NTT Torture Log for May 2016

  • 5/1/16
    The Merc who came on at 7:00pm tonight is blashing my left foot with an ELF beam as I sit with my fiancee in my livingroom.  I dont understand what the draw is to cause someone pain in the walls of their own home
    2:07pm The Mercs including mckinney on 2nd street are working together to entrain my brain with ELF radiation. This has been going on for over 2hours now. My brain feels like it is too large for my skull. I hear snap crackle pop and and my brain hurts. wetting my scalp helps but does not break free. The traitors of thiis neighborhood have got a hold on my brain and are not letting go. It will take some kind of action to break them. This is neighborhood watch I believe now … Its in the name of security as though I am a terrorist but Ive committed no crime. Second by second surveillance like this is for human experimentation and not security. They have duped the People of Gold Beach. These people are frauds and cowards and traitors. They have shown their true colors by taking money for hurting people and now they have gone beyond the point of return to normalcy. They are criminals now and will go to any length to do whatever it takes to make more money. These Mercs are Domestic Terrorists. They are holding me against my will in a virtual prison. Technology has taken the experimentation out of the Lab and into the home now. This is a sad day for America and Law Enforcement is starting to take heed. They know that if Americans are not safe in their own homes then they will lose their jobs. Actually LEO’s should quit their jobs now because they are just watching. People are noticing and their will be blowback from this crime. It is corruption since Law Enforcement is so corrupt that they accept the deaths of citizens rather than say anything. They are treating Murders like equals rather than arresting them for murder. There is only one solution for genocide and that is to hang at the end of a rope.
    6:50pm it will be shift change for the Mercs shortly.  the Merc/handler on now has been working since 7:00am today.  It is a long shift and it is the same at many places where I have lived.  The Mercenary/handlers i have now have been torturing me for about 2 months now.  These women may have moved here from outside the area or may be local mothers who want to make some extra money to put food on their families (as bush jr gaffed once).  No matter what the circumstances, there is a unified front about torturing and hurting people and murder.  The torture workers are exposed to group think due to their involvement in this cult of murder and torture.  The group has deviated from the belief path that a civilized society is on.  the sociopaths who do the torture work are following the path which sociopaths have followed in wars and other catastrophes of years past. In other words, history is a predictor of future events.  Sociopaths will typically follow the orders of a credible (to them) authority figure.  They will often jump to act in quite bizzarre and disturbing (to other non sociopaths) ways.  The reason for this is because they will follow the advice of other sociopaths which is typical in cults.  to the horror of non sociopaths, they will hurt or kill others which is what Dr. Stanley Milgram found in his famous sociological experiment back in the 1960’s  Like during world war II, when sociopaths in many places, brutally beat to death and otherwise murdered Jews in many towns which even surprised the Germans who gave them the go ahead.   Just to note the aggressiveness and willingness to injure, torture and kill people, the Merc torturing me is reading along with me and hurting my left arm and the top of my head feel like they are using a sonic beam weapon at resonance with local tissue structures to burn and cause inflamation.  The two places of pain are indicative of the aggressiveness and pack like behavior inherent to sociopaths who are predatory much like other species of pack type animals.  When threatened they will work together to subdue their prey, hence the two beams and multiple concurrent injuries.  The leaders are based in the house across the street from where I live.  This has been consistent since I arrived here and i am talking about the house directly across the street.  It is a large house taking up the entire block between 1st and second streets.  it is interesting that since I have placed blocking material in back of my neck, the Merc has raised the beam up to above the level of the blociking material to hurt my head on a non blocked spot.  The sociopaths are very competitive and  get more aggressive if blocked and may even get angry and more aggressive to overcome the deferences of the target.  I think the sociopaths dont like me to write about them but are animalistic in their desire to subdue their prey and many don’t seem to be able to moderate their aggressively.  The sociopaths have gotten more agressive since I started freeling iradiated back in 2010.  They now seem to have stopped being sensitive to hurting people and will treat people the same as an object to which they care nothing about.  The sociopaths will follow orders with little variation and will torture and even kill the target on command.  Many are malignant narcissists and will receive comfort  and even enjoyment from torturing people.  Normal people with empathy will not be able to hurt or torture people without injury to them selves. and would develop PTSD in a short period of time.
    Mind Control Victims are put in nut house and forced to take medication for non existant conditions.
    morons should shoot themselves.
    even if the morons are driving one crazy it is a mistake to jump into treatment due to problem will not be fixed and only made worse.
    someone who would believe this is an ememy due to often believing something that would be delatarious to the ti.
    its like someone thinking you are crazy and offering to get your intered in the nearest hospital
    targeted for dementia and alzheimers
    morons should take it up the ass
    4:18pm I woke up at 3:00pm today.  My internet signal is going through a proxy server and the morons today are holding up the connection so it will not connect.  the message I get is to log onto the INTERNET with the ISP.  This is a message you get when you need to log onto the internet when you are in a hotel.  The morons are using the same kind of intermediate thing and they are too stupid to remember that i worked in It all my life and have a computer science degree.  In fact I have degrees in computer science, electronics and biology.  I was trading my eval account in gold yesterday and made 30k even though the moron last night was trying to interupt me.  they are such losers.
