NTT Torture log for Friday, September 19th, 2013

My handler is trying desperately to keep me from finish my article about the announcement of @bioethics.  I guess these people do not want me to post on the subject of the existence of @bioethics on Friday morning,
September 19, 2013

  They deleted the article the first time around 12:00am.  I had just finished updating it and posting links to on Facebook and GOOGLE+.  I tested the links so I know it was working.  When I returned to edit the article, it had been replaced with an early unfinished version.  I did have a more recent version than that, so I began editing again, redoing my efforts.  I finished writing it again at 7:30am, after getting 3 hours sleep.  I have to actually fight for the cursor sometimes and my quad core computer becomes sluggish using a 100mb/s internet connection.  I know the symptoms well. It is as though I am working through a proxy server and everything I do is examined first before it is let go.  All the time I am working, I am being attacked by directed energy weapons… My handler is attacking me with what I believe to be an infrasonic beam type weapon.  My head/brain, my left leg (shin) and the thumb joint of my right hand is being burned.  This makes it difficult to finish the edits.  I will do the best I can and get the article that has been deleted from the Internet.