NTT Torture Log for February, 2017

This is my log for no touch torture which is kept in my website  under the NoTouchTorture category.  I have 3 college degrees which allows me to make comments about what I am going through.  The following is a short article about the targeting crime and the people who prosecute it.  These people will treat anyone like the way Lavoy Finicum was treated in Burns Oregon in the winter of 2015.  He got out of the car he was in with his hands up and was promptly shot down and then dealt a finishing shot at close range.  These contractors who have me under ans extreme form of second by second surveillance, are the same type of contractors who torture Murdered Lavoy Finicum.
Spencer Carter talking about a Class Action Lawsuit which will be comming up in the second quarter of 2017. Look for it.
Feb. 2/2/2017
I hear the crackle crackle of ELF energy hitting my head.  The contractor is trying to see what I am looking at on my computer.  I am on a terrorist watch list i believe.   But these Merc morons should be on the watch list and maybe they will.
10:19am the skin on my hands is more dried out than usual due to the radar aimed at me.
6:16pm Brutal attacks today from the contractor MERC.  There were heart arrhythmias, brain pains trough the top of my head., brain entrainment, hurting thumb tendons.  I should not have to be tortured like this.  This is war crimes against humanity.  What do I have to do to get the attention of a Senator Wyden or Congressman @RepPeterDeFazio
If you wont do your job then quit your job and let a brave person do the peoples work.  You say you will run afoul of the #NSA?  GOOD
February 3rd, 2017 2:21pm
A ELF energy beam is hitting me in the left side of my face as I sit here on my couch in my bedroom.  It is surprising to me that these people in the house across the street would have the nerve to hurt people for money.   There are many people in fact hurting people with portable weapons in their cars.  There is a new tower with weapons on a mountain south of town.  It is murder to do this to people.  where do these morons get the idea that someone else has the right to hire them to murder people.  Also why wouldn’t these people use their own common sense to make the assessment that they would not do such a thing because it is wrong.  Of course they are guilty of committing a crime.  their boss could not commit murder without useful idiots who will kill for money.  Dont we put murderers in prison for murder.  J.Crukz is a former City Official.  There does not seem to be common sense used, only greed and prejudice.
Feb. 5, 2017 5:39am
my feet, especially my left foot is being irradiated because it burns.  I move it and the burning stops for a second but then the burning returns because the foot is still.  Continuing to keep moving my foot is not a good option.  Also, the left side of my neck is burning and a pulsing feeling on my foot, like I felt when I received burns over my upper body in early 2016 right after I moved here  in November of 2015.  Yesterday I had a day that was reletively free of torture which is different.
Feb. 8, 2017 2:32am My handler across the street according to my directional meter is hurting my head with sound energy I think.  She is making a boil on the back left side of my head.  This began yesterday and is continuing today, this morning.  She has the night shift which is from 7pm to 7am when she gets off work and is free to do what she wants.  She makes about $100 per hour to torture me or $1200 per shift.  Yesterday she had her blond friend over for a sleep over to hurt me and then laugh and high five.  Well, they decided that it would be fun to radiate my colon with energy.  This had the effect of making my colon protrude out of my anus believe it or not.  This is due to resonance frequencies of DNA. This is true and you should be very afraid of people who are wielding this type of power.  They are crazy with power.  BIG HINT… This type of power should not and would not be in the hands of your neighbors… THINK.    The ones who have it are psychopaths and they are corrupt and taking orders and taking money for MURDER.  Think about it.  Neighbors who tell you they are security and work for Homeland security are lying.  They are frauds and corrupt and most of all they are murderers for hire.  Do not listen to them.  They are also spying on you with any device you are hosting for them too.
5:34pm  Today it seems like i have a different handler with all the feeling of how am I going to play god today that it can muster.
