NTT Torture Log for March, 2020

March 7, 2020

This was a tweet

I was Eating Brea55kfast at home, an FBI Contractor w/directed energy wpn, has forced me to bite my own lip causing pain and damage to myself. This person is toying w/me like a video game, working under NTL SECURITY contracts, but is NTL Disgrace

I am trying to update this diary but am being harassed by the FBI contractor, so i am back at the second laptop.  I guess I can get a third laptop out now.

March 8, 2020

3:52am   Both Donna and I are up because the contractors want it that way and torture us at night to keep us awake all night.

I just did a video about how the contractor tortured me while I was lying on the bed watching a movie with Donna. the Directed energy made pneumonia congestion in my lungs. The congestion was kept at a level high enough to allow me to hear the wheezing and cough unendingly, but it was low enough that Donna could not hear the wheezing

I just had to switch to a second laptop and then the moron connected remotely to that and I came back to the original.  I am trying to write in my torture diary and I guess i am not supposed to do that at this time.  The contractors dont seem to have the resources to haunt both of my laptops at the same time, because they gave up on this one now. But this moron is pissed and challenged.

4:20am I am back on my alt laptop again…


5:18am contractor is flicking my heart  with directed energy

9:15am I called the sheriff office via 911 at around 8am and spoke with deputy diddered.  He did take my statement and he looked at my simulated drowning video
I went to the doctor last Thursday for a physical and it was observed that my lungs were clear.
I have been up all night due to torture .
My lungs are being hit with Directed energy every day any and the FBI contractor is practicing skill at inducing virus symptoms.  The FBI contractors seem like mal adapted children because they are treating me me as if they hate me b/ut they dont even know me.  This is the hive mend coming out and it is a coping strategy where they dehumanize the target so that any kind of brutality goes.


thisis a tweet

Torture involves voyeurism, sadism and sexual perversion.
This FBI Contractor aggressively weakens my neck, preventing me from holding my head up. Apparently this is to #ForceSuicide and induce fear in the public to destabilize and take over America.


6:09am  I have been awake all night

You have to wonder what type of individual would short out someones heart like this? What are they thinking? Do you think she believes I am a terrorist? How can someone talk someone into doing this even for a lot of money. IT ACTUALLY THINKS THE FBI HAS A RIGHT TO TORTURE FOLKS


4:38am I am having great difficulty holding up my head due to directed energy interfering with signals from my brain to my neck.  The contractor is able to turn up the power and overcome the weakened neck muscles.   After this is done for a while it becomes impossible for my own muscles to work.  This also happens to my diaphragm  which allows me to breathe.  The diaphragm is weakened so that I cant breathe properly and must strain to do so.

I was having a CIA dirty trick used on wordpress to prevent me from writing, but I began taking a video of the screen so I could show it to others and the dirty trick stopped.

Also, my brain is compromised by a Remote Neural Monitoring beam which disintegrates my thought processes.  Things which the Contractor interferes with are

Urination made frequent which seems to coinside with the beginning of a task or the start of a critical part of a task or if the contractor sees that I am struggleing with a task.  This is when I am forced to hurry to the bathroom to urinate.

This contractor leaves the energy beam resonant to my COLON on at all times causing inflammation of the colon which makes me appear fat.  I can tell thet the radiation is inflaming the colon due to the colon extending out of the anus

This contractor shoots a laser like beam which is probably a maser like a sharp needle which seems to me like poking an animal with a sharp stick. This happens to Donna who has sensitive skin and there it leaves sores and marks.

This contractor uses a beam on my knee joints and pokes and prods me other places, again like a recalcitrant child might poke an animal to stave off boredom.

One thing that is prevelant now is the Corona Virus Pneumonia simulated with Directed Energy.  This pneumonia looks exactly like the Corona virus.  I have been telling that this Simulated Pneumonia started about one year ago in march of 2019.  Could it be that these people knew about the Corona virus one year in advance?  The use of this has been getting more frequent as the virus began to take off.

Today, I am looking for the fourth in a series of neck braces in an attempt to hold my head upright..