    6:25am  im having heart attack pain as I sit here day trading gold.  I just came off a successful long trade and the handler seemed to be jealous that they couldnt do what I am doing and had to sit there torturing while I could apparently make money trading with a realistic application where I must guess where the market will go.  Yes, I was having heart pains for a moment i guess due to the handlers frustration with me.  Yes, It has happened before that my handler got frustrated with me and caused pain of some kind including heart pains.  Security professionals that they are, they do get outdone at times and just want to hurt me.
    2:01pm  My head aches and I am being put to sleep all day, repeatedly and often.  I have two new boils on my chest and a renewed version of an older one.  I have three boils on my head and three on my neck.  I have a new boil above my left eyebrow where a horrifick boil was located last month.  It was completely gone and Dr. Adams remarked that it was healed and now there is a new one growing in the same spot.  I take 2 to 3 showers per day so I am not dirty.  This is due to the Mercs culturing them with resonant energy.
    01:45pm  .  My torture comes from across the street
  • 4:28/16
    The MERC is making it dificult for me to access the internet now and has disabled my router.  The charter modem if okay and will connect with a direct connect cable but the router works when the MERC wants it to.  This is a game of cat and mouse where the MERC wants to make life as hard for me as possible.  I must keep publicizing and eventually someone will either fix it for me or get information that they can use to help.
    My hands are aching from the resonance weapon used on them.  My thumbs are aching especially much.  My thumbs were attacked before I knew about this program and i had to have my thumb joints replaced.  This was weird because I did not have arthritis anywhere else except my thumbs.  Now it is happening again.  I believe this testing on my joints is related to the contract work being done for the Air Force DEBR contract which a deliverable the MERCS must [provide health and safety data for.  They are testing radiation of various types on human organs, muscles and bone structures to find failure points.  Mine have already failed once before.  Is it stupidity that compels these MERCS to continue hurting people even
    My handler is being trained to make silly tapping noises in my right ear.  I have him her trained to do it on a time basis.
    I am being hit with ELF energy because my skiin is itching and I can hear snapping coming from my head and neck.  It itches constantly no matter what I do.  I always wonder why someone would torture someone like that.
    its Tuesday night and only donkeys would be so bold as to sit outside in front of their house and watch an elderly man and his elderly fiancée being tortured in the privacy of their own home.  It really does take a donkey doest it.  They went and drank the cool-aid and now now they have turned into gollumized trolls with destroyed minds.  They must have lost several IQ points listening to that sociopath group think.  It requires that they dont think for themselves so their 3 working braincells have nothing to do.  The  elite town infragard member have money and power in the form of properties, the wealthy and the powerful Gold Beach residents who are just out for a little night air and some torture of the elderly.   Ahh thats the life Air and Torture.  It dont get much better than that.  It must have been like that at the Colosseum in Rome just before everything went to shit there.  It was a lot like the US wasn’t it.  The soldiers were extended far ans wide and they had been coming home expecting to collect on their retirement when there was a cash flow problem.  The Romans like distractions like a good gladiator fight to the death.  So they didnt much think of the problems with money or the Roman national debt which was about to crash.  one thing is for sure, that when there is a crash and the bosses are no longer around.  everyone will be coming to the scrum house to find some answers
  • I watched one of them watching over a project and the worker was a perp.  it looks like this person is looked up to like a king beause he can pay them for work.
    Here at 94263 first street in Gold Beach Oregon there is human experimentation going on and the MERCS are also having some fun torturing the old peple
    Its 1:48pm on Thursday and I am getting not unsubtle reminders that I should not be Tweeting to others saying ==>> #Bioethics facilitates #HumanTrafficking & Testing  @davidvoigts1911 @Lisa_Haven @ramolad
    I am trying to alert good people to the fact that I am held in a virtual prison and tortured with electronic weapons by Constitutional Traitors who chose to take illegal jobs using human test subjects for experimentation by Universities and Colleges.  The Mercenaries or MERCS doing this illegal subjugation are coming to work next to me in neighbors houses.  I live at 94263 Gold Beach Oregon.  The Mercs lie to neighbors, saying “people are being watched in the name of security”  I suppose Homeland Security is involved.  This experimentation is Big Money for the corporations who have facilitated this criminal behavior.  My MERC handler uses torture to prevent me from doing actifism.
    The Mercenaries who are torturing me have been hurting my brain all day which makes me perform under my ability and hurts.  They insert the weapon into my brain which has a terrible feeling.  I can actually feel where it goes in because it is near the resonant frequency of my brain.
    New realization.  These people have been causing sores to appear on my face and chest.   Get this…. It is because they want me to appear like a drug addict.  with sores on my face and body.  but I am not under weight, I am otherwise strong and healthy and smart and have three college degrees.  In short I am only a man who is being tortured to death by electronic weapons.  Once I realize what they are doing I make them look like morons. I will direct all my resources to making my self appear the opposite of what they say and come right out and tell in a subtle way what the morons are doing.  I must use their tactics against them.  I am goaded to get angry but now I will be calm always.  I will be open to others and nice:)  once I know what they are doing, then its over.

Now i am writing a method of exposing them and the ones who do their bidding aka the home owners by serving them with legal paperwork advising them of the problem.  This has the effect of taking away the ability for them to claim they are ignorant of the torture of citizens.

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  1. Hi my name is pearline Jones I have tried to contact you before I am also a Target individual and go through the same torture probably not as bad as yours but I know who my torturers are too they have taken over the houses or an apartment building all around me and I think that idea of yours about passing out paperwork notifying them that ignorance of the law is no excuse I would like to talk to you personally to share some ideas with you my number is 708-774-1826 thank you

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