These people just accept it like they were crowned god and now all the money will roll in.  I can feel that this one thinks they have been destined for this and greatness.  Torturing peope and taking what they have is his to own and have and command for he is the greatest of all.  This one is trying out a BOIL that he started on the back of my head.  Boils on victims.. yes that is the thing for this great ruler.  This god will put a huge boill on the back of that old mans head because that is what god can do.  this god has to justify hating me and is just getting settled into hating me.  He /she is doing things to foster hatred because they need to hate the person so they can self justify hurting people and taking away their identiy as a human being.
I caught this one clicking on another date of my NTT torture log so I would be diverted into writing into another log and confuse myself.  WOW what a mentality these people must have using tricks against an old man trying to maintain his identity and dignity.  One wonders what would happen if it were their daughter or other loved one who were being tortured.  These people must be very self satisfied.  No, it could never happen that their own daughter would be in this place.  Those people who decided that I am to be tortured to death could not have been wrong…. no way.  those morons in closed door meetings of a few misguided assholess who decided for me even thought they are narcissistic idiots exaulting themselves could never be wrong and so these torturers loved ones are safe.  They wreck my personal relationships and it is OKAY.  Everything they do is OKay, yes because no one is watching them.  What about the things they do to stave off the boredom of watching me over the course of 12 long and grueling hours per day.  It is all part of the job of Destruction and Disintegration of a person.  You just want to scream {this is TORTURE… do you get it, this is torture of a person you idiot.  This is not a job, because it is torturing someone to death.}  But they really dont get it.  They are useful idiots and they show up for work and as long as it looks like a job they will keep showing up for those torture jobs.   It is clear to me that the Trucks will have to roll up and the soldiers get out and just tell them to line up and get into the damn trucks because they are going away for a long time.  The neighbors who collaborated have gotten sick too.  The normal people can see its a POGROM or killing of who the elite wants killed.  This is what the useful idiots have done throughout time.  They kill for their masters.  They are just doing their job is what they say.  Today however, we are able to show them what their job really is.  It is hired killer and they don’t like it or they go into cognitive dissonance.  In LVIV in 1941, the neighbors killed thousands just for being Jews.  Now we have all ethnicities but most of the victims are black.  Also 70%-80% of the victims are women.  So imagine that for the first culling of those to be killed by morons.   First notice that most of the killers are men, so they have to watch them for every second of every day and so they round up mostly women!  They are engaging their perversions.  Mostly men round up mostly women to fulfill their sick fantasies of torturing and disintegrating women.
Richard Mck is a criminal who came back to Godl Beach so he could torture people to death for money.  He is one of those torturing ass holes.
I am not a terrorist nor am I a criminal and yet we have ass hole contractors who will take money to harass and actually kill innocent people.  Look at my video of the ass hole contractor selecting a different note, so that I will type into
i think they dont realize I can sue contractors.  They will be tripping all over each other trying to get away and turning each other in.  Thats what psychopaths do .. they tell on each other to get better treatment.
the big difference between me and other Targets is that they dont know who their contractors are!  I do know and they cant figure out that there is a difference if you know where they are>>>  Imagine that they would be so stupid.  when this program ends it will be a piece of cake to take all of their houses and everything they have really.
5:34pm this contractor created a 2 inch diameter boil on the back of my head.  doesn’t that sound wonderful… a pus filled infected boil is created with Infrasound I think.  This is bio Terrorism.
2/10/2017  12:32am  Greedy Contractors Infiltrate Neighbor Watch Groups To Keep #Corporate #BioMedSlaves & To #SpyOnYou. They Are Asset Striping Citizens For Corporations! #1776Again#HelpMeHelpU.  If You help them and they will spy on you too.  They are after conquests of Americans to spy on but they wont tell you that.  The Contractors want you to think they are protecting you from a Terrorist!  Really, ELDERLY TERORISTS!  Are you kidding me?  Does this make sense to you? Of course NOT.   They are doing this whole thing as a package deal that they need you to believe like a fairy tail, because it is a rouse or what they call a Psychological Operation.  aka SyOps.  In other words it is a trick to get you to do what they want.  What they want is to invade your neighborhood and spy on all of you. They get paid big bucks for the whole package deal.  The contractors lie to you about different things they want you to believe.     In case you havent noticed there is a problem with the Government and the Intelligence Agencies Spying on Americans.  Yes they will pay you somthing for your cooperation.  In essence treating you like a JUDAS Goat leading lambs to slaughter.   Then they will spy on you and they will use you for experimentation as well.  Donna and I are an elderly retired couple and they already use US for medical experimentation.
