I have a new handler as of Thanksgiving day or there abouts.  This happens every year during the holidays starting with Thanksgiving when the regular handler and money collector gets a forced vacation until January 2nd or after new year.

The obvious thing about this is that this handler is APPARENTLY trying to force me to commit suicide via Directed Energy Weapons. The reason I say that is because the torture is very intense and aggressive.  We have heard that the Contractors receive a bonus for forced suicide.


7:50pm  I have been tortured severely all day with a beam to the top of my head and also drying out my skin and airway.

I can see that 253 Twitter followers were just deleted by the contractor which I believe is the one who is censoring me.  This brings it down from over 23,000 to the 22,750 area

This contractor is a cool one and doesn’t get scared like the regular one.  I would say that this contractor is a sadist which needs to be put on the sadism list.  We can get the pay records so no one is neglected.



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