. This is perpetrated from across the street from me at the Crooks residence. So what you can see happening here is more of disintegration harassment to cause me to become despondent and depressed. You see that this would not happen normally because the Boil infection is in a healing phase and would not continue to bleed out into a puss sack. No this is purposely done because the contractor can do it. This type of thing is done by the most malignant of these contractors who is lead by predatory malignant narcissism. Because they usually wont cause bleeding out but in this case it is for sadisms sake. this boil is right in the middle of my forehead too so it is very visible and they are using the production boil infections hidden from view to put energy into. These infections are hard to the touch because they are constantly putting energy into them. This is some kind of experiment like the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment was. This infection testing is done remotely. You might say who would do that to someone, but there are plenty of malignant psychopathic people who will take the money to hurt others. They must be stopped forcefully apparently because they wont stop on their own.

please bear in mind when reading this that it was written as I am literally being tortured and so it may have mistakes made in haste and under pressure. Thank you My website is

4/28/2017 4:00am Yesterday I was disintegrated by my handler. I was made sick due to an inner ear scramble. It is impossible to live under that circumstance. I felt nausiously ill all day and into the evening as well. I told my friends on Ellas conference call that I felt like I may be dying due to this issue and can no longer maintain my duties. I had to sign paperswork for the house I am buying and was only just doing robot status. I had no essence of self there. These handlers are very aggressive and I wonder if they are trying all of a sudden to take over for me and kill me off.. I am no longer calling the shots for myself. This is in effect a coup de’ tat’ by these military contractors.
Arent my handlers the Crooks in the Crooks house? or am I calling the shots for myself. I feel like i have to report that the Crooks are torturing me to a level that I cannot maintain my self. The Crooks must decide what is their directive and who is in charge. You must go to my website to judge for yourself. My torture pictures of burns and boil infections show that I am being tortured to a level where my health is impaired. There is punitive and deadly torture of me to to death? I must have a fair and unbiased opinion by representatives of the Gold Beach City government. What I am talking about is electronic beatings to get me to knuckle under and be submissive and take the torture and go along with the program that the Crooks are torture guiding me to do. We have to decide what we want to do, that is do we want slaves and human trafficking or do we want to continue with America as a free country. I can tell you that I have the same rights as you and everyone and yet apparently I have no rights at all. I am a biomedical slave and must submit to torture and biomedical experimentation. Make no mistake, clinical trails is human experimentation and human testing on me and others like me as a test subject against my will and without my consent.
Here is the issue and it seems to be a coup by the Crooks. THey seem to want me to not move away to the house that I am buying. They want to keep herding me and Donna so that we are their test subjects. At this point i dont know if we will be physically allowed to leave the Crooks perview for our new house. The Crooks are using drones and drone weapons to hurt Donna and I physically so that we cannot do what we have to do in order to live.
I have to state again. Gold Beach officials must decide wheather people are free and can decide their fate or do we allow the government to take over and dictate what the citizenry will do. I am innocent of any crime and so is Donna Wilkinson. Government contractors like the Crooks are using neighborhood watch groups as a cover for their take over and torture agenda. In addition the following is going on in this neighborhood and in effect all neighborhoods in America. These military contractors have infiltrated neighborhoods in the context of a war on the citizens. What they want to do is find out who has guns, they want to know who is a natureal leader and nutralize tham, they want to find out who voted for Trump, who is a veteran and therefore an insurgent and an enemy of the state. At this point the Government does not trust the people and they are exserting FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE OVER America. Do you see what I am saying? Your government is not what it seems anymore. In effect the government is at war with the people now. You need to deal with this at the level where it is now. Your job is to restore freedom for the citizens and restore the rule of law. Right now the government has taken control and are exerting the totalitarian and fascist law of the police state as it now exists. My ascessment is that the Targeted Individuals are a False Flag operation or in effect a diversion. What the military contractors are doing is to tell lies about the targeted individuals (TI’s) and to compromise the neighbors so as to coerce them into subjugating the TI’s. In addition the contractors want neighbors to take and host a psychotronics box in their home. They dont tell the truth that this electronics box will be used for torture and spying on the neighbors at lage and in whole. This will in effect make tham Targets of surveillance so their private lives can be3 reported as if these contractors have a right to do so, which they definitely do not have any right in the world to do at all. These contractors are in effect running a psyops take over of a free people and engaging in human trafficking and medical slavery. These are war crimes and crimes against humanity. What you in authority positions need to do is decide that you all need to preserve and maintain our freedoms in America and protect the Targeted individuals. You now know how these TI’s are being tortured remotely. The TI’s can help you in this regard, since Mr. Lico has degrees in Biology and Electronics engineering Technology and Computer Science. He has two directional meters. one is an android cell pohone which will point out the directional sourse of energy attacks. also he has a spectrum analyzer (aaronia Spectran HF6065)
The Crooks have shown themselves to be incapable of being trusted to do the right thing. That is they have decided to take money from an illegal government to subjugate the people and use them for human experiments. Please look at the Santa Clara CA and also the Richmond CA City councils who have taken control and put laws in place to place to wrest control from the subjugation control of the Shadow government and the Military contractors with their psychotronics weapons which they will be prevented from using them on the public. In fact, these psychotronics weapons will be taken over by city officials. There are many, like hundreds of citizens with these weapons in their control. Many have portable weapons which operate off of external batteries in their cars. In addition these mil contractors have access to drones. I have a personal drone assigned to follow me as I have see to Brookings and also to Port Orford and I guess anywhere I go and to use the on-board Electromagnetic weapons to hurt us in the process. You should notice that there is corruption up to and including the highest levels of our government. Administrators at local levels must restore the rule of law because and since our national leaders are unable or unwilling to do so. Your law enforcement officers. We basically have people with energy weapons torturing the citizens. This weaponry has secret classification. But you should verify that secret classification can not be used to hide crimes..
Law enforcement can and must be used to protect the citizenry from criminals with illegal weapons used for illegal subjugation, Torture and in effect murder for hire. I must repeat that it is in effect up to the local governments to do the right thing, to protect the citizens who are being subjugated. Look and verify that this human trafficking and slavery is a scheme to make huge amounts of money using people as slaves for human subject clinical trials in research, violating the rights of these targeted individual people. Also it is treason in violation of the constitution to spy on the citizens with this very invasive surveillance equipment.
I have it on good authority that the Military contractors have made prior promises to be the standing army which will implement the agenda of the shadow government after marshal law is imposed.  Now the contractors are in effect running training ops, using directed energy weapons to torture people and make them do their bidding.  You must know that America is wired with torture weapons in many Cell phone towers.  There was at least one new tower put there when the Crooks were clear cutting the mountain ridges to the east of town.  You can see that there used to be one cell phone tower in that direction and now there is three.  In addition, the new equipment did not improve service and you should all verify this as I did.  My service is Verizon and i never dropped calls and now after new equipment is put into place i am for the first time dropping calls inside GB city limits.

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