Dont believe me.  Just Look at my website and see the electromagnetic burn injuries and multiple infections I have received in the last TWO years.  The problem in our neighborhood on First Street and Second Street in Gold Beach, Oregon is Government Contractors MERCS… yes Mercenaries.  These are Military Contractors and they are invading your neighborhood as if it were a foreigh country for them to asset strip. You see foreigh countries have already been enguaged in wars for profit and there are none left.  Just America and Americans are there to asset strip now.   Will these MERCS be able to fool you and get the surveillance of you inside the security of your own homes.  What their bosses really want to know is which of you are smartest and which of you are waking up to corruption.  You see they only want dumb contractors who will take orders to kill other innocent people without questioning like the dumb people who already have been compromised in that way.
On the streets mentioned, use an electrosmog meter to notice the energy directed and my house and yours.  This is true and it is perpetrated and joined in on by some of your less than honest neighbors.  Yes they are taking large monetary payments for this.  Check out the new construction at the homes around, New Cars, Gift Cards etc.  They want you to feed at the money trough too so that you will be HOOKED.  Yes they know you will be hooked because they will hold it over your head if you try to bow out.  You better believe they would use blackmail to keep you in.  The neighbors who get money for torturing Donna and Me are in a tenuous position.  You see, when this program is over and I assure you it will be over.  This is like a war on the American People.  Do you think you have any more rights than the Donna and I?  You have exactly the same rights as we do.  These moron contractors think there is a law that allows corporations to use us in medical experiments.  Notice that I said to use US, that is all of US in medical experiments.  They just use Donna and I overtly and they may use you covertly so that you cant tell for now.  But you will be in their data base and other contractors wont know that they are supposed to take it easy on you. 
for using Electromagnetic energy on the other neighbors.  Im not saying what you should do to these turncoats.  But for starters I am saying you should just plain ignore requests by Corporate Government contractors and other neighbors who have joined in with them.  They will tell you that they will keep terrorism out but it will do just the opposite.  There was no terrorism before the contractors arrived.  Kick them the hell out of your neighborhood to stop terrorism in its tracks.
Feb. 11, 2017
6:12am I can hear frequencies being shot at me from probably across the street.  They go in a sinusoidal fassion up and down in frequency which I can hear.  I dont know how am hearing it but sometimes when I hear this my body convulses when the frequency gets around to one certain frequency range and does the same thing each and every time because it is repetative.  
I am gettimg more and more resolute about the Crukz involvment and I think they are dirty in a way that underlines their criminal intent.  This is not a mistake.  These people are criminals because they know it is murder and want to commit murder.  