By the way,, it must be remembered that the torturous things done to me are all an attempt to force me to commit suicide. apparently. However, I am not suicidal and do not want to harm myself or others.  I consider myself a soldier working to free the people from tyranny of the Deep State and the intelligence community… . FBI Contractors in my case

Sunday 3/22/20

The FBI contractor is forcing my head down with directed energy weapons.  I must look down as i do anything because this little witch must force my head bowed down with a weapon.  Is this America?  What are these morons thinking?  They believe the FBI that they should soil in their own nest by torturing the people who live next door..  Am I some kind of terrorist?  I am an innocent man who has done nothing wrong.

there are millions of people who are being tortured and killed in this way and we must take our country back and arrest these garbage bags.  Think of this:: these morons are mind controlled into torturing people who live near them.  You gotta think … what ass holes that they would do such a thing!  There will be a depression the likes of which they never saw and they must rely on their neighbors and torture with directed energy weapons is what they do.  These must be the dumbest morons, but no there are more like them elsewhere ….

Get this… these morons watch me and Donna, every second of every day no matter what we are doing.  This is sick and it is because we are human test subjects the protocol for which is MKULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL TORTURE, so that we will do as we are told.  These dummies will have a rude awakening!


Wednesday, 26 Mar, 2020

3:10pm This FBI contractor is torturing me to death. My lungs feel raw and my heart is constantly being shorted out.  This is coming from the house across the street.  This woman is constantly hitting my heart with energy to make it beat erratically  My nerves feel shot and I am trembling and weak and feel as if I will die soon.  The women across the street is making my life a living hell.

5:29pm I am now being murdered more intently by the contractors across the street

they are fibrilating my heart muscle so that it is constantly getting  disruptive perturbing energy into it which now makes it hurt and I feel weakened and shaky because both Donna and I are not given time to heal after the torture.

My good freind Melinda Fee died today and I am thinking that all the TI’s are now tortured very intensely so that we all feel like we are dying.  This torture program will probably end due to all the attention it is getting.

I want to indict James Anzelmo and James Kidder who worked at Lockheed Martin Marietta while was there from 1990 to 1995.  I am talking about the Portsmouth gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon Ohio.  I realized that I was experimented on with directed energy radar where James Kidder was the operator and James Anzelmo was the engineer.  I had two babies Greg was born in 1990 and Kristine was born in 1991.  These people used me for the development of their directed energy radar system.  I was reluctant to talk about it but since I am being murdered, I will now bring it out into the open. My brain is fogged and my head is pushed down by weakening my neck muscles.  The contractor enters the area on top of my head to the back of my neck to weaken my neck muscles and probably uses that entry point to stress out my heart.  see map for house layout.


This is my video showing directed energy lung congestion or pneumonia

listen to this pastor tell of insider information he has of a secret operation to take back the country from the globalists agents.


Friday 7:27pm My heart is being strobed with energy twice a second.  The beam goes down from the top of my head into my lungs and heart.  These people are killing me because they fear  being charged with murder.  But its not murder until i actually die, so these idiots actually think they will get away with TORTURE/MURDER!  I feel weakened to the point where I am staggering around the house in a daze, bumping into walls.

Also, this is Friday and they do the drunk torture thing and the targets are expected to entertain them with a game of WATCHEMRUN.

3/29/2020 Sun.

This morning neck muscle weakness is conspicuously missing.  But I have lung radiation and electronically induced brain fog and back muscle ache from DEWs..

5:11pm The FBI contractor is using DEWs to make me short of breath now. This can go with the Pneumonia symptoms if they are going that route.  The protocol is to mimic the whole process, so it is beginning with me doing some work which is not that strenuous and then mimicking shortness of breath.  In other words, if I am slated for this, then it follows and mimics the actual disease, so if I keep exerting myself, then they step up the shortness of breath until I have respiratory problems breathing and then go on from their.  But this is a hoax in that I do not have respiratory problems, it is all frin directed energy weapons.