They are giving Donna and I a very difficult time to stay alive.  We are trying desperately to protect ourselves but the crukz are tearing our bodily defenses down.  These people are guilty of conspiracy to commit mass murder in a murder for hire scheme perpetrated by corporations on the American people.  Look at the wicked burns and infection pictures on my website, so dont just believe me.  We are in a Genocide program and the Crukz are willing participants and perpetrators.  They relish in humiliating us and we are 72 and 65 yrs old. respectively.  This is not normal behavior of people who have been tricked into performing as a useful idiot.  No, these people are aware of what is happening and the entire household participates in the ritual abuse, Torture, Murder program with gusto.  Look at how on Wednesday I was Irradiated with my colon resonant DNA frequencies to expand my colon and make it dysfunctional..  My colon was distended from my rectum and I can imagine the girl inside with her sleep over mate laughing and high fiveing.   They make fun of a man they are murdering and have a sleep over to play and have fun.  They are making $100 per hr. I have heard doing this and so they are celebrating the good times with gusto.  They are into the killing just like the sociopaths who initiated the progroms during WWII.  When I leave the internet on, the contractor who is connected to my computer remotely, switches the location of where i am typing so that I over type a previous months work.  I caught this person doing this to me 3 separate times on the night before last.  They are trying their best to screw up our lives and Donna is at her wits end. She doesnt know if she can hold it together.  This is getting down to murder time and these people are poking and prodding her so that she goes over the edge.  This is Barbarism on the part of the Crukz… They are Barbarians who would hold up our heads on a pike no doubt.  They would do absolutely anything their employer asked them to do and then they think the employer is responsible for the psychological and physical traumas they inflict as they do so with exuberance.  I have heard that obama initiated many murders through his bombing and whatever he did but the thing is, he didnt kill anyone.   The order followers killed people and tortured people and committed genocide and murders.  Obama didnt do any murders, only the order followers killed people.  This is what we need to remember.  There is no oversight and the cruks take it upon themselves to murder Donna and I every day.  Their bos is not here and never has been.  The torture and traumas they inflict on Donna and I are the responsibility of the Crukz family alone.  The Crukz are the perpetrators of all of our suffering.  There was a new torturer for me who took over a few days ago and has re-instituted the boil infections that had been rolled back I hoped permanently.  This person in conjunction with his counterpart (2×12 hr shift ) have given me the most huge boil on the back of my head and then pump it with Infrasound all day so that the pain is present every second of every hour of the day.  The infrasound causes the boil to swell and get pussy and enflamed with system poisioning inflamation that courses through my body all day.  This is the type of BIO-Terrorism they are doing to me in only one of the many experiments they run on me and Donna.  I remember during the Christmas of 2015 after I moved here, that I was given huge boils on my head and my forehead above my eye.  Then this moron let the infra-sound run into my eye where the infection had migrated causing the most hideous black eye traumas over and over again.  This was in conjunction with burning me all over my torso to the point where the burns were visible and i photographed this which you can see in my website.
and you can also see the infections that I have had over the same timespan.  This is all attributable to the Crukz.  I think the boil infection resonates at a different frequency than my skin and after they get that going i believe they can meld the infection and inflamation into my circulatory system by transitioning to the resonant frequency of my skin and circulatory system so that I would develop a systemic infection in my circulatory system.  Think how barbaric that is for a moment.  See the Bosses are trying to find ways of killing old people and everyone really with new and different mechanisms.  The Crukz are helping them with their goolish plan.  Yes that is right the Crukz are assisting muders to find new and improved ways of killing citizens of America.
Sun. Februrary 12, 3:07am  This Merc is beaming the 2 inch boil on the back of my head to cause pain and discomfort.  Can you imagine such a thing… WOW!!!  This is a sick and destroyed mind.   one only wonders what would prompt a person to take a job that would necessitate a person huting a boil infection to cause pain in an old man in his own home.  In addition the Merc is inducing gas and brain entrainment and pissing a chemical on me. 
2/17/17 Friday at 2:57pm
look at the pictures of boils on my neck right under my jaw.  this is not a one time occurance, but happens on many occasios in the past two years.  These boils are right over my carotid artery and jugular arteries.  Do you think that the location of these boils is important? In fact it is very important since the contractors are doing work for researchers who want to find out how to cause arterial disease where the inflamation goes right into the arteries themselves.   The DOD calls this type of death a SLOW KILL.  The slow kill is done to masses of people when they can take their time.  They probably want to use DNA to directly infect on a racial basis because the elite are racist. 
So to sum up, these contractors are working with researchers to cause artery disease through inflammation.  The big question is, should our government be doing research on killing Americans.  This research is funded through TAX dollars.  I took the pictures so you wouldnt think I was making this up.  Please ask professionals who know about disease and inflammation.  As unbelieveable as it seems, yes these contractors are doing research to find out how to better kill Americans.