3/30/2020 Monday

5:42am Its ealrly in the am and I have been up all night because the FBI contractors have kept me awake and are torturing me all night so I am unable to sleep..  This is a torture called SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

Besides that, the tortures used on me are the following:

COLON INFLAMMATION, is bio-resonance of the colon which makes it expand well beyond its normal size and actually makes me look a little fat.  When this happens, I notice that my colon extends outside my anus about an inch.  This makes it obvious when the FBI contractors are doing it.  Since January 2010, my colon has been inflamed via resonance 100 percent of the time.. This makes me feel sickened and bloated down in the abdomen area

WEAKENED NECK MUSCLES:: this is irradiating my neck muscles with a frequency which negates my own nerve signals from my brain telling my neck to be upright.  When the FBI contractors signals are increased, they interfere with my signals and I am no longer able to hold my head upright due to the FBI chiropractors interference.

BRAIN FOG:: is due to purposeful irradiation of my brain so that I cant think properly. Julian Assange has been complaining about that as well.

GENERAL WEAKNESS: this is how the FBI contractors make a target feel weak as if DYING.  This is because directed energy is interfering with the targets muscles so that they dont work as well as they shoot and the target becomes too weak to support their own life functions and they become sickened and shaky as though they are dying..

PNEUMONIA SYMPTOMS:  This is done by irradiating the lungs with Directed Energy ELF or Extremely Low Frequency so that it has the unfortunate effect of causing the lungs to exude PHLEGM to mimic Pneumonia.(it also causes Edema in soft tissue). I think there is a secondary effect : DISABLING THE DIAPHRAGM Done by the FBI contractor which actually inhibits breathing anywhere from a little to fully inhibited so that the target would expire.

DISRUPTED THE HEART BEAT: this can be as pronounced as the contractor wants, up to and including overcoming the targets heart beat to cause death. It causes me to become disconcerted that my heart beat is so interfered with that it might stop or keep FIBRILLATING 

The above multiple torture are done to me all at the same time via a WEAPONIZED DRONE flying over my home by the FBI contractors, shooting Directed Energy at me at all times.  The Weaponized Drones came online I believe in 2016 when they were authorized and paid for by congress.  I remember that Senator Ron Wyden voted for them among others.  These drones are used to hunt people and track them with radar on their brains so that it is impossible to get away. They can keep up with a cars speed and while the FBI contractor is able to TORTURE the target with on-board Directed Energy Weapons We are now hearing that NEW YORKERS are being tracked down in RHODE ISLAND so that they can be quarantined.  I am sure that they would use the drones to track these wayward NEW YORKERS down so that virtually none would get away.  Drones will increasingly be used to track citizens like animals because people are the enemy now.


8:28am this morning after being kept awake all night by an FBI contractor, this one causes shortness of breath via Directed Energy.  I thought that one has to bei doing some form of physical work to get tired and short of breath from and sleeping does not count as “Exertion”.  But these National security morons are just interested in torture so they can violate their own rules.  But lets think about the fact that this moron is torturing me by suffocating me as I try to sleep. I cant explain it any better than that. These are stupid brutes who are not fit to live around good people.

You know, we need a contingent of local citizens to confront the moron FBI contractors and tell them to STOP TORTURING PEOPLE.  Remember, from Stanley Milgrams experiment, they will listen to an authority figure.

9:22am Short of breath is not accurate to describe what the FBI contractors directed energy is doing to me.  It should more accurately be called SUFFOCATION TORTURE.  This moron is trying to disable my DIAPHRAGM so that I cant breathe!  This person is an AHole and she should be hung on the spot.

128pm The directed energy is draining my core energy as it does batteries.   As my website shows I am a journalist and activist who is trying to wake people up with the truth about our corrupt government  so I am helping America. If the people cant be woken up, then the intelligence community and Deep state, who are working for the globalists toward a new world order, will crash the economy and kill 90% of the US population and it has already begun with the global food shortage. announced by the UN

I just took a shower because I felt very beat up and needed to wash off the chemicals (electrolyte) that is used on me to improve electrical conductivity.  I still feel shaky and weakened so that I am shaking and off balance  Will someone please help Donna and I as we are dying.  The Government contractors are misguided seemingly NAZIs who apparently have been told that Donna and I have apparently the same rights as cattle.  These FBI contractors keep us in a virtual prison with Directed Energy Weapons and they are torturing us to death.