Sat. Feb. 18th, 2017
7:12pm  I was iradiated in the shower.  My handler mercenary used a resonance weapon on my testicles.  That was a first time for that.  
last night I had an energy beam on my legs and ELF on my brain.  This was painful and very uncomfortable 
Sunday Feb. 19, 2017
8:23pm My handler/Mercenary contractor is hitting me in the head with a resonance beam.  This same beam can come from the south where the crukz house is or it can come from the opposite direction.  When I block the beam from one direction then it magically appears from an other direction.  This switching weapons happens over and over so that if the TI has not figured out how this is done yet, the TI may never figure it out.  I notice things due to my science background and put the things together to make my theories on how this targeting works.  one thing that stands out
is the voracious appetite the Government has for obtaining and storing in perpetuity the email data and phone conversations of others.   Wouldn’t it seem like a logical next step that if you already have syops contractors in place with mind control weapons in neighborhoods., then task them further with spying on non targets to see what they are doing.   At least if one of these morons comes to you and asks if he can put an electronic monitoring box in your home, say yes and then take it into the police.  If you are not brave, then refuse to let them leave the electronic box on your property.   I really dont know what these cowards will do but they wont do it overtly.  Take pictures of this encounter.  Next you can work with us.  This tyranny wont end until those who are not targeted become ans outraged about it as those who are targeted with the technology.
This brings up a theory of mine concerning the objective of the contractors (Government).  At this point these people have equipped other houses with weapons so that it can come from seemingly every direction so as to confuse the targets (TI’s).  The reader should be able to see that the contractors are spreading out the technology so that:
  1. the TI is inundated with concentrated and focused energy which as time goes on, is increasingly coming from more houses and more directions.
  2. DE comes from multiple houses or platforms.  This means that the contractor has been successful in getting other neighbors of the TI to host weapons in their homes.  This happens as a result of the “Some People Need To Be Watched” Psyops that is going around.  Actually people do not need to be watched.
  3. Once the weapons are in multiple homes, the contractor can use any one of the weapons remotely and in effect multiplex or switch from one weapon as it becomes blocked in one direction to any other weapon which is not blocked.  The software they use to access the weapons is sophisticated to integrate many of the things they do.
  4. But here is where it gets interesting because now as more weapons are deployed, the TI is now helpless to protect themselves, but there are now new untapped targets.  Multiple integrated weapons allows this one contractor to train those weapons on multiple other targets who can be accessed and also focused on individually, to now spy on all of the neighbors.
  5. I think that The torture contractors get a job handling a TI due to their close proximity to the target.  The reason i say this is because I see that DEWS in general have a limited useful range after which blooming occurs ad so the data is unusable.  The mind control weapons can transmit data two ways.  To keep the distortion to a minimum and to place the contractors as near as possible to the targets environment, I believe the contractors closest to the target get the job for one single day.  Each day they get the job again because they are in the same first place.
  6. My theory is that the contractors are tasked with spying on other neighbors in addition to handling the TI.  
    1. Other neighbors become targets of opportunity depending what the contractors find about them while spying on them.  I think the PTB want to find
      1. people who are awake
      2. people who are capable of leading others
      3. people who are intelligent enough to figure out what is happening to them
  7. The contractors want to also compromise neighbors who can easily be assimilated into the hive mind mentality of those who have bought into the Terrorism Syops 
    1. are followers 
    2. those who are not smart enough to think for themselves and to actually get them to depend on the contractors (Government)
    3. The useful idiots who are can get other idiots to follow them are already being tracked and monitored.
  8. what about the people in richer areas who dont need the money.  
    1. There will usually be one useful idiot who bought into the richer community and also bought into the Government bullshit and really is not smart enough the think for themselves.  It is those people the contractors need to convince other wise they could not get close enough.  A good example of this is the Crukz who live far enough up a very large hill which prices the common folk out of the housing market.  In this town there are two people against them (the rich)
      1. one is the crukz who are an old money family in Oregon who probably have spent much of their money and are into making money by any means.   Their beautiful house which is situated almost at the crest of a very large hill amongst other uniquely situated houses.  The crukz are into making big bucks torturing me and it will be easy to entice them to turn their guns on the other rich neighbors in this area when the money runs out.  They have been compromised, tasted blood and this is how the security agencies coerce people to do their bidding.  The crukz will cooperate as long as there is money in it.
      2. The other is DP who was a spy way back when but who has retired.  Now he finds his former spy life is atractive again since he is a psychopathic man who wants to control others.  He was allowed to buy houses in the town in which he lives so that he can rent them out to contractor handlers.  I am positive that he is a user of men and I am only speculating on what he would do with the many houses he has to rent out and also has virtually unlimited funds as he does.  I have seen him helping to subjugate me and also noticed him enticing other morons to come back to gold beach to retire part time on subjugating others.
  9.    Psychological operation (SYOPS) is the main thing you should take away from what I am saying and I cant stress that enough.   I believe the contractors have been trained heavily in SYOPS.  I believe that syops is making one or many believe that an alternate reality is going on other than what really is going on.  These contractors are able to get many others all over the country to do their bidding these people are
    1. friendly
    2. outgoing
    3. sociable
    4. good at scheduling things
    5. LIARS,  They will tell any lie that would get them what they want.  They have learned that being a psychopathic person pays off.  These contractors are having a blast because they are living out their fantastic wet dream to be able to do anything they want to do including hurting people with DEW.
  10.  I believe that that every sociopath and psychopath in town knows about the Targeted Individuals.  This is because they have large networks of underground purveyors of wares and sociopaths like to know about such things how to obtain the unobtainable.
  11. I believe the contractors are also psychopathic or sociopathic and also narcissists.  They have made enemies throughout their lives and whether they are stupid or smart, narcissists will be narcissists.   So they will team up with other contractors around town (torture buddies).  I am guessing they would want to get even with other locals in the town who may have slighted them in the past and now they can, with the torture and subjugation of all citizens.  They can torture a boss, teacher, former friend, the possibilities are endless.
  12. I have seen the contractors who hurt me bring other town people into their yard for a backyard barbecue celebration picnic.  I am guessing that the neighbors who came to the barbecue are also contractors in other neighborhoods who who are similarly subjugating their neighbors in the guise of National Security.
    1. I took pictures of some of them and the pictures I took have been destroyed and attacked on my own computer more than other pictures in general.  They turn very dark or cloudy and are made invisible.   I see this happening to pictures and videos on line.
    2. I watch the people who are contractors and notice some things they have in common.  They are 
      1. Sociopaths or psychopathic
      2. many are overly patriotic, displaying flags for 4th of July and other times.  As George Carlin said, symbols are for the symbol minded.
      3.  Many have come in to money to fix up their houses ad buy toys.  In one place where i lived the neighbors bought an RV, new cars, motorcycles, a John Deer tractor.  They had no storage to hide the loot and they left everything on the front lawn for everyone to see
      4. I wanted to say gay people but that isnt it.  It is narcissists who are over represented in the contractors who torture for a living.
  13. I notice that neighborhood watch groups are used as a cover for their real purpose.  I believe they can get funding in this way and have open channels into the police through the watch groups.
 Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
6:39pm The contractor is irradiating me with ELF energy to put me to sleep.   This can put someone to sleep or more accurately it can make someone pass out on queue.  This can pass someone out while driving or while doing anything.  The person will not know what happened until they start to wake up.  If you have ever had anesthesia for surgery, then you know that you cant tell you are going to sleep and you just pass out without realizing what is happening.  This is used for traffic accident collisions.  My contractor handler puts me to sleep over and over again so that i come to consciousness and then fall back to sleep numerous times until the moron gets bored.   Why to we hire moron contractor sadists.  The answer is because no one would take these hobs torturing people.

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